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How To Entice Your Lover With Fantasy Lingerie By Kat Williams

Everyone loves a fantasy every once in a while. At work, we dream up whole scenarios on what we really want to say to our boss. While shopping we imagine all the goodies we would buy if we had a bottomless pocketbook. Fantasies are fun and harmless, but are often overlooked in the bedroom where they are great fuel to our sex lives. Fantasy lingerie is often just the spark we need to ignite a passion fire.
What is fantasy lingerie? Fantasy lingerie lets you slip into another persona for a night. The fun begins when you dress up as someone or something else, release your inhibitions and go on a sexual odyssey with your partner. Fantasy lingerie can be theatrical, dramatic, animalistic, or absurd. It often bears only a passing resemblance to its real-life counterpart, but this is a welcome departure from reality.
For many couples, this is just the jump-start a troubled relationship needs. It is easy to get very com comfortable with a partner. After all, we often share a house, bed and bathroom with them. We see each other at our worst and we get to learn each other's routine. Our days may be predictable but our nights should never be. By wearing fantasy lingerie, you introduce a new element into your love life and re-invigorate the love that you already have for each other. Some of the most popular styles of fantasy lingerie make it easy to pretend and play. Perennial favorites like the French Maid, the Nurse, and School Girl costumes are sexy, irresistible, and will never go out of style. Try role playing with your fantasy lingerie. There are a variety of scenarios that you could use that will allow you and your partner to bond and share.
Sometimes fantasy lingerie does not have to resemble a character at all; often the lingerie that will drive your man wild can simply be filmy lingerie and sexy shoes. The point is to let go of your inhibitions and tell each other exactly what you want in bed while wearing your lingerie. By acting out each other's fantasies, you can strengthen your relationship and feel closer to your partner than ever before.
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