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Top 4 Dating Tips For Asian Men - What Every Asian Man Should Know About Dating Other Women

1) STOP BEING SHY! If you never show her that you like her, if you never make a move when she is flirting with you (most of us don't even know when she is), then you will eventually and ultimately lose her. Try to really pay attention to her. When I was young, I only realized that a girl was flirting with me after my friends told me! Not so anymore.
2) DON'T HANG OUT IN THE ASIAN GANG ONLY! What I mean by this, is that if you only hang out with other Asian guys and girls, then it will seem like you are only interested in Asian girls and that can be really intimidating for white girls, or any other girls for that matter. If you want to get a girl outside of your race, then there's nothing else to do, but get outside your comfort zone. Get into non-Asian groups or introduce non-Asian friends to your gang. Try to build out your group to be more inclusive.
3) OPEN UP! Just go over to her and open your mouth. I know this isn't as easy as it sounds when I say it, but once you say Hi, it gets easy from there. Even if you stutter and stammer, it's totally fine! She will probably find it cute. Tell her about yourself and where you are from. She'll enjoy hearing your stories and ask for more.
4) SHUT UP! Sorry, I don't mean to confuse you, but don't go on rambling forever. There's nothing more annoying to a girl than a guy who just goes on and on about himself. Pay attention to her and get her to open up by asking questions about what she likes, what her dreams are, what makes her excited, that sort of stuff.
Yeah, this is pretty basic stuff, but you actually have to do it! As Asian men, we are not used to be being as outgoing and bold as other, but with a little practice, you'll be comfortable talking to any woman that you like, and soon enough, you will be dating her if the chemistry is right.
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