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Young Offenders Transition For A Medical

Young Offenders Transition For Medical

By Don Brown - Feb 5, 2008 - From spanking-stories. Spanking stories - Views - 26122 The sign outside the registrations office said Medical Room and an arrow pointing right.
Dee instinctively moved to go right and felt a sharp pain in her nipple; the warden dug her nails in.
I tell you which was to go, understand my little virgin?
Yes maam.
They walked further down the corridor to a room with a sign that said rest room, and they went in.
The room had a few chairs in, a sink and a kettle.
The warder let her go.
Now my little virgin you need to repair some damage.
How maam?
The officer grabbed Dee’s hair with her left hand and slapped her face with her right, only speak if spoken to.
Yes maam, sorry maam she cried.
Do you remember where your head hit me?
Yes maam.
In your stomach maam.
No my little virgin, you hit my cunt, and now its sore, so you had better kiss it better.
She let her hair free and Dee knelt down.
Do you want a whipping before as well as after?
No maam.
Well get started, kiss my cunt.
Dee reached up and undid the warden’s belt, unbuttoned the top fastening and zipped her down.
She lowered her trousers and the warden stepped out of them.
Stop said the warden; do not use your hands.
Dee looked up for inspiration and the warden lifted the tawse. Dee quickly bit the side of the warden’s knickers with her teeth as the tawse hit her back. She grimaced but did not loose her grip.
She could see the big damp patch on the part of the warden’s knickers that covered her slit.
She inched down the warden’s knickers to the floor and she stepped out of them.
Dee was faced by a 40 something year old slit. It was kept pretty tidy with shaved slit lips and she could see the juices flowing out.
Kiss, another sharp pain on her back from the tawse, and Dee placed her lips on the wardens slit lips and kissed it.
No good enough, I want a tongues kiss and she rammed Dees head into her soaking slit.
Now eat girl.
The warden moved back slightly sat on a chair and opened her legs wide.
Dee had no idea what to do and just kept her face in the wardens slit.
The warden pulled her head back with her hair; Dees mouth and nose were wet with her juices.
Do you know what to do girl?
No maam.
Lick and suck my cunt as though it were an orange. Squeeze my clit with your lips and teeth and suck my juices with your tongue.
If I have to bring you out again I will whip you, clear?
Yes maam.
Dee got to work and licked and sucked for all she was worth, the warden plunged forward and came in her face, extra juices to deal with.
She pulled Dee off, not bad, now you can use your hands and wank me off, when I come get your head back down and do not waste a drop.
Dee brought her hand from behind her back and began to fuck the warden with her fingers. This she could do as she did it to herself enough.
She held the wardens hood open and pinched and nipped her clit till it stood proud of its cover on its own. She roughly pushed her fingers onto the warden’s pubic bone and in and out with her fingers of the other hand.
Once again the warden pushed forward and Dee moved her head down to collect the reward.
The warden then grabbed Dees tits and roughly nipped her nipples. Get my tits out girl.
Dee undid her blouse top and pushed it to one side. She carefully lifted each tit on top of the warden’s bra.
Suck them she was instructed, Dee took a nipple in her mouth and lightly bit and chewed. The one not in her mouth was played with in her hands. The warden pushed forward again and Dee quickly moved her head down to secure yet another prize.
You have done well Dee.
I was going to whip every part of your body but I will not now.
Oh thank you maam, thank you so much.
Dee was rocked by a smack across her face. What have you been told about interrupting and not speaking till you have been spoken to?
The warden slapper her face again, well, that was a question?
Sorry maam, I must not answer back maam and only speak when spoken to.
What happens if you do?
I get punished maam.
Right get your head back into my cunt. If you give me a brilliant come I will not whip you.
May I use my fingers as well maam?
If you must.
Dee gave the warden the best suck and wank she could, she left no part of her slit untouched. The warden began to arch her back and came with double the force of the previous times and Dee cleaned up her nectar.
Dee was exhausted but knew she had given her tormentor probably the best come she had ever had.
Right dress me whilst I decide if it were good enough.
Dee gently took the wardens left tit and placed it back into its hanger, the same with her right tit. She pulled her blouse together and buttoned it up.
She got her knickers and making sure they were the right way round offered them to the warden so she would lift her legs.
Just one final lick girl, make sure I am dry.
Dee obliged, stuck out her tongue and drew it full length of the warden’s slit.
She continues up her legs with her knickers till they were back in place. Next her trousers followed the same journey and she tucked the blouse in before zipping up, fastening the button and closing the belt.
Dee looked up for praise and the warden’s answer when the door opened.
It was warden Jones.
Just in time Brian could you do me a favor?
Of course Jill, what is it?
Just give this ungrateful virgin bitch a whipping whilst I go for lunch. She has caused me nothing but problems this morning, and then could you take her to the examination room?
Of course Jill.
As warden Giles was leaving she said to her colleague, I’ve heard she’s good at giving head.
Warden Jones approached Dee, show he barked.
Dee rolled onto her back at once, moved her hands to her slit, inserted 3 fingers on each lip and opened as far as she could.
The warden knelt beside her and pushed two finger in till he reached a stop.
You are soaking wet you fucking little twat.
Was it the thought of my cock in your mouth?
No sir
Kneel up and get my cock out.
Please sir I have never seen a mans thing before let alone held one, I do not know what to do.
He bent down and grabbed her left nipple and rose her from the ground.
Bend over you cheeky little bitch, you are going to get the whipping you deserve.
Dee bent forward and she heard him remove his tawse from his belt.
He wasted no time and began to spank her hard with his tawse about 20 times.
He stopped and moved to her front, and she looked up at him in floods of tears, he had hurt so much.
Now look and learn he said, I will show you just this once.
Yes sir she managed to get out.
He undid his belt, unbuttoned his fastener and un zipped his trousers and they dropped to the floor. He pushed his hand into his underwear and brought out his cock.
She looked at it in horror, it was about 6 inches long and as fat as a sausage.
Did you see that?
Yes sir.
He put it back in his pants and pulled up his trousers and re fastened them.
Show he said and she quickly rolled onto her back, the pain in her bottom exaggerated by the rough carpet.
She opened her legs as wide as she could and spread her slit.
This time he pushed in 3 fingers to the stop, she was still wet. He took out his fingers and moved to her head.
Open your mouth bitch. You made my fingers wet and I want them cleaning.
Too slow, keep them legs spread. He undid the tawse from his belt again and hit her hard across her slit.
Dee screamed, when I give an order you do it at once, crack, do, crack, you crack, understand, crack crack.
Yes sir, so sorry sir she blubbered out.
I will give you a choice now. I either give you 20 with my tawse across your cunt, or you ask me to allow you to suck my cock and swallow my come
Crack, well?
Please sir please let me suck your thing.
Crack, allow you to suck my cock and swallow my come.
Please sir, please will you allow me to suck your cock and swallow your come.
Off course, he reentered her slit and filled his fingers full of her wetness, he took it to his nose and smelt the innocence then offered it to her mouth; she greedily opened her mouth and sucked hard.
Good girl. Now kneel up and start.
Dee knelt still sobbing and so much in pain but she did not want any more so she moved closer to the warden and undid his belt.
She unfastened the button, pulled down the zip and lowered his trousers.
He stepped out of them. She reached into his underwear and took hold of his cock and he let out a moan. She brought it over his pants and began to rub it up and down. It had like loose skin at the end and when she rubbed it to the bottom of his shaft a pink head popped out. Had she not been so scared and so much in pain she might have laughed.
He got hold of the back of her head and pushed her onto it.
She pulled back a little and opened her mouth, not knowing quite what to do. She kept one hand on it rubbing it and sucked it with her mouth.
You are fucking useless girl. Take you hands away, I gave you the chance now I will fuck your face instead. He grabbed her ears and pulled her head till it buried his cock in her mouth and she gagged as it hit her throat.
Suck as well you bitch to make your mouth smaller.
Dee sucked hard as it kept ramming the back of her throat making her gag. He then pushed harder and covered her nose with his pubes, she could not breath, she was going to die then he pulled back. She took deep breaths and he did it again, he pulled back. The next time he arched his back and moaned as she felt a warm seawater taste hit her throat. She thought she was going to be sick till he said if one-drop escapes, we do it again.
She controlled herself she did not know how.
He pulled it almost out of her mouth. Take my cock out of your mouth you hungry bitch and lick it clean.
She obeyed to the letter. Do you think you know what to do now?
Yes sir.
Ok let me get hard again. Do you know what gets me hard the quickest?
No sir.
Watching a girl have a wank, off you go.
Dee leaned gently on her back and began wanking in front of the pervert warden who was moving his hand up and down his shaft and wanking himself.
She began to get into the motion of her wank and her mind wandered to it being Edd Willis her childhood idol that she admired from afar. He was riding her like a bucking bronco, in and out; she was stunned by a crack across her slit and hands by his tawse. I did not give you permission to come did I?
No sir.
Right wank me off good and I will not whip you.
She followed his lead and wanked him till he began to arch his back, he grabbed her head and pushed his cock back into her mouth and once again she had to eat his seed.
When he relaxed she pulled it out and licked it all over.
Dress me, he instructed. She gathered his underwear and held them in front of him to put his feet in, she pulled them up and caught his balls, he winced. Stop, pass me my tawse. She went to his trousers and unclipped his tawse,
Show, she laid on the floor, opened her legs and opened her slit. He paced 4 strokes across her slit and hands making her scream again, how do you like it bitch?
Get up and kiss my balls better. She kneeled in front of him and lowered his pants. She lifter his floppy cock and placed a kiss on each of his balls. Now lick them and put them in your mouth till I stop you. She kept his cock high and licked each of his balls then popped one gently in her mouth then the other. She felt his cock growing, ok wank me again and wank yourself with your other hand.
She did as instructed and kept rubbing his cock shaft up and down, his pink head showing then hiding under his loose skin. She pretended to wank herself to a climax then he said stop and grabbed her ears again, he pumped her head and came in her mouth again for her to swallow, she once again removed his cock and licked him clean again.
Continue dressing my but be fucking careful this time.
She pulled up his pants again and when she got to his balls pulled the pants forward and tucked his cock in, wrong side he said.
Sorry sir, I do not know what you mean.
Men like their cocks hanging on the left or right hand side, I like the left and you put me on the right.
Sorry sir, thank you sir.
She put her hands back into his pants and moved his cock to the left. She stood and went to get his trousers and followed the same pattern and put them on him. She went to fasten his belt and he stopped her.
Take it out of the loops, I want to whip you with it.
She started to sob again and removed his belt and passed it to him. He never took it straight away but nipped her nipples hard, she screamed again. He then took the belt from her.
He moved her to the centre of the room and told her to hang onto the wicker plant holder hung from the ceiling, he told her if she let go he would start all over again as if just entering the room.
He stood behind her and let fly with a full cut to her bottom, she yelped. He moved round and caught her thigh next her back, he loved the line it left so gave her 2 more on her back.
He went to her front and pinged her left tit she yelped again, then the other tit full on her nipple. He stood back and placed two cuts across both tits.
Ok , put my belt back on, she hardly saw the loops for tears.
Get to the toilet and clean yourself up girl.
She sat on the toilet for a wee and winced when she wiped herself. She washed her face and held her face into the towel a while.
Lets go, shouted the voice from outside. Give me a nipple to hold. She pulled her hands to her nipples and nipped them into a holdable size.
He reached over and gripped her right nipple and opened the door.

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