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Gayness Test

Gayness Test

Take the gayness test and find out the answer that haunting your whole life. It's simple. You just need a piece of paper, pen / pencil and make score of each of your answer you make. At the end of your test, sum up your score and look for the answer to see how gay are you. Natural Born Gay, Gay by learned, Bi-and still Questioning, Confused and Trapped Gay? or Pretending Straight!!! This is what the gay test is for. Get it? Got it! Okay. I'd like to make some note before hand. Take easy on the test. Grab some coffe, drink it while it's hot but don't burn your tongue and get back fast here and do your gayness test. One last warning : make sure no body around you or you'll be in nasy suprise or in difficult situation trying to find excuses why you're doing on the gayness test. Here we go straight to the gayness test : Question 1: You worry about your appearance; how you are dressed and take more than 10 minutes to fix your hair?
Yes. A lot. Just an acne in my chin freaks me out ( score 1 )
As long as it neat and tidy shall be ok ( score 2 )
Nei...I never shower ( score 3 ) Question 2 : You have ever tried on girls dressing
Some times, those little pinky shorts look tempting ( score 1 )
Just cross my mind ( score 2 ) What! I'd like to tear it open whenever I see girls on bikini ( score 3 ) Question 3 : Do you sleep under cover, over the cover ?
1. Under cover ( socre 1 )
2. Over cover ( score 2 )
3. I don't have bed - I sleep on couch ( score 3 )
Question 4 : How do you like your jeans?
1. Fit and tight ( score 1 )
2. Baggy ( score 2 )
3. No preference - as long as it's levi's shall be ok ( score 3 )
Question 5 : Singlet, Tshirt or Tank Top ?
Tank Top ( score 1 )
Singlet ( score 2 )
Tshirt ( score 3 )
Question 6 : Boxers or Briefs ?
Boxers ( score 1 )
Briefs ( score 2 )
I don't wear underwear - still under penile enlargement program. ( score 3 )
Question 7 : How do you like your crisps?
Salted, salted and vinegar ( score 1 )
Cheese and onion, Prawn COCKtail ( score 2 )
Come on. How comes a flavoured crisp could tell if I'm gay? ( score 3 )
Question 8 : How do you score them?
Jean Claude Van Damme ( score 1 )
Brat Pitt ( score 2 )
Paris Hilton ( score 3 )
Question 9 : When you clean your ass, how you do fold the toilet paper?
Fold it neatly ( score 1 )
I don't do origami on toilet. Just crinkle it and throw it ( score 2 )
Start being real man, use your hand. ( score 3 )
Question 10 : When your house is empty, and you could whatever you wish to, will you.
Call your football captain around and compare ball and penis size ( score 1 )
Go on to the internet and look at porn ( socre 2 )
Call your girl friend and try anal sex ( score 3 )
Question 5 : How do you think about masturbation
Wow...Can't do without ( 1 )
Once a week ( 2 )
What! You are a sinner and shall go straight to hell. BTW, Jack off is more fun man...... ( 3 )
Question 6 : When you masturbate, do you need any visual help?
Yes. Porn video, Porn Magazine, internet ( score 1 )
Sometimes. I like to look down and see my own penis ( score 2 )
No. Closed my eyes all the time. ( score 3 )
Question 7 : What do you name your penis?
Dick ( score 1 )
Cock ( score 2 )
Junior ( score 3 )
Question 8 : Have you ever try to suck your own penis
No ( score 1 )
If your is well endowed and hung, shall be no problem ( score 2 )
Yes, but it's for my porn casting ( score 3 )
Question 9 : Have you measured your penis?
Yes ( score 1 )
Hmm...that an idea, how do you do that ( score 2 )
No ( score 3 )
Question 10 : Was it big, mascular and beastie?
Yes ( score 1 )
Sorry, won't tell you ( score 2 )
Shut up! You Pervert. ( score 3 )
Qeustion 11 : Do you like your penis?
Yes ( score 1 )
No. I wish it bigger ( score 2 )
Sorry, Man...i don't have penis. My mom told me it's called pussy ( score 3 )
Question 12 : Would you give me a blow job for beer ?
Yes ( score 1 )
No ( score 2 )
I'll put you into real trouble, Dude ( score 3 ) Question 14 : How about $ 10 ?
Absolutely. I even want to do it for free ( score 1 )
Simply No ( Score 2 )
Can't you hear I said NO ( Score 3 )
Question 15 : Okay. How about $ 1000 grant for a minute quick blow job. Just say AHHHH!!!!!! and open your mouth and let me do the rest.
I'd told you. I am more than willing. What are you waiting for ( score 1 )
I do you, you do me ( score 2 )
Geezz, it's gross. But it's just for money shot! ( score 3 ) Question 16 : Do you know of any members of your family who are gay?
Yes. Uncle Arnie is gay and I suspect my brother is also ( score 1 )
Don't give it a damn shit ( score 2 )
No. But I'll kill myself if there is any in my family ( score 3 ) Question 17 : If any of your family is gay, how is your reaction?
I knew it, uncle Arnie is gay even before I could spell his name ( score 1 )
I don't know. I'd have to think about it but they're my family. ( score 2 )
Geezzz...They would ruin my life. ( score 3 ) Question 18 : Have you ever make fun of someone for being gay?
Why would I ? ( score 1 )
Studip fag --- you deserve it! ( score 2 )
Question 19 : Being gay is normal, I wish more people are more acceptance to it
Agree with you ( score 1 )
It against nature but they are human too ( score 2 )
They are defect product of human being ( score 3 ) Question 20 : last question - do you think you are gay?
Yes ( score 1 )
No ( score 2 )
You're stupid asshole. I'm just checking what you gay people are up to ( score 3 )
Before you check your test result, please kindly note that whatever your opinion about this test, I would like to hear your feedback. If you have any constructive ideas on how to make it better send email to : webmaster privategaypersonals webmaster privategaypersonals Here your test result :
SCORE 1 - 20
You either did not com complete the test out of curious or in hurry to find the answer that's why your score is under 20. Whatever, I don't think I need to stress you out since I believe you have already known the answer. You don't need to take the test. You are 110% gay and this gayness test just to confirm it. Check my another test and find out if you are natural TOP, BOTTOM or VERSATILE SCORE 21 - 40
KOOLZ.....You could be just bi or questioning gay. You are a friend of all gay people. We need more guys like you in this world. We like guys like you. Stay with us. If you want to know why people become gay check this out. Score 41 - 60
WHAT!!! If you are not GAY, why you are checking this quizz anyway. Let me tell you. You are 100% GAY but pretending straight. If you can't find whatever you are looking for my site may provide a little bit stuff to satisfy your hunger for love. Check my gay dating review site.
privategaypersonals privategaypersonals
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