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Review of the Book by David Deangelo "Double Your Dating" the complete Dating Book For Guys By John Garret

One of the first things most guys want to know is how do I know when it's OK to kiss a girl? Well, David DeAngelo says to use his "Kiss Test" to tell when a woman is ready to be kissed.
But who is David DeAngelo? Well, several years ago... he used to be a average frustrated chump (AFC). The women he knew all wanted to be his "friend". And let me tell you this... it IS frustrating to just be friends to beautiful and attractive women and watch them all go to bed with some guy they barely know... while you are just laying there in your bedroom... alone... again.
But David figure it out for us... luckily and wrote a book for guys how to become a dating dynamo and get more dates and possibilities then you thought possible!
And Double Your Dating was born. You find out how to meet and attract the women you always wanted to date... And the best part about this book is you get simple and easy to follow steps how to do it.
The first step would be just to get her email address. There is a way to do it that works very well most of the time... and if you think you can succeed 100% of the time... well, it is a fantasy.
Let me explain...
You see, for women... dating is prettyplex. She has to be ready for it emotionally. If she isn't... then you have NO CHANCE at all... no matter how smooth or sexy you look.
So to be an alpha male... you will get some rejections... but David DeAngelo will tell you how to handle it with aplomb and bounce back with another woman.
But back to just getting her email... as David says... it is straightforward... just ask for her email after you approach her and talk a bit. The keyword is just talk a little bit... don't tell her your life story. Don't be boring. Be funny and interesting. And then... ask for her email. Now, women will play games to "test" you.
And sure... when you understand it from the woman's point of view. She gets tons of crass, dorky approaches by guys... every. single. day!
No kiddin'!
And then you expect her to melt and give you her personal email because you asked? Well, it is going to be a little harder than that! And it is OK because David DeAngelo will tell you exactly what to say to make her give you her REAL email and wait to hear from you...
There are tons of practical tips and advice how to create a great dating lifestyle for you in Double Your Dating. You learn when a woman is ready to be kissed... you learn how to approach a woman... how to ask her for her email... how to talk to a woman that will make her "think" about you all the time... and so on...
Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo is a gold mine for any guy who wants to improve his dating life. Get the book and get started!
Click here for more information how to grab your copy of David DeAngelo moderndatingsite dating-advice-books-for-men/double-your- datingDouble Your Dating book to bring dramatic changes to your love life...
And while you are at my website, don't forget to grab your freebies when you sign up for my FREE dating and relationship newsletter at: ModernDatingSite ModernDatingSite
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