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Stacy The Asian Pharmacist - The Trip Home P1

Stacy the Asian pharmacist - The Trip Home

By WannBherDaddy - May 1, 2009 - From interracial-stories. Interracial stories - Views - 16183 Stacy the Asian pharmacist and her family have caught a very late plane from Disneyworld in Florida. It's a midnight flight, and will take 6 hours to get back home.
To Stacy's surprise, the stewardess greeting them at the plane's door--Lynda--is a customer at her pharmacy back home. Lynda is in her late thirties, about 5'7 with long dark hair, brown eyes, breasts that are easily 36-Bs and curves that make her the virtual poster girl for the "coffee, tea or me" jokes that still circulate airlines to this day. Lynda greets Stacy with a hug, and the young Vietnamese woman's nerve endings tingle at the light, friendly raking of Lynda's nails at the small of her back. Stacy's been that way, sensitive to the smallest touch, ever since her rape on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. She never told her husband about it, out of shame not only for the fact it happened, but also for the guilty pleasure she's felt ever since. Although the incident happened almost a week ago, she still has the sperm-stained panties her attacker came in for her as a "keepsake", tucked into her purse. She doesn't fully understand why, but whenever her husband and two children aren't around, she sniffs them, allowing the memory of being forcibly taken to come back to her, then masturbates in a frenzy.
Stacy introduces Lynda to her family, and they're then shown to their first-class seats. Here, there's more space for them to stretch out, the kids are shown the pilots' cabin, and a new feature on this class of plane is that the bathrooms are now com completely soundproof, due to passengers' complaints and requests over time. The plane soon takes off, and sometime early into the flight, Stacy and her family drift off to sleep.
Stacy's rest is uneasy though: her mind flashes back to her attack on the ride by the grungy guy who pulled her over the back of the seat in the empty boat and forced his cock down her throat. What made it worse was the forced 69ing, where he proved to be such an expert pussy eater that Stacy found herself going along with him, submitting so fully that she allowed herself to receive his sperm into her vagina, calling him "daddy" while he shot his hot load inside her. Stacy wakes up in a mild start, but composes herself quickly and checks to see that her husband and kids are still asleep. Since she's been married, Stacy stopped using contraception, but now she can't wait to get home and swipe some morning after pills from her job, feverishly hoping that her rapist didn't knock her up.
Before she knows it, another stewardess is at her side, asking if she needs anything. Stacy asks for a cup of water, and the stewardess eagerly obliges, quickly bringing her a cup filled to the brim. She watches carefully as Stacy drinks, and being that the young stewardess is Asian, the two get into a quick conversation. The stewardess' name is Mia, she's Japanese(about 4'9 with raven-black hair, perky baby breasts and legs that are obviously deliciously sexy, even though they're silhouetted in black pantyhose), and does this gig part time in between playing in an avant-garde band. She asks if Stacy requires anything else, and to the Asian pharmacist, there seems to be something else intended in the question, but Stacy chalks it up to her nerves. She tells her no, gives back the cup, and attempts to get back to sleep. After a few moments of restless turning however, she finds she has to go to the bathroom.
With the bathroom door locked securely behind her, Stacy pulls down her black slacks and pink panties, then takes a relaxing pee, trying to let the tension seep out of her body. Once she's done wiping however, it's not long before her mind drifts back to her ordeal on the Pirates ride, and the memory of that hard white cock--so much firmer and bigger than her husband's 4 1/2 inch pecker--taking her from behind, comes back to her. Stacy begins fingering herself, but tears of shame and humiliation begin running down her face and she stops, unable to continue. She flushes the toilet as she stands, pulls her panties and slacks back up and dries her eyes. She adjusts the fabric of her white silk button-down shirt, attempting to hide the fact that her nipples are hard. With a light sigh, she turns and opens the door--only to find Lynda, Mia and the plane's Captain standing in the hallway.
"I'm sorry, miss, but we need to see you privately for a second, " the Captain--a tall man with sandy blonde hair, brown eyes and a name tag that reads "Dave"--says quickly and quietly as he places his hand to Stacy's stomach, pressing her back into the cramped restroom even as he and the two stewardesses jam inside, Lynda closing the door behind them.
"What's going on?" Stacy asks, looking more to Lynda than any of them, some concern in her voice.
"Well, miss...your friend Lynda here, and Mia, told me just how fine you were, but I needed to see for myself. They said you had a tight little ass, cute little tits and a mouth that probably needed a good fucking. I didn't believe them, but I asked my co-pilot to take over, 'cause I had to see if they were bullshitting me." Captain Dave chuckles and looks to the stewardesses. "Guess you're right; Daddy owes you girls a steak dinner."
Stacy feels her head swim a moment, as she realizes that this can't be happening again! She was raped at The Happiest Place on Earth, and now she's being advanced upon by three people at once! How in the world could this happen to the same person twice in one lifetime? Stacy tries to shove her way past them to the door, but Dave grabs her by the waist and roughly pushes her against Lynda, who grasps both of her arms and locks them behind her back. Stacy tries to cry out, to scream, but a quick slap across the face from Dave silences her.
He points a finger sternly at her face, brushing up against her nose as he warns, "This room is soundproof, so none of the passengers can hear you. But I don't feel like going deaf in this cramped space, so you don't open your mouth until it's time for me to stick my cock in it, you understand!"
Stacy bursts into tears, unable to hold up mentally anymore. She sobs openly, and her captors look at each other. "Sounds like our little girl needs some TLC to make her feel better, " Lynda says. Mia places one of her slender violinist's fingers on Stacy's mouth, shushing her gently and then wipes her tears away. Her big eyes take in Stacy's body lustfully. She points to Dave, Lynda and herself as she says, "We're family. Daddy, Mama and daughter. Now you." She lightly brushes Stacy's face with her smooth, cool palm. "I love my big sister." Mia kneels down and begins undoing Stacy's pants while Dave opens his fly and lets his large, throbbing cock pop out. Stacy groans, not sure how much more she can take, physically or mentally. What is it about me that makes strangers want to rape me? Am I giving off some kind of slut scent? she thinks shamefully. She looks down to find Mia has dropped her black slacks and pink panties to the floor. She looks up at Stacy and smiles. "I love my big sister."
She spreads Stacy's pussy lips, and begins eating her out. Stacy struggles in vain to get free from Lynda's grip as she cries out "Please! Please, stop! I'm not like this! I don't want a woman down there! I don't want it, please stop!"
But Mia doesn't stop. And while the little Japanese girl is on her knees, plunging her tongue as deep as she can into her "big sister's" Vietnamese pie hole, Captain Dave unbuttons Stacy's top, revealing her white cotton bra underneath. He pulls it down under her B-cup breasts and begins to fondle them, his gaze burrowing into Stacy's eyes as he watches her reaction closely. Lynda blows into Stacy's ear, telling her to relax and let her little sister do her job. She reassures Stacy, calling her "daughter" and telling her what a good girl she is. And as Stacy can't help but begin to moan in shamed delight at Mia's tongue skills, Lynda starts to tell the Asian pharmacist how proud she is of her.
"Uhhnnn...oooohh...ooh, no, no, please....aaahhh..." Stacy moans tearfully, wincing in pain as Captain Dave pinches her nipples hard with his fingernails, twisting them slightly then rubbing his tongue across them gently to ease the pain. "You're such a good girl, that's right, my little daughter, " Lynda whispers in Stacy's ear between kisses on her neck. "Don't worry, we'll train you good."
All four are pressed tightly between the wall and the stainless steel sink: Lynda standing behind Stacy, holding the Asian pharmacist's arms locked behind her even as she rubs her breasts against Stacy's back, getting her own nipples hard. Mia on her knees, lapping up the juice beginning to drip from her big sister's pussy, and Dave, nibbling and sucking on Stacy's nipples even as he squeezes her breasts roughly, watching her closely as an undesired passion begins to wash over their captive's face, as she reacts to Mia's insistent tongue probing.
Finally, Dave clamps his hand over Stacy's mouth, just in time as she screams in orgasm--not that anyone outside could hear, but because the sound is so damned loud in the small washroom. Stacy squirts all over Mia's lips, and the Japanese girl laps her tongue over her own mouth hungrily, not missing a drop of her big sister's sweet unbidden acknowledgement.
Stacy collapses against Lynda, who manages to hold her up and now restrains Stacy's wrists with one of her strong hands while she brings the other around to wipe sweat from her new daughter's brow and run her fingers through her hair even as she plants a kiss on her temple. "That's my good girl, " she says proudly, and kisses her on the ear. "That's my good, good girl."
Mia's gotten to her feet, and Dave tongues her down, trying to catch some of Stacy's taste from her before it's gone. He smiles and nods his approval, and Mia walks around behind him, pulling his pants down, fully revealing his 10 inch monster waiting to get its own taste of Stacy's treats. Stacy comes alive, struggling her best to get free, but it only wrenches her shoulder, the sharp ache causing her to stop. Mia kneels down again, pulling off Stacy's shoes, her pants and panties all the way. Lynda walks forward, forcing Stacy ahead as Dave sits down on the toilet seat and holds his arms out eagerly. "Give her here."
As Lynda releases Stacy to him, Stacy grabs his forearms, trying to pull his hands off from around her slender waist. With a cruel laugh, Dave lifts her up and slaps her down hard on the stainless steel countertop, causing her to cry out in pain. He puts one hand to Stacy's shoulder, pushing her back hard against the sink corner while his other hand grabs her left leg and throws it over his shoulder. His 10 inch behemoth presses tightly to the opening of her heavenly dark haired snatch. "Please, don't, please--you're too big, I've never had it that big!!" Stacy cries, but Dave doesn't listen. He lets go of her shoulder and holds her legs apart as his cock begins to enter her pussy. Stacy tries to punch and push at his chest, but it's like hitting chiseled rock; she can't fight him off, and as his prick pushes into her, she finds that her vagina's already given up the fight and parts all too willingly to allow her new daddy to fill her up.
"AAHAAAAAAAA!!!" Stacy screams as Dave's cock shoves its way all up inside her, the force of entry lifting her tight little ass slightly off the countertop as he presses his shirt-covered chest hard against hers, holding her down. He gives her only a second of wide-eyed amazement to get used to the sensation of being so filled--a sensation her husband could never fully accomodate--and he then begins fucking her as hard as he can, thrusting in and out, the force of each reentry slapping her back and shoulders against the counter corner and mirror.
"UNNNGHHGH!!! UNNGGHHH!! UUNNNNGGGGGHH!!!!" Stacy grunts, now having no choice but to grab his shoulders and hold on as she tries to at least shift slightly into a position that will allow him better entry without bruising her back for her husband to see later. As her right leg dangles weakly off the countertop and the left leg slung over his shoulder shudders with each pressing thrust, Stacy's painful grunts turn to excited moans as her tight Vietnamese pussy finally gets used to the length and thickness of her daddy's cock and she manages to move her back just enough so that it doesn't hurt as much when the Captain slams his rock-hard shovel inside her.
Meanwhile, Lynda unbuttons her own blouse, revealing a black lace bra barely constraining her big, beautiful jugs. She sits on the toilet cover and undoes her bra, setting her twins free as Mia pulls down her own black pantyhose and sits on her momma's lap. Mia lays her head against Lynda's shoulder and slips two fingers into her own pussy. Lynda's hand rests atop hers, guiding her motions as they happily watch Stacy get the fucking of her life. Finally, Dave's balls tense up and his cock lets loose with a torrent of hot cum into Stacy's hungry pussy, which soaks it all up as she screams "DADDY!!!"
Dave shoves his cock hard up against Stacy's vaginal wall twice, making her wince just so she'll remember who her master is. He pulls out slowly, his cock slicked with cum, juice and some blood as tears roll silently down Stacy's face. He drops her leg from his shoulder, letting it slap against the countertop as he points in Lynda's direction. "Go to your mother." Too spent to speak, Stacy doesn't move. Dave slaps her thigh hard, causing her to jump. "You heard me!"
Stacy gets up slowly, and like a chastened little girl, she limps over to Lynda, who welcomes her with outstretched arms. Mia stands, still fingering herself lightly as she walks to the door. She opens it a crack and peeks out, checking: at 3am, the majority of the passengers are still asleep, and none have heard anything through the soundproof door. Mia closes the door and watches as Stacy sits across Lynda's lap, her slim legs and adorable little feet dangling inches off the floor. Lynda is speaking gently to her, wiping her tears and shushing her. She holds Stacy by the temples, guiding her head forward.
"Oh, no...please, please no, " Stacy protests weakly, but Lynda pinches Stacy's nose shut, forcing her to open her mouth for a breath, and then wrapping her mouth around her left breast. She lets go of Stacy's nose and holds her thin wrists tightly with one hand, immobilizing her arms while her other hand holds the back of Stacy's head, keeping it in place. After a moment, Stacy realizes she has no choice, and begins suckling on Lynda's breast as if she were a little girl again, sitting on her true mommy's lap. To Stacy's shock, after a moment milk actually shoots forth from Lynda's nipple, sliding down her throat!
Stacy's eyes widen as she looks up into her new mother's smiling face. "Dave got me pregnant a couple months ago, around the time when we first adopted Mia in this same bathroom. I've been dreaming of the day I could sit you on my lap like this and nurse you, " Lynda says as she rubs the back of Stacy's ear--an old trick to get babies to open their mouths wider for nourishment. It works, and before she even realizes what she's doing, Stacy is sucking on Lynda's tit eagerly, drinking her milk hungrily like a newborn infant. Lynda cautiously sets Stacy's arms across her own lap, and when she lets go of her wrists, they remain there...Stacy doesn't fight, her body relaxing as she continues to drink deeply of the nourishment offered. Mia kneels down at Lynda's side and inserts a finger into Stacy's anus, producing light and pleasured moans from her older sister as she playfully massages its inner lining.
Dave stands in front of all three of his women, watching as he jerks off. He runs his finger through Lynda's hair, and she pops her tit out of Stacy's mouth, gently turning the pharmacist's head toward Dave's cock. Stacy takes as much of it as she can--at least 6 inches--into her mouth, sucking on it gently, and then begins alternating between her new father's cock and her new mom's breast. Finally, as Dave cums down Stacy's throat and shoots some sperm onto her tits and face, Lynda lifts the young Vietnamese woman up and has her straddle her lap, her back laying against Lynda's tits. Mia stands before Stacy, lifting up her black stewardess skirt and exposing an exquisitely shaved and sopping wet pussy.
Stacy stares at the new meal offered to her and shakes her head. "Please, I...I'm really not like that. Please don't make me..." she begs of Dave, who offers a harsh glare in return. Lynda brushes some hair away from Stacy's ear and gently whispers, "In this family, we return favors. Your little sister was nice to you, so you have to do the same for her."
"I've never done this before, " Stacy argues weakly, even though she knows it's no use. "Please, I can't..."
Dave roughly grabs Stacy by the face, pinching it fiercely in his grip. "You heard your mother. In this family, our hot little bitches do as they're told!" Stacy can feel her stomach turning at the prospect of even tasting another woman's vagina, but as Lynda gently leans her forward and Mia steps closer, she realizes she has no choice. Cautiously, tentatively, she sticks her tongue out and lets Mia come to her, wrapping her vaginal lips around Stacy's tongue, the moistness of her juices tingling her taste buds for the first time.
As she pulls her tongue back and savors her first taste of another woman, Stacy's eyes widen as she realizes that it's not as bad as she thought it would fact, it's damned pleasurable! She looks up at Mia, who gently rubs the side of her face. "Just do the same that I did for you, sis, " she says with a beautiful smile. Stacy nods and sticks her tongue out again. Mia pushes her hips forward, and this time Stacy holds onto them for support as she begins lapping up her little sister's juices like a puppy at a water bowl. Before long, Lynda and Dave are chuckling in amusement as Stacy buries her face in Mia's snatch, going at it as if she were the front-runner at a pussy eating contest! Mia's moans of delight fill the small room, and she almost goes weak in the knees from her older sister's newfound skill...but Dave stands behind her, holding her up for support and fondling Mia's tits, which are just slightly smaller than Stacy's. Finally, Mia grabs the sides of Stacy's head and grinds it into her pussy as she cums hard, crying out in delight as Stacy laps up every last drop.
Dave holds onto Mia as she falls back against him, and Stacy collapses against Lynda's chest. Licking her ultra-wet lips, Stacy glances down at Lynda's dark bush and begs, "More..."
It's difficult in the cramped room, but Lynda positions herself on the seat with her legs wide open as Stacy kneels before her, burying her face in her adoptive mother's pussy. Mia lays on the floor in front of Stacy's knees, fingering herself and stretching her neck up to have another go at her big sister's soaking wet cunt while Dave stands beside the seat, grabbing the back of Lynda's head and feeding her his cock, fucking her face. The soundproof aspects of the room are tested as the family cums together, their moans creating an almost deafening cacophony in the tiny room.
Fearful that they may have actually been heard, Mia pulls up her pantyhose and straightens her uniform. She quietly unlocks the door and heads out of the room. The majority of passengers in both first class and coach are still asleep. Mia tiptoes down the first-class aisle to check on Stacy's family: all are fast asleep. Realizing she still has some of her big sister's moistness on her lips, she wipes some of it onto a finger. Kneeling down, she reaches over to Stacy's daughter and carefully rubs it against her lips. The adorable little girl's lips part slightly, allowing her aunt" to insert her finger. The little girl sucks on it in her sleep, which in turn makes Mia's pussy warm as she smiles. Her "niece" eventually stops sucking, falling deeper into sleep, and Mia reaches over, kisses her on the forehead, then tucks her blanket more securely around her before heading back to the bathroom.
Opening the door, she finds Stacy bent over the sink, holding onto the countertop for dear life as Dave is holding onto her slender waist with one hand as he plows his ten inch cock into her asshole, while keeping his other hand wrapped securely around Stacy's mouth, muffling her cries of pain and submissive joy. Lynda has gotten dressed and straightened her uniform, and tells Mia, "We should get back to work. Your father and sister are going to be busy for a while. Besides, I know where she works, we can pick her up anytime we want."
Mia smiles as she watches her older sister's B-cups jiggle back and forth with each hard thrust from their father. "That's fine, " she says. "And I have a feeling that when my niece gets old enough, she's going to be a champion pussy eater, just like her mother."

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