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Z At The Adult Theater

Z at the Adult Theater

By ZANDME - Feb 6, 2009 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 20756 Z was really pissed with good cause. I had cancelled the next three day weekend visit with her to my place, in a town about 50 miles away. I had made Halloween weekend plans with a another friend. When those plans were cancelled, I called Z at the last minute and wanted to join her that Friday night. She was miffed but reluctantly agreed. She had planned to stay home and hand out candy. When I arrived wanting to go to an adult movie theater, she put me off further by “wanting to continue to hand out candy” to the trick or treaters”. Slowly, between rings of the doorbell she handed out some candy to me. We had talked about a previous trip she had taken to an adult theater with her now deceased husband. He had written an erotic short story about the episode and had described a flowered dress that she had worn without anything under it. Between the cries of “Trick or Treat” from the front door she was persuaded to model it. It looked great. The dress buttoned down the front for easy access but came to her knees. At my suggestion she shortened it by five plus inches. Now it was a perfect ad to “ FUCK ME”.
By 8:30 in the evening, we closed the door and dressed for our night out! We drove to the theater which was about twenty minutes from her home. We were both excited about what the evening might hold. She knew of two theaters. We opted for the closer one. We entered a well lit showroom stocked with the usual assortment of adult hardware--lotions, DVDs and all types and sizes of adult toys. After looking around for a few minutes and acting like we were interested in their products, I slid $5 into the theater door and went inside. We knew that ladies were welcome because escorted ladies were admitted free. This was a good indication of what we were in for. The brightness of the show room versus the pitch dark theater rendered us blind upon entering. The big screen had a big breasted blond on her knees getting fucked by a big black dick from behind. Z was infatuated by the size of his tool andmented aloud several times in her amazement about the size of the black dick. She has never had a black dick. I think herments were heard by a few of the male patrons and got their attention.
When minimum vision returned I took her hand and led her to a seat in the first row. I sat on the end seat and she sat next to me. We settled in for a little while but it didn’t take me long to unbutton her sexy flowered dress and begin to play with her breasts. Interest among the theater viewers became apparent. . A middle aged man came and sat next to Z. He unsheathed his cock and was stroking it. Z tried not to look directly at any one of the admirers and pretended to watch the movie. He put his hand on her right thigh. This felt good and she gave him a smile of approval. I suggested she massage his dick and with a little encouragement she reached out her right hand and started to rub his tool. His hand moved closer to the honey spot as he and I shared the caress. I asked her to suck my cock. As she bent over to do that her ass and pussy from the back were very exposed and inviting. I offered the guy a little KY and told him to be gentle. He started to massage her clit and insert two fingers into her vagina. Her moans even stifled by my cock were being heard softly throughout the theater. Soon some hands came from behind the chair and began to caress Z’s breasts. Z was beginning to completely enjoy this. She sat back up and opened her legs wide and at my whispered suggestion even wider so that her pussy was getting the benefit of the hands around her. The middle aged man tilted her chin toward him, gave her a deep kiss and them moved away and allowed a younger man to take over, caressing her breasts and helping me finger her honey hole. I told Z to stand up, take off her black panties and hand them to me. That was a clear signal to the men that she was a player. When she sat down Z began to move erotically around in her chair as she was getting very excited. The young man in the next chair had his cock out and she reached over and touched it and he was very hard, already sheathed and aroused. With his cock in her hand and with him and I was fingering her pussy and caressing her breasts along with the guy standing in the back, Z had a very powerful orgasim, shaking for quite a long time. The caressing continued until I sent the boys back to their seats. I had shared my Z with these other men and I felt excited, proud and protective. It was time to change the situation.. We moved to another part of the theater. She was week in the knees and very wobbly as we walked past all the audience to the other side of the theater. We settled in the second row, out of “harms way” and I whispered “what did you think, how did it feel?” She was still shaking from the deep cum and the excitement of the experience on the other side of the theater. She couldn’t help thinking that this was a fantasy fulfilled but she needed some time just with me now so the other hungry men in the theater would have to wait for her to get her strength back. We sat in our new location for almost an hour and she only wanted me to snuggle, kiss, caress her breasts, and finger her pussy which was very wet and inviting. Z got very excited again both with my touch and with watching the fucking and sucking on the big screen and the hungery men standing close, stroking their cocks and waiting for another chance with my Z. She again let out a cry of excitement and I had again aroused her to a good climax. Even though there were guys waiting to be called over, she was content to have me caress her. Z was still a novice in the adult theater so the one encounter with others was enough for one evening. I know that Z will want toe again and perhaps next time she will be willing to go to another level with the anxious men in the theater who all have their cocks out and are willing to be sucked and fucked but also just excited to touch and fondle. What an exciting evening Z had but it wasn’t quite over yet. After she stood up and put on her black panties, I bent her over my knee, pulled down those panties and gave her five hard spankings. This surprised Z—were the spankings for being a good whore or for being a bad girl? The guys began to approach us as this happened. I’m not sure out of wanting to participate or protect. She slid the panties back up, grabbed my hand and proudly walked from the theater. She had not gotten out of the theater before she started to giggle. A few of the guys followed us out. Once they knew she was OK and no longer a player they pealed off. She told one of the men that she would see them NEXT time.
Her giggling didn’t stop as she shopped for real in the show room. She bought a medium size, pink vibrating dildo and a soft sided black paddle. As she checked out, she flirted with the clerk and as he handed her the bagged items, he said “have a good time kids”--and we are far from being kids! She giggled all the way home. This is what she does when she gets truly excited and happy! There will be a next time. (next- Z gets wild).
Z’s perspective. I never thought that I would have such a fun experience again. I couldn’t help but wonder how many women, if they let their horny thoughts rule, wouldn’t enjoy the same kind of experience. It is an experience that is like no other. The thrill of going into a dark theater filled with guys of all ages and races and being the center of attention is great. Wow, every time I think of this, it makes me so wet and ready to do this again. The experience is only heightened if the right person takes you into the theater and is your master and protector and I was lucky enough to find that person. Perhaps I will have this experience again; but, if I never do, just the thoughts of what happened or what might have happened will forever be highlighted in my fantasies.

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