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Spanking Stories

Spanking Stories

Tales of discipline involving spanking and the sexual pleasures derived from spanking and being spanked. Closely related to our bdsm-stories. BDSM sex stories category which includes many other tales of submission and domination including spanking and discipline.2355. Spanked by an Angel - She and he are two long-time-married lovers who exist only in this fantasy. They can do things normal people can only dream about. For example, these two lovers can be any age they want. They also could float weightlessly and make simultaneous love to each other at any angle. This causes interesting problems requiring interesting solutions. The reason they exist at all is for sexual entertainment. This story is about a pretty young widowed mother and a post high school guy.2274. Not Just a New Sitter Anymore - She and he are two long-time-married lovers who exist only in this fantasy. They can do things normal people can only dream about. For example, these two lovers can be any age they want. They also could float weightlessly and make simultaneous love to each other at any angle. This causes interesting problems requiring interesting solutions. The reason they exist at all is for sexual entertainment. This story is about the second time she was his sitter...2194. Meeting the Headmaster - Her contrition is genuine, even without the fear of what's about to happen. "Four strokes, " he tells her: at least it wasn't the six the other girls had predicted, amidst their cruel fascination. He makes her wait for her first taste of the cane: letting her contemplate, reflect ("How could I have been so stupid? If only I could turn back the clock...")...2025. Simone Learns to Enjoy the Whip - Simone seduces her lover, and her effort is rewarded with an old fashioned belt whipping. On her bare ass, of course. But then she'll experience more than she bargained for, strapped over a saddle in the tack room of the horse stable. Swish- Smack! spanking-secretary. Spanking My Secretary - For two years Melissa had been the perfect administrative assistant. When she began coming in late and making careless mistakes we discussed the matter and agreed that a paddling session on her bare bottom would be preferable to a ten percent pay cut.1789. The Black Widow - Jack leaves home to start his first job. His mother is worried about her son's drinking and his sexuality, afraid that his dissipated companions would lead him astray. She confides in her friend, Mrs. Smith, who takes him in hand. Under her strict guidance, he is reformed.1734. Spanking is too Good to Waste - Her legs were bare as he liked them. It was not easy to be so big and get into position for spanking over the knees of someone his equal. But after some finaggling, he got there. She began smacking his buns, both of them simultaneously. The really neat thing about this first spanking, done by one who didn't know how, was that the tips of her fingers touched, with mild force, his perineum--almost touching his balls, but no pain to them--just thrilling touches.1714. Witness to a College Girl Whipping - Hana pointed the whip to a saddle mounted on a saddle stand. Simone noticed the wrist and ankle cuffs attached to the legs of the wooden stand. Hana walked over to the saddle and ran her hand over the smooth leather surface. “I haven’t been whipped for three weeks now, ” she said as if that were a normal matter of fact.1623. Party Spanking - This Happened one birthday i had a few drinks and started getting argumentative. So my husband spanked me in front of my guests and they got to spank me to. 1614. The Ultimate Adjustment - I was now ordered to strip com completely and take my position between the trees. The ropes were the exact length with a clip on the end of each. I was almost trembling as each snap was fastened to each ring on the leather shackles and there I stood, com completely naked and vulnerable to what ever my lovely mate wished to do. 1465. Beckys Bare Bottom Pool Spanking - Looking at the milling pack of teenagers and kids around her, Becky shivered in horror and raised her head. She sensed them lining up behind her and her butt began to freshly tingle at their approach, but so did her thighs and up her thighs as the thought of the spanking she was about to receive. 1413. Poor Justin - "Justin this isn’t a game. Do you understand? You broke the rules. Now ether you pull your pants down this instant or I will give you the worst punishment of your life." 1403. Ellies Spanking - "This is unacceptable. I think you need a good spanking." 1321. Fun with Ali - Part 2 - Alison is given a thorough spanking and is rewarded by losing her virginity. 1315. Fun with Ali - Ali's confession leads to a fun filled afternoon of spanking; all capped off with a great blowjob. 1187. The Pillory - Being secured in a Pillory and having a tender ass caned, strapped and paddled, followed by a Virgin Ass Hole being fucked by His wife with a strap on. Very Erotic. 1182. The Perfect Picture - To my surprise the first sound I heard was the sound of the cane as she cut the air with several practice strokes. Then with vicious force it landed. It sent a shot of pain deep into my ass like a lightning bolt. 838. Young Offenders Transition for a Uniform - Dee sat on a chair in the Doctors surgery with her hands between her legs as she would normally, except this was not normal, as she had no clothes on. She was playing with herself without realizing. 837. Young Offenders Medical - His first few spanks were that of a caring man, but she would like them harder, and as if by mind reading he obliged. His hand got higher and his blows harder and his fingers followed the passion between her legs. She arched and clenched and came on his hand but he kept spanking and working her. 836. Young Offenders Transition For Medical - He moved her to the centre of the room and told her to hang onto the wicker plant holder hung from the ceiling, he told her if she let go he would start all over again as if just entering the room. 835. Young Offenders Registration - Lift your legs back to your tits and open them wide. Now put your fingers into your cunt lips and open them. She hesitated just a little too long and he brought his tawse down hard, full on her slit lips. She let out an almighty scream and the crowd applauded him. 825. Winter Term - Zoë remove your jeans and knickers for a spanking. Please sir, I do not have any knickers on, I put on my swimming costume to go swimming. I usually do it at home to save time sir. Then remove your swimming costume. But…. Zoë was going to protest but thought better off it. 824. Spring Term - Pete stood and started jumping around in the spankers dance. With his cock firm against Mr. James’s leg he also had a semi hard on. When he turned and faced them jumping up and down his cock bounced off his belly. This time Zoë described his front in her mind. A lovely face with a boyish smile. A six pack with a few hairs on his chest. A straight belly and a black tuft of hair above his cock. His cock was beautiful, about 8 inches long and as thick as Linda’s vibrator. How she longed to get it in her mouth and slit. 823. Summer Term - She slipped off her trainers and socks and lowered her cut offs to be left in her thong. She looked at Mr. James with pleading eyes to see if she could keep it on.Would you like extra Linda?No sir and she whipped off her thong. Ok Linda come and place yourself. 818. Parenting - I remember one situation she got herself into with Timmy Jarvis whom lived 2 doors down.Timmy was almost 1 year older than Teri but due to the way school classes were formulated they were always in the same class.They had seen each other naked whilst growing up but I suppose as puberty struck that adventure stopped.Many is the time that Jane had the pair over her knee for a spanking or Timmy’s mum did the same. 821. Eighteenth Birthday - As the belt whizzed through the air at some speed it made a resounding slap noise, one said the girls, and Suzy jumped forwards, her slit lips quivering. As I looked at the other girls they were transfixed by her lip size and shape. 819. Babysitting - She remembered her time in the study and the beltings from Pipa and how they had hurt. I am going to whip your bottom now to teach you some manners. She brought the belt down on his bottom 5 or six times he tried to escape so she held him down wither other hand. After 20 welts wheel marks were covering his bottom. She asked if he had anything to say? 816. Friends - I turned her round and inserted 2 fingers into her still moist slit to which she responded immediately. I removed them and gave her permission to get dressed. If you have to appear in my study again, I expect that bush of yours to be removed I said and grabbed her brown triangle gently, making sure I brushed against her clit. 815. High School Spanking - After class detentions, we would have welcomed those when I was at school, instead of the beatings, which were handed out willy nilly. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we did not deserve to be punished but in my case it was always a multiple of spankings. home-discipline. Home Discipline - She was mesmerized by a new slit showing loud and proud over my knee. The site of a stranger bare bottom, being spanked and strapped by me made her horny, damp and a little jealous. stoneypoint-story. Mrs. Harrison - The fitctional story of a corporate marketing man that is always volatile. Recognizing another set of errors on a contractual letter sent to his potential client, he erupts in anger. Angrily he points out to his elderly assistant the mistakes he finds out she wants the appropriate but illogical punishment he suggested she needed. barebottomspanking. Beckys Bare Bottom Pool Spanking - She had even thought one was kind of cute with his swimmer's build. That was until he swam under her and she felt strong hands on the back of her swimsuit bottoms and then before she could even gasp, they came down and she was left naked below the waist in the water. 584. Spanking Fantasy - This Story is a fantasy of mine please enjoy my comitment to my husband and the mistakes I have made.... convent-spanking. A Convent Spanking - Sister Agnes proceeds to punish her very spankable bottom severely, until her backside is a fire-engine red color 364. Mom Connie and I - She told me it had started when they were thirteen and had begun growing pussy hair. It was in this house, they had just gotten home from soccer practice and were having a sleep over here. She went on saying Marcy told her there was no sense wasting water they would bathe together and since she did everything my daughter said, she got undressed and got into the tub with Marcy. good_spanking_story. A Good Spanking - Erotic spanking story - I sat down in the chair which had just served as a "horse" for her strapping and paddling. "Over my knee" I ordered quietly. Her instant obedience sinaled her desire for this last phase of round two. Few things are as intimate as an over-the-knee, bare bottomed hand spanking. And this was to be the finale--the transition from the sensual to the sexual. spanking-bare-ass. So You Want a Spanking? - Words couldn't begin to describe the rush of feelings I experienced at that moment, so I'm not going to even try to find any. Gazing down at this beautiful woman holding her skirt up and waiting for my next command, I felt as if a hot itch went right down the center of my cock and penetrated me. Silently, I reached up and unbuttoned her blouse, parting it to reveal a lacy white bra. Sliding my hands into the cups from the sides, I lifted her breasts out of them, bunching the material up below her tits, forcing them to press together and stick out lewdly. pleasure-pain. Pleasure or Pain? - "Oh, God, " Cassie breathed. " I'm so hot. You haven't even smacked my bottom once and all I can think about is how much it will hurt, how aroused I will be because of it, how much I want you inside me, fucking me until my lungs forget to breathe and my heart forgets to beat." She stopped for a second, breathing deeply, tugging a little on her bounds. " I feel so helpless, so out of my own control, so com completely ruled by your desires. So open, so vulnerable, even with my panties still covering my ass. But ..." She stopped again, looking for words, and he waited, his hands sliding back to squeeze her bottom firmly. " But I trust you so much, to take care of me, to take me to the edge of insanity but not to let me slip over, to give me pleasure as pain." the-fist. Spanking Stories - The Fist - The first time was with Ginger, and I still feel a little guilty about that. I'm a married woman, but throughout the five years of my marriage I have had to have sex with other women from time to time. I just couldn't keep my sanity without it. the-seduction. The Seduction - A spanking story - I don't think I'd ever been so nervous about anything in my life. A date. Nothing big. But after two years of celibacy, it seemed monumental.My hands shook a little as they fastened a fine gold chain around my neck. Breathe, I warned myself, just breathe.The doorbell rang. Oh, this wasn't going to help my pulse at all. panties. The Panties - Erotic spanking sex story - When Patty and Dale told me that someone was stealing their panties, I thought, "Oh, sure! Like there's a panty thief on the loose!" Dale and Patty are my really, really best friends, but on one of their wilder nights, those girls have, like, no idea what happened to their panties when they wake up without them the next morning. Their story about someone stealing them when they were doing laundry sounded like just about the lamest excuse that I'd ever heard. aunt- spanking. The Beach House Spanking - A spanking story - I’m a 19 year-old guy who just received an over-the-knee spanking from his 36 year-old aunt. It all started when I decided to stay with my young aunt at her Florida beach house instead of joining the rest of the family at Disney World. My folks were fine with everything, but I knew this was my big chance to prove I was an adult. I did my thing my Aunt Kathy did hers. The whole week went fine until Friday. spanking-story. Arabian Day - Spanking sexy story - I am living in a Middle Eastern city. One day I go shopping in the bazaar. I am dressed in a long, concealing dress, in deference to the local mores, but with nothing underneath, in deference to the heat. I enter a small antique shop, which I have never been to before.43. Gagged and Bound - Putting her in a harness so her arms were bound behind her wrist to opposite elbow the groom pinched her nose and nipples cruelly hard until she opened her mouth to breathe. When she did he rammed in over her teeth a bit which he fastened under her chin with a tight strap and behind her head. Then fastenening her reins and harness to a ring in the wall so she couldn't move he applied a heated towel to her long blonde cunt hair and told her he was going to shave her. -pct MS_7 l" style="vertical- align: middle;" height=" Sex stories making you horny? Videos and pictures of naked girls and guys not doing it for you anymore? 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