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Excessive Sweating on Teens and Children

Excessive Sweating on Teens and Children

Adults are not the only ones who may suffer from excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. Even small kids and teens are prone to developing it. In fact, when kids and teens are struck with this disease, they tend to suffer its consequences the most. Children aged seven years old and below suffering from hyperhidrosis may find it difficult to engage in physical activities like most kids do. Because of their sweaty palms, they may not be able to play baseball or basketball well. Their sweaty feet would prohibit them from playing soccer too. As such, they would simply sit in the bleachers and watch the game longingly every time kids their age hang out in the park to play. Teens, on the other hand, have different sets of concerns. Teens are in the stage of their life where fashion and looking good is of utmost importance. As such, they play with their clothes, experiment with make ups, or style their hair well before going out with friends. If a teen, more particularly a girl, suffer from excessive sweating, her choice of clothes becomes limited. She can_t wear dark colored clothes or else sweat marks would show. All a teen with hyperhidrosis can wear are black clothes and clothes having a lighter shade. Anything else in between becomes improper. For older teenagers, the problem keeps them away major social gatherings such as proms, parties, and high school dances. This is because crowded places tend to leave them all sweaty and embarrassed. Most male teenagers suffering from hyperhidrosis skip prom nights simply because they don_t want to get all sweaty in front of their partner. Or worse, drip sweat all over their date_s beautiful dress. Sweating is a natural phenomenon. In fact, it is part of a healthy body_s process. However, if you tend to sweat excessively, problems such as these arise. There is little you can do to control sweat. And it isn_t right to blame it on hormones all the time. Hyperhidrosis is a medical concern that needs a doctor or a qualified expert_s assistance to revert. Kids and teens suffering from excessive sweating may have to use mild antiperspirant creams and powders just to keep their bodies from sweating too much. However for kids, the problem is rarely on the armpits as beads of sweat forms profusely on the head, feet, and hands on them. There are natural ways to prevent sweating. For kids and teen patients whose problems can_t be addressed by regular antiperspirant creams, a more intrusive medication maybe required. Examples of such medications are botox injections or iontophoresis. Parents should be well aware of the fact that excessive sweating is a major problem for your son and daughter at their young age. Acknowledging the problem would definitely help a lot. Your attempt to find the solution is comforting enough for them because they know that you understand what they_re going through. Take your son or daughter to a doctor whose line of expertise is hyperhidrosis. Check whether your insurance policy would cover for the required treatment. This way, you can provide the care, attention, and treatment that your child needs. Find information and articles on the excessivesweatinginfo hyperhidrosis condition, excessivesweatinginfo excessive-facial-sweating facial blushing and the most effective excessivesweatinginfo excessive-sweating-treatments hyperhidrosis treatments at ExcessiveSweatingInfo.

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