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Z At The Theater

Z at the Theater

By Z&me - Feb 25, 2009 - From group-sex- stories. Group sex stories - Views - 22034 A week later Z was still tingling. She thought about the adult theater for the whole week after it had happened. She had the wonderment in her mind and the tingle/itch in her pussy. She had called me a few times but I couldn’t get away. There were two things that she couldn’t get out of her mind--the black man experience and the “let us know when you are coming back. It will be good for business.” I was able to get back down there about a week and a half later. She had been good. She had only used her love tools which she purchased at the adult theater on previous trip and a new glass toy that she had purchased on-line She was extremely horny. When we met I kissed and fondled but did not fuck her. I wanted her as randy as possible for the night’s events. I called Sam, the big black clerk from the video store, as he had requested, to let him know that Z and I would be out and about tonight. I asked him why his place only has theater seats but no benches or couches. Sam came up with two solutions. He said that owners of the place where he worked also owned another place associated with a drive-in theater farther down the road. It had benches. Secondly, he suggested that they had benches available at his theatre and there was a lot of space between the front row and the screen. They had this request before. They could put out a com comfortable bench and if desired at the appropriate time would dim the movie and shine spotlights on the bench for the entertainment of the audience. Sam asked “which do you want”? Because we enjoyed this theater, Z decided to go back to the same theater and use the bench between the theater seats and the screen. Sam was pleased because he knew that he would also get to be involved. When we pulled up to the theater, the lighted sign on the highway said “Z’s doing a Train Tonite .” We parked and walked in together. Sam smiled and said “tonight should be special.” Z looked the part tonight with her short black skirt and her sweater that buttoned up the front and her red high heels. She knew how to act and dress like a slut and her entrance aroused those who were dispersed throughout the theater. Z marched across the front of the screen. Her ass had a saucy wiggle. She seated herself on the front row in the seats opposite the entrance. I sat down beside her on the end seat. I put my arm around her and I could tell that she was very horny so gave her a big, hard kiss with my tongue fucking her throat just the way she likes it. She moaned and the excitement had begun. It wasn’t long before I motioned to the onlookers that they could come closer. They didn’t take much coaxing and each one who came had their cock out in their hand. Z loved to look at a nice hard cock and she had plenty to look at tonight. Even better than looking, she loves to touch and suck cock; so, one by one men of all ages and descriptions came by her and she played with and sucked their cocks and licked their balls. What a pleasure this was for them and for Z. Hands were all over her. They opened her blouse and pulled down her sexy bikini panties, while grabbing, fondling and squeezing her sensitive parts. She can hear their moans of pleasure and they her body began to twitch all over. I think she was going through all the cocks to determine which ones she would like to play with later. She reached over and fondled an older guy in the next seat. Soon, I could see by the speed of her strokes that she was getting him close. She still wasn’t watching the perverts but was watching the screen and kissing me. I noticed a young white guy with a big cock was standing right in front of her. I told her to look straight ahead. As she did she opened her mouth in ah. Our friend wasted no time and thrust eight inches down her throat. She gagged and tried to twist away. He grabbed her hair and I put my hand behind her head forcing her lips into his groin. She quickly got use to the size, taking two more inches and establishing a rhythm that would get ride of him soon. The young guy in her mouth and the older man being masturbated came at the same time. Gushing their cum on her face and hand. But Z was ready for more. I looked over toward the movie screen and I could see that Sam had placed a bench with a soft black cover there between the screen and the front row of seats. When the players were getting their cocks stocked, they were stripping Z and playing with her great body. Soon she was torn between the pleasure of fondling the many cocks and enjoying the multiple stimulation from all the hands that were massaging here cunt and tits.
Someone produced a fluffy cushion. I grabbed her hair and pulled her over to the cushion and too her knees. Naked cocks were everywhere and she didn’t waste time devouring them. First there were five and they soon pumped their stick fluid either in her pretty mouth or all over her face and gorgeous tits. The second team stepped up for another round replacing the original five. One guy bent over and spread the cheeks of his ass presenting Z with his asshole. She wrinkled her nose. I said “not this time guy, maybe next time” After satisfying fifteen guys, twelve the first time and three on the rebound, Z looked over at the screen.
Sam was sitting on the bench that he had placed in front. He said “whenever your ready Z”. With that she got up and ran toward Sam. He met her halfway. She anxiously jumped into his arms. He carried her naked body toward the couch. He turned and paused. He looked at me an said ” any restrictions?” “ No, just don’t hurt her” I said.
Sam deposited her at the end of the bench. He quickly took off all but his underpants. He straddled the bench facing Z and reached out and grabbed Z’s hair. He pulled her down on her tummy between his spread legs as he relaxed on the end of the bench. Z couldn’t wait to see the prize. She squirmed her way up his big body- kissing , nibbling and liking his inner thighs until she put both hands on the sides of his shorts and slowly pulled them down. She giggled at the sight of the big black hose. It had to be at least 12 inches long, flaccid, and she could barely get her hand around it. As soon as she touched her challenge it began to harden and grow.
Z immediately began to feast on his manhood, slavering his penis and balls with her tongue, and beginning to swallow the head of his gorgeous cock, loving the taste and longing for a good dose of jism as her reward. Z’s tongue slide from the left to the right as her mouth moves slowly up and down Sam’s harden rod. She feels his hand grabbing her hair and this makes her want more. He is not hurting, just playing a bit rougher. Sam’s hand starts to pull Z’s hair up to meet him as Z moves up dragging her breasts all over his body. She feels his leg and knee sliding itself between her legs, his knee now rubbing her pussy. He has made Z so very wet. Z moans and her hips start to move as he teases her wet pussy with his knee, rubbing all over it.
Sam moves her on her back. Now on top of her, he is spreading her legs apart. Sam reminded Z that she said she wanted the feeling of his cock inside her. “Well, that’s what I am going to do for you” Sam commented.” I’m going to fuck you good”. Z feels the head of his shaft barely touching her entrance. Her hips move to force him inside of her. Z takes a deep breath and sighs. Z lays there and Sam removes his cock from her and begins rubbing it all over her clit. Z is about ready to cum. Her hips are going crazy rubbing his shaft. Z starts moving in a circle. Sam greased up his\s index and middle fingers and began to tease her asshole She can't hold back. She is so hot with his erect cock teasing her pussy and one then two big fingers in here ass. She start to cum. Sam’s hand is holding her breast and he is so surprised that she has cum.
Z feels his cock now sliding down to her awaiting wetness. He slowly slides the stiff member in and as he is going in, she takes a deep breath and thrusts upward to meet his body. Her hips are moving faster and faster. She is so wet for her black lover. She can't control herself and she starts to cum once more. Z can feel Sam swelling, his throbbing black cock inside of her. Z’s hips are still pounding. His breathing is very fast and short as he cries out with excitement. Damn, that Sam can fuck! Sam started to explode. Z slipped him out of her pussy and placed his precious rod right in the front of her face. I’m hopping for a bukkake experience and boy do I get the start of one. His cum spurts all over Z’s face. She rubs his black rod to get every white glob she can.
His prick stops spurting and starts to go limp. Z yells “No! No! Don’t leave me up here. I need a stiff prick in my pussy!!” Sam said, “don’t worry – my white slut”. He lets out a shrill whistle. Within a few seconds the couch is illuminated in bright light. Around Z are 10, hung black guys anxious to satisfy her craving? My phone call to Sam had allowed him to make the sign and call his buddies. Before he gets up from the couch he whispers to Z “don’t worry, there are more waiting in the lobby”.
Sam had thought of everything. Now sitting in the first row was a delicious, stunning 20-year-old black girl. She was the official fluffier for the night. I walked over and stood directly in front of her. Somebody had to be first. She knew what to do. She pulled down the zipper on my shorts and while not finding any other obstacles pulled out my cock and swallowed it. I put her hands on my ass and she started to pull me into her mouth. This was clearly not her first rodeo. I reached inside her loose blouse. Her firm young black tit felt warm and soft. As I gently flicked the nipple she moaned and pulled me farther into her mouth. This fluffer will be well fucked tonight.
Over on the bench, Z was on her back. Her legs were spread and she was keeping her pussy ready with her left hand. The 10 black guys, of various ages, sizes and shapes all had their cocks out stroking them and waiting for the “Go Code” from Sam. Finally Z’s impatience and excitement got the best of her and in a loud voice said” let’s get this fuck-in show on the road”.
She didn’t realize how the word “show” was so appropriate. Not only was it a show for the audience, most of which hoped to be participants themselves but also on the internet thanks to the multiple cameras that Sam had set up. Sam asked Z to pick three of her 10 studs to begin with and had the other 7 to stand in line. I stopped just short of coming in that fluffer’s loving mouth and said “I think you have to go to work now. Take the guy in line closest Z and get him ready”.
Sam placed her number one choice, a well hung dude, on his back and led a well-wetted Z up to lay on the top of him. He inserted his large tool, Z’s top choice, into her well heated Honey Pot. They got to pumping very soon and very fast. Z was providing most of the motion. Soon number two presented his tool to her mouth and grabbed her hair. He then force fed her mouth with a lot flaccid cock. The lucky guy was number three. He bent her over and gently lathered up her asshole. Until recently Z had not taken a black man and certainly no one in her ass. Sam’s preparation had made this guy’s task easier. When he slide into Z, she let out a grunt and then a sigh. Z said it hurt but didn’t ask him to stop. She was to busy with the guy in her mouth and the big cock in her pussy to ask them to slow down let alone stop.
Soon all three had developed a rhythm that eventually sent Z into orgasm heaven. She bucked and screamed and shook but they just let her orgasm go. They all three held her tight until she clamed down and rested a bit until they started up again. While the friction was greater and a little more painful for Z, the resulting orgasm was by far the best she had ever felt.
When com completed the three climbed off and Z screamed “NEXT! NEXT!!, And NEXT!!. And it went on.
As the last three were preparing to mount Z, I looked around and found the fluffer, Joylie. She thought she was done for the night but I had other plans. I took her by the hand and led her back to the first row. Kneeling in the seat facing the back of the theater she presented a gorgeous site. Her black skin shimmered in the sidelight coming from the main attraction. I approached that wonderful, upturned ass and felt a very wet cunt. I inserted my prick into her, by now, well used pussy.
While great that was not my goal. After a couple strokes I told her to reach back and spread her cheeks. My final target came into view. Her winking, blinking and beautiful asshole. I love a good fanny and hers was a delight. I plunged my cock dead center into those big black cheeks. I had to grab her supple warm breasts and held on for the ride. The next ten minutes were pure heaven. So as not to let a resource go unused, I motioned for the has-beens and want-a-bees to come to row two and avail themselves of Joylie most used attribute-her soft and sucking mouth. The climax was long, slow and delightful.
I looked over at the couch. Z was finishing up and there was now a long line. She looked a mess. No clothes, ruffled hair, bruises on her tits and ass and cum everywhere. I went over to her. Grabbed her hand and said “THAT”S ALL FOLKS’. The only thing she could find were the red heels. She put them on and walked proudly and naked out of the theater. I snuggled her. She stopped a few feet from the exit and…….She giggled. –The End

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