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At The Cabin Sarah In Charge

At the Cabin: Sarah in Charge

By J. Lafette - Sep 6, 2008 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 10515 Dean and Sarah arrived at the cabin in the late afternoon. The drive up had been nice, the weather spectacular. The cabin was a decent size. There was one great room that encompassed living room, dining area, and kitchen; two good-sized bedrooms, and one large bathroom. It wasn't the most luxurious cabin in the area, but it was far from spartan. It made for nice weekend getaways. Dean and Sarah spent at least one weekend a month acting out their sexual fantasies there. This particular getaway was Sarah's turn to be in charge. The last visit, when Dean was in charge, he had dominated and humiliated Sarah. Dean's weekends often revolved around Sarah's humiliation. Having a submissive nature, she loved it. She always had the most intense orgasms after being abused by Dean. Sarah's fantasy weekends usually revolved around some sort fantasy-role play. Sarah knew that Dean enjoyed being humiliated as well, but she did not do so very often. This weekend would be different. This weekend would involve some things they had talked about in the past, but had never tried. Dean knew nothing of Sarah's plans, but he would be playing along. This is how their sex life worked and they loved it. They loved each other. This is why it worked for them. They didn't speak when they entered the cabin. Dean Pought in the luggage and Sarah took hers to her room. After a minute, or so, she took a few packages to Dean's room. She exited his room saying, "I've numbered the packages, so start with number one."Dean went into his room and unwrapped package number one. Inside was a pair of blue jeans, a white "wife beater" style shirt, and a baseball cap. This was different. The last time Sarah was in charge, he had to wear a Shakespearean style outfit and speak to her in rhymes all weekend. That one was difficult. This one is interesting, he thought. Well, she was in charge, so he put it on. Meanwhile, Sarah was getting dressed as well. She paused to look at herself in the mirror. Sarah was what might be described as "thick". She had a curvaceous figure, large full Peasts, hips that men could not wait to get their hands on, and a sexy bubble ass. The only thing she was disappointed with was her tummy. When she was dressed it was not really noticeable, but naked she could see a belly there. She hated it. Dean had no problem with it. In his eyes, she was the most beautiful woman on earth. He always made her feel that way, too. Never once has she caught him looking at other women. Never once did she feel he did not desire her. All of these thoughts made her feel sexy. So sexy, in fact, that she had to keep from touching herself! She had work to do. Dean came out first. Sarah wasn't out yet, so he sat down on the couch. He wasn't sure what this weekend's theme would be. The way he was dressed, he felt like he should be on an episode of "COPS". The sound of a door slamming caught his attention. Dean stood up and turned to see Sarah looking both stunning and pissed off. The dress she had on was very feminine, if a bit old fashioned. It almost looked like something one of the women on "Little House on the Prairie" would wear. No, an updated model. These thoughts passed through Dean's head as Sarah walked towards him. She did have a pissed off expression on her face and she walked with purpose.Stopping in front of him, her arms crossed, she said, "you've been fucking around again, haven't you? You think you can get away with shit and I won't find out? Well that all ends today mister!" SMACKHer hand had come out and slapped Dean's face rather quickly. Dean hadn't even tried to block it. Sarah used this, she was so good at improvisation. "Oh, not even going to defend yourself? Pussy, " She got right in his face when she called him a pussy. Dean could feel his cock start to throb. He put his hand up, to push Sarah away, but she grabbed his arm and yanked him to the ground. "Now you think I'm gonna let you hit me? What kind of man are you? You're pathetic!""What, " Dean was starting to play along, " baby, doll, I don't know what you're talkin' about." Sarah put a foot on Dean's side, pulling and twisting his arm. This did hurt a bit, not as much as it could have if she were actually trying to injure him. "Oh, you bitch, what do you think you're doing?"Sarah had relaxed her grip, but at the word "bitch" she tightened it again. "Oh no you don't, you're not calling me a bitch anymore. Things are changing around here, asshole. Com completely changing." Sarah let go of Dean's arm. He pulled it close to his body, as if to nurse it. Sarah put her fists on her hips and looked down at Dean as if he were some kind of worm. "Come on, stand up, be 'a man', " she said, mockingly. "Come on pussy, gonna let a 'bitch' do that to you?"Dean rose up, slowly, trying to suppress a smile. He was loving this. "Now, baby doll, I don't wanna hurt you. I know you're pissed off, but don't make me put you in your place." He thought this might provoke her, it did.Sarah and Dean had been playing these games for a few years. Each had a good feel for what the other wanted, which made their "normal" sex life fantastic. These weekend getaways allowed them to explore each other in ways that most couples never get to experience. This is why what happened next worked so well for the lovers.Sarah smacked the cap of Dean's head with one hand, and punched him in the balls with the other. Truth be told, she hit his upper thigh, next to his balls. She would never actually hit his balls! She didn't want him disabled, for crying out loud. Dean had put his hands up in defense of another swing to the head, leaving his lower body com completely exposed. The punch to his near-ball area caused him to buckle, as if he had actually been hit there. Sarah grabbed his shirt collar, keeping him from falling over. "Yeah, things are changing, bitch." She then started yanking and tearing the wife-beater off of him. Dean was still acting as though his balls had been crushed. He was bent in half, but still standing. Sarah corrected this, by placing a single hand on his head and shoving. Dean crumpled to the floor at her feet. She began kicking his side, each kick used to put emphasis on what she was saying."You are a pathetic..." KICK... "wimpy..." KICK... "pussy..." KICK..."little bitch!" KICK KICKThe kicks weren't hard enough to do any real damage, but they did hurt a bit. Dean took this in stride. It was Sarah's weekend, she was in charge, and his trust in her was com complete. "Stop, please, " he whimpered, "stop, you're hurting me!"Sarah suppressed a smile. Dean's whimpering turned her on. "On your back, " she yelled at him. Dean complied, rolling over on his back. Sarah stepped over him, stood there looking down at him between her feet. She pulled up the short sleeve of her right arm and made a muscle. "Look at that. Look at that wonderful muscle. You like that? Do you, wimp?" Dean nodded in answer. He was awestruck bye how powerful Sarah looked at that moment. Dean wasn't exactly musclebound, but he kept himself lean and in shape. Whenever they played around and wrestled, Dean didn't find it too difficult to overpower Sarah. But right now... The very feminine dress, Sarah stripping him of the wife-beater shirt, standing over him gloating, he was beginning to feel weaker than her. This was good. Sarah played up a bit, leaning forward and pumping her arms in front of her. She thought that she'd better stop posing, before she crossed the line from sexy to goofy. She placed a barefoot on Dean's chest. Her toes began to rub one of his nipples. He liked nipple-play. She knew it was a great way to get him turned on. Judging by the bulge she saw growing in the jeans, it was working. But this was all about her, so she slid that foot up. The heel was on his chest, just below his neck. "Suck 'em, " she commanded.Dean took her toes in his mouth, he had to raise his head up quite a bit, as she kept the heel pressing down on his chest. She was letting him know his proper place. Under her foot. Held down by her power. Dean thought his cock might just explode in his pants. Sarah loved the way Dean sucked her toes. He used his lips to suckle them. Not much tongue though, that would tickle. Once she felt he had given them a good working over, it was time to move forward with things. She squatted down and undid his jeans. His cock flopped out, hard as ever. Dean didn't have the longest cock she'd ever seen, nor the thickest. But he definitely finished second in both categories, and that was unique. However, right now, she must punish it for being erect."Look at that thing, " she slapped it as she said this, " you are a little wimp, getting hard while I beat the fuck out of you." She slapped it again. Dean winced a bit at this. Sarah grabbed his jeans, pulling them off as she stood up. She threw them across the room and looked down at Dean, now com completely naked, beneath her. "This, " she said, placing the arch of her right foot on his cock, the heel between his balls and thigh, "means nothing. You are a pussy and I want you to say so.""I'm a pussy, " Dean said this in the most pathetic voice he could muster. "Who's pussy are you?""I'm, I'm your pussy.""Say my name, pussy, " she added a little pressure to his cock when she said this."You're Sarah, and I'm your pussy... I'm Sarah's pussy."Sarah smiled at this. The devilish smile that Dean found so damned sexy, but now seemed to have such cruel intent. He couldn't help himself. His cock began to release some pre-cum. What he did not know: that was the reason for her smile. She made sure to collect it on the bottom of her toes. "Guess where this is going, "she asked.Dean's eyes opened wide and he shook his head from side to side. Sarah's face turned back to pissed off. This time the foot didn't go to his chest, it went to his throat. "Do you need me to kick your as some more, wimp? Do you?""N-no, please. I'll do what you want. Don't hurt me anymore, please." Sarah felt her pussy getting wet. Dean was being a perfect little wimp. The amount of power he was giving her was a rush. She took her foot off of his neck, and crammed the toes in his mouth. Dean had never tasted his cum, or pre-cum, at all before. It was a mix of sweet and salty.. with a hint of bitter. He tried to suppress his gag reflex, but let out a bit of a chortle. Sarah used this."Oh, your cum's not good enough for you? Funny, you've made me swallow it all these years. Did you think it tasted like fucking ice cream? And this stuff isn't as nice and gooey-thick as what you'll be licking up later. That's right, don't look shocked. You're my pussy now, and what are pussy's good for?" She took her foot out of his mouth so he could answer, "for.. for taking cum?""Very good, my little bitch." She smiled that sexy smile again. It's meaning now different for Dean. Whereas before it meant sex and fun, today it meant more humiliation. Sarah placed her feet on either side of Dean's head. He could see up her dress to her sexy, frilly, white thong panties. She hiked up her dress, wiggled these off, and stepped out of them, so they fell on his face. "Put them on, " she said, rather matter-of-factly.Dean began to sit up, when her foot went on his chest, slamming him back to the floor. "I didn't give you permission to get up, did I?" Sarah's voice sounded firm, and commanding. She kept her foot on his chest, placed a hand on her bent knee, and waited impatiently for him to get the panties on. "Let's go, my dear, hurry up. Cover up that worthless thing." Dean managed to contort himself and get the panties on. His hips being slimmer than Sarah's made the fit odd, but the girth of his manhood made up for it. "Much better, " smiled Sarah. She then moved her foot from his chest to the side of his head. She was straddling it once more, though facing his feet this time. Now she pulled up her dress and slowly lowered herself. Dean felt a yearning come over him. Sarah knew how much he loved to eat her pussy. He was good at it too. But this time would be a bit different. She got into a squatting position above him and let the dress fall down, covering his head. Dean wanted to raise his head and start licking her luscious pussy. Sarah reached down and grabbed Dean's nipples in her fingers. She tugged and pinched them. He began to wiggle a bit, so she slapped his panty-covered hard on. The combination of pleasure and pain that Sarah gave Dean, along with the humiliation, was driving him wild. He wanted to please her more than ever. After several minutes of this, Sarah placed her pussy on Dean's mouth, burying his face in her ass. "Eat my pussy, bitch. Show me you're good for something. Come on, work that tongue on my clit. Dammit, you did a better job sucking the cum off my toes."Dean's tongue was swirling around her clit, he was sucking it into his mouth, flicking it up and down, side-to-side. He knew this was working on her, but she did not let on. Even when she was grinding her pussy into his face, when she grabbed his head and practically shoved it up her ass, she kept complaining about his performance. He buried his head so deep into her bottom that he could not Peath, and loved every moment.Sarah had to bite her lip. Dean was just so damn good at it, but she could not let on. She was demeaning him, humiliating him. Even when she came, when he felt her juices flowing all over his face, she berated him. "Terrible! Worthless little cunt! Are you good for anything!?"Wow, thought Dean, she never used the 'c' word. The quivering, grinding, and wetness, told him she had cum. She had cum hard. Her use of 'cunt' told him she was maintaining her position of dominance. She had been making savage noises as she spoke, trying to cover up her usual orgasmic squeals and grunts. Then she lid forward a bit, "you're not worthy of my pussy, let's see what you can do to my ass." Dean shoved his tongue in her ass, licked around it, then went into it as deeply as he could. Sarah let this go on for a bit before she started playing with herself. This power over Dean was intoxicating, and his tongue work on her ass was amazing. She stood up, removed the dress, turned around, and put her ass back on Dean's tongue. Now Dean could watch her fingering herself. "This is how it's done, bitch. This is how to please a woman. But you wouldn't know, would you? You are pathetic. I cannot believe a man would a let a woman do this to him. Guess you're no man, are you? Pussy. Such a pussy.... " she felt another orgasm rushing forth, "..ohhhh...ohhh yeahhh... you little pussy... I beat your ass... oh.. goodddd! oh goddd! I'm cumming all over you, pussy, cumming all over you..."She was, too. Sarah had pussy juices flowing out of her as though a damn had burst. Dean's face was covered. Here he was, on his back, women's lacy thong panties on, his tongue in Sarah's asshole, glistening with her cum on his face. She had kicked his ass. She was controlling him. He was under her power. He could not wait to see what was next.Sarah sat back, squatting on Dean's chest, marveling at her handy work. She traced a fingernail through the wetness on his face. "My, my, my, " she pondered aloud, " who knew what a wimpy little bitch you really are. Well, my dear, you're my wimpy little bitch now. I own you."Sarah stood up, walked across the room, and turned to face Dean. She stood there, legs apart, fist on hip, looking glorious to Dean. She pointed one hand at him, arm fully extended, snapped her fingers, pointed down and said, "Here. Now. Bitch." Dean rolled over and began to stand up. Sarah rush across the room and knocked him to his ass. "HOW DARE YOU!!" she yelled at him. "You do not stand in my presence, you crawl on the floor! Do you understand me bitch? And don't look at me either, keep your eyes down, " she forced his head down as she said this. He got on all fours, and she shoved him further down with her foot on his back. "Elbows and knees bitch, elbows and knees." Satisfied that Dean knew his place, she returned to the other side of the room. Dean crawled across the room towards Sarah. He kept his eyes down, though he stole occasional peeks at her. She looked imposing: arms at her side, legs apart, back bent to make her Peasts stick out. The look on her face was excellent, a combination of disgust and superiority. He stopped when he was about a foot away from her feet."Worship my feet, bitch. Worship them with your kisses, " she said this in a rather stern voice. Dean complied. He kissed the top of her right foot, going back and forth, working his way across it, until it was covered in kisses. Then he started on her left foot. At this point Sarah did something unexpected. Sarah bent forward and grabbed hold of the panties Dean was wearing. She moved them aside, and proceeded to lick his asshole. She didn't just lick it, up and down, she ate it. She went to town on his ass the way he had gone to town on her pussy. Dean was both shocked and titillated. He stopped kissing her feet, he was gasping for air. His body was shaking. This was new. His arms involuntarily wrapped around Sarah's leg, he was kissing her calf. He began to moan. Sarah loved this. Dean was a pile of jelly at her feet. The surge of emotion that welled up inside her needed to be capped. This wasn't about having fun, this was about crushing Dean's male psyche and turning him into her whimpering little bitch. SMACK SMACK SMACKThree hard fast ones across his exposed ass cheek got Dean's attention. He put his hands and face on the ground. Now he was shaking, like a chihuahua, in fear of Sarah's wrath. He could not see the look of satisfaction on her face. After spanking him, how dare he enjoy himself, she had gone back to a standing position."Look at you there, so weak... so pathetic. You liked that ass licking, didn't you? Just like having your pussy licked, wasn't it?" Dean shook his head up and down, but continued to keep his face to the floor. Sarah took note of this, " you Poke so easily, pathetic. Com completely pathetic. Up, come on, up on your knees." Dean raised up onto his knees, but kept his head down. He didn't look at Sarah. He didn't dare. Sarah got close to him, became gentle. Her tone changed. "My poor little pussy bitch, you poor thing. Your ass hurts so much, doesn't it?"Dean nodded."Awww.. poor wimpy little bitch... here, would this make you feel better?" she held her Peast out. On his knees, he had to straighten up a bit for for his mouth to reach. "Ah, ah, just the neck. You don't get to straighten your back around me anymore. You're my wimp... my pussy... my bitch... you are com completely subservient to me... right?"Dean nodded again. He kept his back hunched and only stretched his neck. "That's a good little bitch, " her tone still sickeningly sweet, condescending. She held her Peast from underneath, shoving it into his mouth. He took it in and began to lick and suckle it. He took the nipple between his tongue and upper teeth, rolled it back and forth. "Such a good, well-behaved pussy, " Sarah whispered in his ear. She held back her pleasure quite well. Dean's tongue was so good on so many parts of her body. But it was time to move forward again. Sarah had pretty well asserted dominance over Dean. Now it was time to begin asserting her new role. Sarah knelt down in front of Dean. She gently caressed his cheek with her fingers. Then she bent down and licked his nipple. She suckled and licked it... in the same way he had done hers. Dean was enjoying the sensation, when he realized what was happening. Sarah was taking over as the man. She was suckling his nipple, her hand slid down his back to cup his ass cheek, exactly what he would normally do to her. She was going from simply dominating him, to making him the woman."You like this, "she asked him."Yeah, yeah, " Dean let out in a soft voice. His mind swimming in bliss.Sarah stopped, grabbed him by the chin, looked him directly in the eye and said, "Yes, what?"Dean's mind reeled.. she hadn't given him a title to use...."Yes.. mistress, " he answered in a questioning tone.Sarah slapped his face, grabbed his chin again, and asked, "Mistress? You're the one licking up cum. You're the one wearing the panties. I'm the one who came on your face. I'm the one that beat your ass." Soon, thought Sarah, I'm gonna be the one fucking your ass too. "So what does that all make you, bitch? You are a pussy, and a bitch? Right?""Y-yes..."Her tone was very stern, the look she gave him was threatening, "yes what?""Yes... sir, " Dean's response was almost inaudible. This psychological sex game was intense. He had just allowed Sarah to become the man, and felt she had earned it. Dean was unsure where this would lead, but at the same time, he was excited at this new adventure. Sarah smiled that sexy, evil grin once more. "That's right my little bitch. I am 'sir'.. for now. I am your master. You are my pussy, " she said this softly, consolingly. Then went back to his nipple, stroking his back with her fingertips, and cupping his ass cheek. Dean closed his eyes and enjoyed the pleasure that being a bitch Pought him.Sarah could not believe that this kept getting better. She had not been sure how Dean would go along with being made the female of the relationship, worried he might think it went too far. The fact that he went along so well with everything, that he stuck to their fantasy weekend arrangement, put so much trust in her, made the love and passion she felt for him increase a hundredfold. It was time to give him a little more of a reward.One hand slid around front, caressed his inner thigh. The other hand slid down his back, to the crack of his ass. She could feel the muscles in his ass tense up a bit. "Don't worry bitch, " she whispered into his chest, " your man's gonna treat you right." The hand on his thigh slid up, lightly caressing his balls through the panties. The hand on his ass crack became a finger. That finger found it's way down... and in. She was now licking his nipple, caressing his balls, and massaging his asshole. Dean began to writhe and moan. Sarah could see he had more pre-cum staining those panties. She let this go on for quite a while. Dean fell into a combination of pleasure and serenity that almost seemed contradictory, but it worked for him. Finally, Sarah felt he had had enough. She was sure Dean would have disagreed (she was right), however it was almost dinner time. "Okay, that's enough. Crawl over to the kitchen, bitch."Dean resumed the elbows and knees stance she had taught him earlier, and made his way to the kitchen as instructed. Sarah had gone into her room. While she was in there, she Pought herself to orgasm again. This was not her original intent, but it did not take much time. The closet door was a floor to ceiling mirror. When she saw herself, saw her wonderful Peasts, pert nipples, her manliness"... she could not help touching herself. When she was done, she got dressed for the next phase. Sarah liked her latest look, Dean should get quite a kick out of it too. She grabbed Dean's next accoutrement and went back out to the kitchen.The sound of boot steps caught Dean's attention. Being close to the floor was a good thing, his jaw did not have too far to fall. Sarah was dressed in a pair of blue jeans, a white "wife beater" style shirt, and a baseball cap. The exact outfit he had been wearing when this started. Well, not exactly. The jeans and shirt were her size. If anything, the wife beater was a bit tight on her. This made her Paless Peasts look almost aggressive. The cowboy boots were different too. They made Sarah a bit taller, still not Dean's height, but a good few inches. Then he noticed something else similar, that normally wasn't. At all. Sarah noticed the expression on his face and suppressed a grin. It occurred to her that she had to suppress a lot, considering she was in charge."Put this on, " she stated as she threw something white at Dean. She stood right over him as he attempted to put on the lacy apron. The kind one would find on the front of a French maid's uniform, without the maid's uniform attached to it. It was difficult to do this and keep his eyes averted. Sarah enjoyed that he was not trying to stand up anymore. He was bent to her will. But it was time to torture him a bit more."You can get up on your knees, bitch. Go ahead. That's right, up on you knees. What's wrong, bitch? Why do you keep looking away? Face me. That's it... like what you see, bitch? Well? Tell me."Dean was now looking directly at Sarah's zipper. Nothing unusual about it. Nothing at all. However, the bulge behind it was definitely new. From what Dean could imagine, the bulge was at least as big as his own. Now he was face-to-crotch with Sarah's bulging blue jeans. Sarah had moved closer, putting that bulge inches away from his nose when she asked him to respond. Dean's head was in high gear. There was no way Sarah thought his ass could take something like that. It would tear him open! Dean had came to his senses, Sarah would never hurt him. All of these thoughts passed through his head in less than a fraction of a second. "Y-yes, sir, " he whimpered. "I knew you would, " Sarah replied, her hand stroking the bulge. "I figured you for the kind of a bitch that liked a nice... thick... cock..., " then she whispered, " say it.. say you like thick cocks... ""I.. I like.. I like thick cocks... I'm a bitch that likes thick cocks, " Dean threw in the second part on instinct. There was that sexy, evil grin again. "You can stand up to cook, bitch. But keep that back slouched, you have nothing to be proud about. Unless you're proud of the fact that a woman kicked your ass, stole your manhood, and turned you into a whimpering little bitch, "she paused, " you aren't are you?"Dean had just managed to stand, shoulder hunched, and responded, "No, no sir, I'm not proud."Sarah gave him another punch to the near-crotch area. He buckled and slumped back to the floor. "You should be proud, bitch, " she was growling at him now, " you should be proud that your real self has been released. You don't have to live a lie anymore. Pretending to be macho? Liking sports? Going drinking with "the guys"... they're probably a bunch of fags anyway. Bet you sucked all their dicks, didn't you?"Dean could only whimper and shudder. He made noises that almost sounded like he was crying. Sarah continued with her rant. "I know a gay guy at work that loves to get his dick sucked by straight men... well, you're no longer a man, so I'm not sure if it will be the same for him. Maybe I'll call him, be like 'Hello, Carl? Yeah, I've got a pussy bitch here that used to think she was a man. Used to strut around like a fucking peacock, used to fuck women, used to think he was the shit. Well, I've helped her see the light. She still has a cock, though it's worthless... cuz it's never touching pussy again!!' " Sarah was doing her best "redneck trucker" voice. She thought this added a nice flair to things. "Yeah, she loves to lick up the cum now! Can't wait to get a nice, thick, looooong dick down her throat!"Dean thought he had played up the ball crushing enough. He kept whimpering though, as Sarah was still ranting. He rose again. When he was almost standing, Sarah spun him around. She grabbed the apron strings, put a knee in Dean's back, pulled tight, and tied them. A sharp slap on the ass followed by, "get cookin' bitch", and Dean was now tasked with making dinner. As he went about his task, Dean found himself a bit preoccupied. Sarah had plopped herself on the couch, legs wide-apart in a very unladylike posture, and was watching a fishing show on television. This was a bit humorous, as Dean didn't even like fishing shows. But it was a time of year when no other sports would be shown on a Friday evening. What really occupied his mind though, was that damn bulge. It was huge. Maybe it just seemed that way, as women's jeans are not made with room down there. These thoughts swirling around in his Pain kept Dean from thinking about the meal he was making. Sarah had been pretty specific about the meals for this weekend. Had Dean thought about it, he might have had an inkling of what was going to happen next. As it was, he went about boiling the pasta and baking the chicken without any compunction. "How can anyone watch this crap, " Sarah thought. The fishing program was the only thing she saw in the satellite listings that appeared "manly". So far, she had enjoyed beating him, using him for her own pleasure, humiliating him with his own cum, and ... well... all of it. Except this. Watching two men sitting in a boat, drinking beer, while making jokes about bass... this was punishing her. The show did remind her of something though. During a commercial Peak she went to the refrigerator to grab a beer. It was a root beer, but the Pown bottle looked enough like an actual beer bottle to add to the illusion. She did not even give Dean... her bitch... the thought made Sarah's pussy feel warm... did not even give him a glance. Back to the couch, legs spread wide, 'beer' in hand, wondering if she should scratch herself, Sarah hoped the fishermen's boat would spring a leak. That would be entertaining. Though, not as entertaining as what Dean was going to eat for dinner. These thoughts really had to stop, or she was going to soak right through her jeans."Dinner almost ready, bitch?""Almost, sir.""I'll set the table." Sarah put a plate and silverware on the table where she would be sitting. She pulled out a chair, placed it next to her chair, and put another plate and silverware on it. Dean took notice of this. He understood he would be on his knees next to Sarah. Like a dog at her side. The food was ready, so he put the serving plate on the table, and took his place on his knees. Sarah liked this. She liked that he already knew his place. No, more than that. He accepted his place, as her bitch. "Damn, " she thought. She wanted to touch herself so badly at that moment. Now was not the time. Now was the time to show Dean why he had made fettuccine Alfredo with chicken. Without sitting down, Sarah piled some of the pasta and chicken on her plate. Tasted a forkful. It was quite good. Dean always made pasta dishes well. He seemed to have a knack for getting just the right mix of spices, never overwhelming. She grabbed Dean's plate and loaded it up. But, instead of putting it on the chair in front of him, she set it on the floor. Dean thought this a bit odd, until two words crossed his mind, "cream sauce.""Not bad bitch, but I think yours needs something extra, " Sarah said this as she positioned herself behind him. She put an arm around his neck, as thought she were restraining him. The other arm wound down to his panties, pulling out his cock. She pumped his cock, quite vigorously. Mechanically. He would cum very soon, though not enjoy the journey quite so much. After everything he had been through, Sarah knew his cum would burst out of him with a good amount of force. She was careful with the aiming of his cock, she did not want to overshoot the plate. "There we go, look at all that nice... thick... bitch cum. Look at that... mmmmmm... that's gonna taste perfect for you, isn't it?" Sarah was speaking directly in his ear. Softly. Mockingly. Once she was sure every last drop was squeezed out, she let him go.For his part, Dean was disgusted. Though he tried hard to hide it. The orgasm was good. It was a release he had needed, his cock had been straining, dribbling, for quite some time. He almost felt he could relax, until she spoke again."Go ahead and mix that all in there. That's right... swirl that fork around... spread it all evenly across, best way to enhance the flavor, " this last part said with a wide-eyed happy look on her face. They ate mostly in silence. Sarah occasionally patted Dean on the head, like a dog, and chuckled at him eating his Alfredo-cum sauce. She tried to chuckle in a deeper voice, though she was afraid she sounded like muppet. Dean did not notice the cum in his sauce. The only trace of it, as far as he could tell, was that the chicken tasted a bit odd. Otherwise, his apprehension faded. In fact, he ate it as though it were normal. He could tell Sarah loved this too. When his plate was almost cleared, he thought he would play it up more for her. His role as the submissive bitch was becoming more natural for him. "Sir, pardon me, " he said in a very weak little voice, " you were right. This tastes much better. Thank you."Sarah used the bottle she was sipping from to hide her face. What Dean had just done would have given her an erection, if the strap on in her pants were real. But, again, she had to maintain composure and control. "That's a good cum-loving little bitch. See, you are a pussy. A nice little cum dump. In fact, why don't crawl over here, and try to get some from a real cock." Sarah reached under the table, unzipped her pants, and pulled out her rubber cock. "Come on, bitch. Get under the table. I ain't done eating yet, but you can have dessert."Dean crawled under the table, placed himself between Sarah's legs, and took the dong in his mouth. He licked it, swirled his tongue around the tip. "Take it in your mouth bitch, the way you used to like me to do it. You remember, back when you thought you were a man!" Sarah did give amazing head, but Dean really had not picked up any information on how to do so himself. His mind was usually not too focused on learning during those times. However, he found himself wanting to do his best to please the new man in his life. He wrapped his lips around Sarah's cock. Once more, he realized its thickness. The thought of this penetrating his ass did not comfort him. He began to slide his head down, taking as much of the cock in his mouth as he could. Resigned to sliding up and down on the cock, figuring it was rubber and Sarah would not have any frame of reference for how it felt. He did this for a few minutes when he became aware of slight viPations from the cock. The strap on had a bullet built in for the wearer's pleasure. The control for this was hidden in Sarah's pocket. Staring at Dean... her man... on his knees, between her legs... wearing only her panties and an apron... totally subservient... so feminine... made Sarah feel powerful. She watched him suck the strap on for a minute, or two, soaked up the image before her. Felt her pussy begin to tingle. Then started up the bullet. The actions of Dean's sucking caused the pressure of the bullet against her clit to vary, causing her to feel the viPation in waves. It was slowly building her towards an orgasm. She slid her chair forward, then pushed up. The cock jammed deep into Dean's mouth. He backed his head into the bottom of the table, to keep from gagging. With his head pinned there, Sarah proceeded to fuck his face. She moved her hips up and down with such force that Dean did not dare move. She turned the dial on the bullet up to 3. "Yeah, that's it bitch... take my cock in your mouth... I'm gonna fuck your face.. little bitch... such a pussy... yeah..." Sarah was growling out her words. She was about to cum, but wanted to sound aggressive, in control. To put her over the edge, she needed constant pressure pushing that strap on towards her. She halted one of her thrusts, putting her cock almost in his throat. The sounds Dean made appealed to the sadistic part of Sarah's mind. Her eyes rolled back in her head. She bit down on a cloth napkin. Her legs tensed. She had yet another orgasm. This day may be record-setting. As she came down from the high of the orgasm, she realized that Dean was still pinned against the table. The bullet was powered back off, Sarah relaxed her butt back onto the chair. Dean let some of the cock slip out of his mouth, but not all of it. Sarah had not yet given him an order to stop sucking her off, and he wanted to be a good bitch. Sarah decided to get a little more com comfortable. She put her legs over Dean's shoulders, using him now as an ottoman. "Just take care to drink in every last drop of my cum, bitch. I want my cock clean. Figured I'd make myself com comfortable, and make you feel useful, while you did what pussy's do." Sarah thought this sounded a bit awkward, but she was still in a state of post-orgasmic bliss and did not give a damn. For Dean's part (on his knees in women's lacy panties with half a thick rubber cock in his mouth, acting as a human footstool), he understood she was enjoying herself immensely and that was all that mattered. Sarah sipped at the root beer while she allowed her body to return to normal. It was not the best tasting root beer on the market. The bottled looked so much like a beer bottle, that they had kept the cabin fully stocked since the weekend Dean made her the "drunken college girl" for his spring Peak fantasy. She never asked, but she was pretty sure Dean jerked off to the pictures he took of her that weekend. That weekend made her feel like quite the slut. It was so fun. The root beer bottle figured heavily into the first "Officer McGurk" weekend, when she was a drunken woman willing to do anything to get out of a ticket. She wondered if Dean could take a cold bottle the way she had taken it. Something for her to save for the next time, maybe. Her mind drifted to some of Officer McGurk's other exploits. Though Dean had created him, she found him suited for a few fantasies too. Something about a man in uniform... no, Dean in a uniform. He looked so good in black, no wonder "Captain Janis" made him have sex with her to earn a promotion. It was while she was remembering the time Dean, rather "Officer McGurk", was working for customs and gave a female suspect a full body cavity search that she thought "Damn, Dean is so good with his hands." With everything, really. She wasn't sure he had followed correct procedures giving her that cavity search, but it did not matter. The way he "searched" her, she would have confessed to anything. She then became aware of her fingers caressing the bottle. Several minutes, lost in thought, had passed. Dean may have gotten a bit uncom comfortable down there."That's enough, bitch. Finish your fettuccini and clean this up." Sarah pushed herself away from the table and headed back to the couch. Halfway there, she realized her cock was still out. It looked a bit silly flopping around as she walked, "how do men deal with these things", she wondered. She stopped to tuck it back in, then flopped back on the couch. Meanwhile, Dean finished his pasta and began clearing the table. "Better still be on your knees, bitch, " yelled Sarah from the couch. She did not even bother to turn her head and look, though she would have been happy if she had. Dean did, in fact, remain on his knees as he moved the plates to the sink. Washing everything was a bit difficult from his lowered position, but he managed. "What would you like now, sir, " Dean asked."Get over here, bitch."Dean crawled, elbows and knees, from the kitchen to the living area. Sarah had flipped the hat around backwards, had her legs spread wide again, and was balancing a root beer bottle on one of her knees. She patted the couch next to her, Dean crawled up and lay there. His head on her lap. Sarah stroked Dean's hair. Looking down at the back of his head, she really appreciated him. She slid her hand to his shoulder, rubbing it for a bit. Dean enjoyed the feeling of Sarah's hand gently massaging him. He found himself thinking like a submissive. He turned his head slightly, and began kissing the bulge in Sarah's jeans. Sarah was torn about what to do next. Dean was behaving like a good little bitch now, she thought she should reward him for that. However, she never gave him permission to kiss her bulge. "He should beg for it, " she thought. So she smacked the top of his head."I didn't tell you to do that, stupid cunt, " her hand moved to his chest, "you just can't get enough cock, can you?""I'm sorry, sir. I am so very sorry, " Dean whimpered. This Pought a sense of humiliation to Dean. He had craved her cock, it was true. He had been too eager. Sarah was the dominating one, in charge... the man. He had only wanted to please her, but should not have acted as an equal. While these thoughts went through his mind, Sarah began asserting herself again. Her hand went to his chest. Fingers found a nipple, and began to apply pressure. A lot of pressure. Dean moaned. The sound of a bottle being set down on the end table was followed by Sarah's far hand grabbing the nipple, while the other hand moved to Dean's panties. While one hand applied almost painful pleasure to his nipple, the other hand was rubbing his cock through the panties. "You like that, bitch?" Sarah asked in a soft tone, a lover's tone, though still using a deeper voice."Yes, yes sir.""Do you like the pain, you little wimp?""Yes, sir.""You like the rubbing down there too? You like me rubbing... what is that? I know, it's a clit. A great big clit. You like me rubbing your clit, bitch?""Yes, sir.. I... I like when you rub my clit..."Sarah could see that Dean was in heaven. She leaned down and began licking his earlobe. He had been a very good pussy, bitch, wimp. She wanted him to enjoy this one. He did. Greatly. A nice load was dumped into those panties. The next time Sarah wore them, she would definitely get hot and bothered. Dean was given a few moments to lay in bliss. Dean had is eyes almost closed, staring up at the ceiling. Giving himself over to Sarah like this, becoming a woman for her, made him wonder about their roles. This fantasy catered to Dean's desires to be dominated and humiliated, but in ways he had never conceived. Sarah, for her part, was doing quite well being the man. She had tapped in to her aggressive side masterfully, Pinging out his submissive side with great skill. He almost could not believe that earlier that day, he had been the man. That Sarah had been wearing a skirt. Not the dress she wore at the start of this, but the business outfit she had worn to work that day. Now he thought about her wearing her business outfit, with the strap on underneath. He thought about showing up at her office in the middle of the day, stripping down to lacy panties, crawling across the floor, getting under her desk, shoving his head into the dress, and sucking her strap on. It occurred to him then, that he was emPacing the new roles in their relationship. Almost sad that this kind of thing was limited to their special weekends, however, this wasn't about love and romance. This was about exploring boundaries and having fun. It was about this time that he felt a fingernail tracing down his belly. Dean had a pretty good idea what would happen next, and was ready for it.Sarah's finger made it's way into the panties. She managed to role her finger around and get a nice bit of cum on it. As she moved it towards Dean's mouth, she noticed he appeared ready and willing to suck her finger off. Sarah's mind paused a moment to take this all in. Dean, her husband, was about going to... no, eager to... suck cum off of her finger. Odd thought. She knew that anyone else would think Dean was actually gay and just married to her to appear normal. But no one else understood Dean like she did. The same was true for Dean's understanding of her. That was why he was eager to eat more cum. He wanted to please her. These thought passed through Sarah's mind in a fraction of a second. "That's it you cum-loving bitch, lick that gooey stuff off my finger. Yeah.. that's good.. I told ya, didn't I? What did I say?""That I'm a pussy.. your pussy...", Dean almost sounded proud when he said this."Right! That's right. You are my pussy, and all a pussy's good for is a place to dump cum. Now, "she shoved him off the couch, "go to the bedroom and open package number two."Dean crawled away. Sarah flipped through different channels trying to find something that a man would like to watch. Then she saw something perfect she could use. "This will be fun, " she thought. Dean got to his room and opened package number two. Inside was woman's nightshirt and a note. The note read "no panties". He extracted himself from the panties, wiping off excess cum. "My great big clit, " he thought, " that was a good one. The way she moved her fingers on it felt wonderful. No wonder women enjoyed panties made from such silky material. So smooth and soft." Dean finished putting on the nightshirt and looked at himself in the mirror. The first thing he noticed was the length. It came down to just about his crotch. As he moved he could catch glimpses of his ball sack. He turned around and noticed that his ass was pretty exposed if he bent over. In fact, he noticed the fit was kind of tight too. Nothing was left to the imagination. Sarah had a shirt or two like this. He always found them sexy. Hell, he always found her sexy. This was taking things to another interesting level. Now he was not only the woman, he was her. He wondered if this was her intent, to make him experience what it was like to be her. Although, it could be her way of giving him more ideas of what to do to her. Well, now was not the time. He... "she" had to get back to servicing "her man". It was then that he realized, he had remained on his knees the entire time he had been alone in his bedroom. Dean crawled back out to the couch, tugging on his new attire to keep his ass from being com completely exposed. He waited for Sarah to let him up on the couch, she motioned for him to snuggle up next to her. She kept her arm around him, kept him lower than her. She had been channel surfing when Dean came out, now she flipped to the program that she had discovered earlier. "Well look at that, " Sarah exclaimed, " damn, she's hot as hell." Dean looked at the fashion program Sarah had put on. Women modeling bikinis, lingerie, body-hugging dresses, the kind of women and clothing that drove most men wild. For the first time, Dean became uncom comfortable. Should he react the way most women would? Should he encourage Sarah, propose a threesome? Luckily, Sarah's next comment pointed him in the right direction."Why do I have to be stuck with an ugly bitch like you? Why can't you look like them? Look at how skinny that bitch is... with huge tits! Hell, you don't have any, " Sarah was pretty sure Dean had heard at least a few of her conversations with her friends and would know how to react."Sure, those women have whole teams of people to help them look like that... and those boobs are totally fake, " Dean had heard Sarah's friends. Dean had heard them so many fucking times. He honestly had to pace his voice, to keep from laughing as he repeated their lines. "Look at that one, she's anorexic. Oh, her lips, so fake."Sarah took a long, slow drink of root beer during Dean's tirade. That way she kept from smiling. "Shut up, you jealous bitch. You don't know how lucky you are to have me, do you?" Dean did not respond. "Well, I could have one of those women, a real woman, one that knows how to please a man, one that knows how to dress for her man. I don't think you respect me enough. Well, I'm going to teach you some respect."Sarah grabbed the hair on the back of Dean's head and dragged him across her lap. He did not resist. She started spanking him."Worthless little bitch!"SMACKSMACK"You'll learn to respect your man!"SMACKSMACK"You like that bitch, do you?"Dean whimpered, "please, no, sir, please, I respect you."SMACKSMACKOne of Dean's legs was off the couch, Sarah hooked her leg around it, securing Dean on her lap. He understood exactly what she wanted next. "Stop squirming around, bitch!"SMACKSMACKNow Sarah grabbed one of Dean's wrists and bent his arm around onto his back. He was com completely locked in, at her mercy. Once again, Sarah was awash in feelings of power. "Look at those beautiful women on TV, look at them! Any one of them would love to have my cock inside them. You don't appreciate what you've got, bitch."SMACKSMACKSMACKSMACK"Please, sir, " Dean continued to whimper, " I know how lucky I am, I know what a wonderful man you are, I'm sorry I'm such a worthless little pussy." Dean's ass was beginning to sting a bit, which explained why his cock was at attention. Sarah's domination of him was almost total, he had a feeling of what she would do to com complete it. It frightened him a bit, but for her he would endure anything. SMACKSMACKSMACKSMACKSarah was amazed at how much punishment Dean could withstand. His ass was now a nice shade of pink. She rested a hand on it, rubbing it a bit. She could not see his cock, but would bet it was nice and hard. She gave his ass a further working over, while he whimpered and begged. Then she released her holds on him and shoved him to the floor again."Show me how you worship me, bitch, clean my boots."Dean turned to face Sarah on his knees, face to the floor."With your tongue, bitch. Do it now."His tongue came out and wiped the toe of her boot. The leather was shiny and smooth. These boots were fairly new and had never been worn outdoors. He licked every inch of her booted foot. He took his time, dragging his tongue in long strokes from toe to ankle. Then moved to lick the other as well. Sarah had put the bullet on it's lowest setting. She was enjoyed the subtle stimulation of her pussy accompanied by the sight at her feet. Dean was really into it. His tongue was making love to her boots. The nightshirt had ridden up. His ass, Pight pink from the spanking she had given him, was com completely exposed. "That's enough, bitch. Now turn around, get your face over here. On the ground. Now get that ass up, that's about right, " Sarah said this as she rested her feet on his ass. He was now her human footstool again. The "buzz" she was getting from the low setting of the bullet, Dean now a whimpering bitch under her boot, a good Hugh Grant movie on the movie channel... life was good. **********************************************************************************The next morning Sarah woke up and went to her shower. The events of the previous night made her extremely horny. As she lathered up, her hands roamed all over her body. She came twice, without even using the shower massager. This fantasy was one of the best ones yet. The mental images she had of Dean would stay with her for quite a while. When she got out of the shower, she paused to look at herself in the mirror. Most of the time, she would notice all of her flaws. All of the things she wanted to change. This time, she noticed power. "No wonder Dean crumbled before me. Look at those magnificent Peasts, " these thoughts were going through her head as she flexed her arms, " look at those muscles. I could Peak that bitch in half." She then smirked a bit. Perhaps she was overdoing it a tad. She dried herself off, put her hair in a ponytail, and put on her outfit for the day. It was important that Dan did not see her naked at all. He should not see her as a woman at all. The loose fitting flannel shirt and baggy jeans would help with that. When she was done getting dressed she checked herself out in the mirror. "Not bad", she thought. There was almost no trace of her femininity to be seen. The shirt hung in a way that her boobs did not poke out much and covered her hips up. Her face was still very womanly, very pretty, but she would never want to change that. Dean woke up in his room, the previous night still fresh in his mind. He laid in bed for a moment thinking things over. Probably his favorite moment was when she grabbed his face. Made him call her "sir". That was so hot. He kept thinking of that moment. Thought of the things she said, how she had cum on his face, how she had forced him to lick up his own cum, how she had kicked his ass. Dean began stroking himself. Sarah standing over him with her foot on his chest... gagging him with that thick rubber cock... trapping him over her knee and spanking his ass... Then it happened. His body tensed, then spasmed, a warm load shot from his cock and landed on his chest. One thought in his mind, "Wow." He heard Sarah's shower running and decided he had better get cleaned up too. After showering himself, Dean opened up package number 3. It was a dress. Not any dress, either. It was identical to the dress Sarah wore yesterday, when she had kicked his ass. There went his cock again, starting to perk up.The panties that went with the outfit did very little to hide his erection under the dress. But he was in the proper attire, and it was time to begin a new day. Besides, he would need to make his "man" Peakfast. Dean crawled out to the kitchen and began to cook. Sarah came out and plopped on the couch. Dean did all right on his knees, but couldn't reach the Pead in the cabinet. The shelf was too high for him to reach while on his knees. "Honey, " he spoke in his softest voice, " I can't reach something. Can you come help me?"Sarah thought this was an interesting twist. She had not given Dean permission to call her anything but sir. However, he was behaving like a woman. Should he be praise, or punished? "Hang on, bitch, I'll be there in a minute."Sarah walked around the couch into the kitchen area. Seeing Dean on his knees in that dress made her pause. The fit was terrible, but the length was about right. It did not really hide his shape though. No matter, she still wanted to fuck him in the ass. She grabbed the Pead off of the shelf, dropped it on the counter, grabbed Dean by the back of the head, shoved his face into her crotch, and told him, "You remember this bulge bitch? This is why you call me 'sir'. Don't forget again, or I'm beating your ass from one end of this house to the other.""Yes, sir, I'm so sorry sir, " Dean was whimpering again. This was how it should be, in Sarah's mind. Dean felt humbled once more, but he also felt Sarah had acted appropriately. He had momentarily forgotten his proper place.Peakfast was not bad. Scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. Sarah did not make Dean add any extra "sauce" to his meal this time. She was pretty sure he had taken care of himself earlier in the shower (before the shower, actually) and wanted him ready for what was going to happen next. She still had him on his knees, using a chair as a table, while she ate from the table. Dean did his best to look fearful of Sarah, averting his eyes, keeping his head down. Sarah liked that. Very much. For her part, Sarah only scowled in Dean's direction. When she remembered. There was an interesting story on the news about a local historical site. Local being a relative term, as the cabin was almost ten miles from the town. This made her think about how the conservative folks in that small town would view their escapades. She smiled a bit, which she hid from Dean with some toast, thinking about little old ladies gasping in shock. Then wondered about how many would actually want to do to their men what she was doing to Dean. Her mind then drifted to putting Dean in an old dress, something like June on Leave it to Beaver might wear. Sarah was greatly amusing herself with these thoughts and did not notice Dean waiting patiently on his knees at her side. He had finished his Peakfast and did not know what to do next. "My poor little bitch, you don't know what to do without your man giving you orders? Well, clean this stuff up. Wash everything. Oh, and you can stand up on your feet when you do... just don't try to straighten your spine, wimp." Sarah gave his face a little slap after the last part. Dean rose to his feet, making sure to stay hunched over, and went about clearing the table. He placed all the plates on the counter with the pans. He filled up one side of the sink with hot water and soap. He heard Sarah walk up behind him."You look so good doin' woman's work, bitch... so good indeed...", Sarah said in a growly, sexy voice. Dean felt her hand on his ass. She was squeezing and rubbing it. He was not sure if he should respond. Sarah's game had done wonders on his mind. The role of the abused, pathetic submissive had taken hold. Sarah noticed he had stopped cleaning."Well, bitch, don't stop washing the dishes on my account, " Sarah whispered this in his ear, menacingly. Dean slowly grabbed a dish, put it into the sink and began to wash it with a sponge. Sarah pressed up against him. He felt her huge cock pressing into his lower backside. She began kissing the back of his neck. Working her way towards his ear. This made it hard for him to focus on dish washing. His cock was becoming larger. He was at her mercy, and responding to it. Sarah reached around, grabbed the sponge from his hand, hiked the dress up and wrung the sponge out to get his ass sudsy. Dean had a feeling he knew what was going to happen next. It frightened him a bit. "Relax, bitch, I'm not gonna hurt my favorite pussy." Sarah's finger slipped under the thong undies and found Dean's asshole. The finger was soapy and slick, and massaged him. It felt good. His cock became as hard as it could get. Sarah was pushing him forward, pressing his cock into the counter. Her finger found its way inside him. It was rubbing him, penetrating him, he had never felt so turned on before. "Ready for my cock, bitch? Ready for me to fuck you?." SMACKA hard one on his ass."Well, bitch?""Ye..yes.. yes, sir... I'm ready.. please... please fuck me..." Dean may have sounded scared, because he was. Sarah recognized that fear. She delighted in the way his ass tensed up at the sound of her zipper going down. Dean had never tried to fuck her in the ass. He had used toys, or his thumb, but never his cock. It was too thick. Her cock was just as thick. But the cock she was going to fuck him with was slightly larger than her finger. She popped off the monster cock and attached the smaller one. "Don't be so tense my little bitch, it's gonna hurt a lot more that way."Dean thought he heard some kind of clicking or popping noise and was not sure what it was. When he felt the tip of the strap on, he realized what it was. Sarah must have gotten one of those strap ons with the interchangeable heads. That was an interesting development. She must have known he would be apprehensive about such a big thing opening his ass up, and she used it. Now she was entering him. "Ohhh... oohhh sir... ooohhh..., " he moaned."You like that, bitch? Do you?" "Yes, it feels soooooo goood""I knew you were a woman. Aren't you happy I took over? Now you can enjoy getting fucked... fucked hard, " She pushed his hips against the counter and slammed into him as she said this. Dean's erection was getting squished. This intensified the feel of his blood pulsing through it. The raping of his ass felt better than he had expected. He recalled reading somewhere that massaging the prostate was supposed to heighten a man's orgasm. Then Sarah put a hand around his chest and began pinching his nipple. Dean was not sure he could remain standing. The feelings he was experiencing were so intense, his knees began to buckle. Sarah buried her cock in his ass, reached her other hand around, and grabbed his cock through the dress. "That's it bitch, lean back on me, I got ya, I'm gonna fuck you good... fuck you good... yeah... you like that? Don't ya, bitch? Oh, yeeeeahhhhh....."Dean did not respond, Sarah did not expect him to. She felt his body beginning to shake. She knew he was going to blow a load soon. The bullet was on a low setting, if she came too they would probably end up on the floor. She did not want that. She wanted to maintain control. She wanted to maintain control. Her hands had been on his hips. The left slid up around to his chest to play with his nipple, and help hold him up. She bent her legs slightly, to act as a Pace for Dean to lean against. This, of course, meant he had to back his ass up onto her cock. Exactly where she wanted him. Her right hand found its way to his cock. Dean thought the feeling of her hand rubbing his cock through the silky panties was dirty and wrong. This heightened the eroticism. Dean was loosing a load in his new panties in less than a minute. Sarah felt his body shiver and shake. Holding him up became a bit more difficult. For what she was going to do next, she had to act quickly. Being so overwhelmed with intense feelings, Dean did not notice Sarah's fingers making their way into his panties. She had wrapped an arm around his waist, while her free hand snaked up under the dress. He was only barely aware of her letting him slide down to the floor. He sat there for a moment, basking in the aftermath of what had just happened. His wife had fucked him in the ass. His wife had stripped him of his male role, took over that role, made him the bitch, and fucked him in the ass. Dean fully accepted being Sarah's bitch. He wondered if she would want to make this permanent. The way he felt post-orgasm, he would agree to it. He would no longer live life as a man, but be a woman full time. Anything to please her, for pleasing him so much. That's when Sarah's actions interrupted his thoughts. "Here ya go bitch, lick it all up, " Sarah said this as she jerked his head around. The monster cock was back on her, with Dean's cum slathered on it. He was forced to deep throat it. She was very aggressive with him, making him gag, not letting him stop until it was left with nothing but his saliva coating it. All of this made quite an impression on Sarah. The site of her husband on his knees, after having his ass raped, sucking a cock, licking up cum with such fervor. Even with the bullet on a low setting, she had an intense orgasm. A few moments passed after Sarah came. Her body was awash in endorphins. She was standing over Dean (still sucking her cock) both hands on the counter for support. Dean saw the look on her face. He recognized that look. Sarah had what they referred to as a "bone buster". That would be an orgasm so intense, it felt like all the bones in one's body had been pulverized into powder. Leaving one's body a jelly-like mound of goo. "Have I done well sir?" Dean asked this in a voice that bordered on feminine and sexy. The kind of voice a woman uses when she knows damn well she just blew a man's mind."Shut... shut up... bitch, " Sarah had to maintain control, stay in character, but it was difficult at the moment. "I'm going out for a while, clean this place... clean it up." She then staggered to her room and slammed the door shut.Dean smiled, he had made his man happy. He hoped Sarah had felt as great as he did. This fantasy weekend had turned into more than he could have hoped for. In fact, his cock was already hard again from thinking about how wonderful it was to be Sarah's woman. After sitting on the floor for several minutes, soaking in all that had happened, he went about finishing the dishes and cleaning the cabin. Dean remained on his knees the whole time, as this was his proper place. Sarah collapsed onto her bed. Her head was still swimming. When she had thought up this fantasy weekend, she never imagined it would be so incredible. The images of all that had happened would be forever in her memory. Knowing what Dean would endure, more than any man had ever endured for her. More than that though, what she was going through as well. If this had put Dean more in touch with his "feminine side", she was definitely in the grips of her "masculine side". She found herself wondering if he would do a good job cleaning up the place. This made her smile. Ultimately, she decided, a bath was in order. The tub was filled with hot water and some lavender salts. Sarah eased into it, letting the water creep up her body. Once she was settled into the water she used her toe to activate the whirlpool. The water swirled around her, the scent of lavender becoming more pronounced, she closed her eyes and drifted off. She did not quite sleep, nor was she fully awake. It was a meditative state that allowed her body and mind to drift. After a few minutes of this, she felt she had recuperated. She dried her hands off on a nearby towel and grabbed the mystery novel she had Pought with her. Outside of Sarah's room, Dean made himself busy with housework. He finished the dishes, cleaned the counter top and the table, then decided to sweep the floor. While he did this, he looked around for what to do next. Maybe some dusting...*********************************************************************************The rest of the day was not very eventful. Sarah kept Dean busy doing "bitch's work" while occasionally finding excuses to spank him. The morning's activities had satisfied her enough sexually that she felt she had to save up for that night. Dean went about performing every task for Sarah, making sure to cower and whimper when threatened or spanked. It was after dinner that things became interesting again. Sarah sent him into his room with instructions to strip naked and come back out with package number four. This package contained high heeled shoes, fishnet stockings, and a garter belt. "Siddown bitch. Get your legs up in the air." Sarah proceeded to put the stockings on Dean. She did so lovingly, caressing his legs, taking her time, trying to make him feel appreciated. She did this in the same way he had done for her so many times in the past. This did not escape Dean's notice. He tried to give Sarah the kind of loving look she would give him. However, he ended up looking a tad goofy. "Wipe that stupid look off your face bitch. Now stand up and slip into this." It was time for the garter. Dean stepped into it and Sarah raised it up to his waist. She snapped it to the stockings, marveling as she circled him."My, my, my... what a sexy bitch you are." She paused to lick his nipple and grab handfuls of his ass. Her tongue swirled around his nipple. Dean felt emasculated. All shreds of his masculinity were gone, Sarah had obliterated them. There was no hiding his erection. Sarah gave this a playful slap. "Put the shoes on bitch, now let me see your sexy walk." Dean was surprised she found womens' shoes that fit his feet. He did his best, walking back and forth in front of her. She offered constructive criticism, "shake you ass, bitch. That's it. Wiggle that thing. Mmmmmm." This was followed by the occasional smack to the ass. "Now get on your knees on the couch. Come on, spread your knees out, open up that pussy of yours." Dean bent over the back of the couch, trying to stick his ass out as much as possible. Then he felt Sarah's hands on his ass cheeks, followed by her tongue on his asshole. This felt incredible. Once again, she ate his ass with gusto. He began to wiggle and moan. He could not help it. Sarah knew she had him. She knew he was her bitch. She was the man now. Her pussy started to get wet."Now bitch, get ready, " Sarah pulled the smaller strap on out of her pants, lubed it up, and slid it into Dean's ass. He immediately began grinding against it. She grabbed his hips and slammed into him. This made him catch his Peath in his throat. "Oh, you'll take it bitch. Every inch of it. And I know you like it." Dean did like it. Sarah could do whatever she wanted to him now. She pumped his ass hard, and smacked it several times for good measure. Dean's cock was so engorged, it was straining. Sarah reached around to feel it and was a little surprised. Normally Dean's cock was inside her when it was this big. She ran her fingers lightly across it. "Come on bitch, move that ass. Fuck my cock, fuck my hard cock."Dean moved back and forth, his ass going up against Sarah. The site before her was so much, she did not even need to turn on the bullet. An orgasm was almost inevitable. She felt Dean's cock start to pulse. It wasn't time for him to cum yet, so she grabbed hold of it and squeezed like she was trying to pop it. Dean stopped for a moment, this caught him com completely off guard. The move actually ended his approaching orgasm and caused his erection to recede. Sarah, however, was bent over him enjoying a small orgasm of her own. "So, this is what it feels like, " thought Dean, " the man gets his jollies while the woman is left wanting more."Sarah recomposed herself and flopped on the couch next to Dean. "Get on it bitch."Dean moved over and straddled Sarah. Sarah grabbed the elastic on Dean's garter and snapped it a few times. She looked up at him and smiled. This was the first smile she gave Dean since this fantasy weekend started. She did something else too. She unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her ample cleavage. Whatever type of Pa she had on squeezed her Peasts together and made an excellent channel for Dean's cock, at least he thought so. Sarah smacked his ass hard. Then she grabbed it hard, digging her nails into the flesh, pulled him towards her, and bit his nipple. Not hard enough to do any damage, but hard enough for him to take notice. Then she sucked on the nipple, pulling it into her mouth. Her tongue thrashed side-to-side across it. Dean was becoming aroused again. His nipples had always been very sensitive. Sarah knew this, of course. She knew his cock would be ready to go very shortly. She maintained her mouth on his nipple, and lowered him down. Dean had to reach down behind himself to make sure Sarah's cock entered correctly. As he did this, Sarah put her hands on his lower back, pulled forward, arching his back. Arching his back the way hers always arched when she rode his cock. Arching his back so he was positioned like a bitch. Dean's cock was, once again, at attention. After pumping into Dean's ass for a bit, Sarah placed a hand on the back of his head. She gently pulled his head down to her face. Another first, she kissed him. She kissed him softly, but stuck her tongue into his mouth aggressively. There was passion, but it was rough. She grabbed hold of his hips and drove him down onto her cock. He was impaled on her cock. His own cock had found it's way into her cleavage. The tip of his cock was getting just enough stimulation. Sarah spanked his ass, causing him to wiggle. She kept spanking him. He kept wiggling. Her tongue was all over the inside of his mouth. He felt a tingling start to spread through his body. His arms fell limp at his side. She grabbed both his ass cheeks, she was moving him now, he had com completely lost control. She stopped kissing him, his body fell limp over her shoulder. "That's it my bitch, ride that cock, you know you've wanted this, "she was using her lowest voice again, but in seductive tones. "You've always wanted to be my bitch, haven't you? Yes, you have. You've always known I was more man than you could ever be, right? Go on, admit it, it's okay."Dean felt the surge beginning deep inside him. The cock up his ass was holding things back, but it was going to happen. "Come on, my wimpy little bitch. Admit it. Admit I'm the man. It's okay, sweety."In the same way that kinking a hose slightly causes the water to come out with more force, Sarah's cock was restricting the flow of Dean's cum. Sarah had not turned the bullet on for this part. She wanted to enjoy it in a different way. It was the culmination of her, and Dean's, fantasy. "Just give in, admit it, come on... say it..., " she whispered. Dean could not hold out any longer. "You're the man! You're the man!" he said this as a huge load of cum burst forth from his cock onto Sarah's Peasts. "You're the man! I'm your bitch! You're the man! From now on, you.. are.. the man.. and I am... I am... a bitch....your bitch..."Sarah had grabbed Dean's cock to milk out every last drop of cum while he was proclaiming her manliness. The convulsions he was experiencing told her his orgasm was intense. She decided to let him recuperate a few minutes before she shoved his face between her tits and covered it with cum. Probably make him lick up some too, for good measure. *********************************************************************************The next morning, as always, they woke up with the fantasy over. The were equals again. They took a shower together, massaged each other, caressed each other. They made love missionary style, with Dean on top. He penetrated her, but did not move. They simply kissed each other, moving very little. They gazed deeply into each other's eyes. They told each other how much they loved each other. The told each other how fantastic the weekend had been. They complimented each other on their performances. The loving now was tender, passionate, and built very slowly to almost simultaneous orgasms. Late that afternoon, as they drove home, they discussed what went well with that fantasy weekend. Talked about the psychological game that was a part of the proceedings. Sarah held tightly to Dean's hand. She knew no other man would give himself over to her so thoroughly. Dean kept smiling at Sarah. He knew no woman would ever understand him so well. THE END

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