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It pays to spend money for a good escort

It pays to spend money for a good escort

What an escort charges is based on a lot of things. One very obvious one is the city she serves. A mid to high-end escort in Toronto might charge $200-300, where an escort that serves all of Southern Ontario (Oakvlle, Mississauga, Burlington, Niagara Falls) can change $300-500, in Niagara Falls and very southern Ontario, she could charge $400-600. it mostly has to do with the cost of travel and living. In cities like Toronto and Niagara Falls as well, an escort can be had a little cheaper just because there are SO many beautiful people per capita. As an escort in the Mississauga Area, I'm able to pull in $400-600 a date, because I'm a midline escort, the reason I wouldn't call myself high-end was because I didn't have (or didn't want) many reviews. My price jumped because I was a "Non Pro" (escort slang for a woman who isn't a professional escort, think a sugar baby or mistress) and a girl next door, I could provide the illusion that I had not ever done this before or that I didn't do it very often, which was partly true, instead of going big with splashy ads on Eros and long lists of reviews, I see 1-2 clients a week and all my clients are usually regulars. As an escort, I really never go after the "big bucks", I'm in school at the time and just want enough to make a decent living. That's just my personal escort story. So back to the rates you would be charging and the rates you might pay, besides the city you might live in, and the reviews she might have what it reallyes down to is what the escort thinks she is worth and most of the time, she is right. So if you are paying a little more for an escort, its probably worth it. She most likely has great reviews, great (real) photos and is an all around great woman, a real professional who you would have a great time with.She is probably a little older and has had at least a year or two experience in the field, either this or she was an escort like me and capitalized on the exclusivity of being a "non pro". Either way, she's probably smarter then you average bear, because she has figured out a way to have her clients pay her high rates. When you pay for high fees, you might get beautiful or you might not. Men who are long time hobbyists will tell you, beauty really, really has very little to do with being a high class escort, neither does youth. Some of the best escorts in the biz are in their late 30_s and 40_s. What really counts when hiring a good escort is intelligence, class, sensuality, passion and honesty. So if you want a good escort, pay a little more, she will be worth it. thecallgirlz escortToronto thecallgirlz escortToronto thecallgirlz escortHamilton thecallgirlz escortHamilton thecallgirlz escortMississauga thecallgirlz escortMississauga thecallgirlz QuebecEscort thecallgirlz QuebecEscort thecallgirlz EscortAustralia thecallgirlz EscortAustralia
20 year old Danielle loves to write.

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