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Justin Bieber Games For Girls Article

Young Offenders Transition For A Uniform

Young Offenders Transition for a Uniform

By Don Brown - Feb 5, 2008 - From spanking-stories. Spanking stories - Views - 41119 Dee sat on a chair in the Doctors surgery with her hands between her legs as she would normally, except this was not normal, as she had no clothes on. She was playing with herself without realizing.
Her clit was enlarged and she was wet.
A knock on the door, come in.
Good afternoon Doctor I’ve come for Dee Wilson.
Good afternoon Joe, she’s all ready for you, treat her gentle it’s all a big shock for her today.
Yes sir, will do.
Stand girl, prepare for walking. She raised her hands to her nipples to make them stiff; she had little work to do as she was still in an excited state from playing.
She stood and pushed her tits forward for him to choose, she just wanted to please.
He reached for her left nipple, squeezed it and took her out, she looked to say goodbye to the doctor but he ignored her.
The warden had noticed a damp patch on her chair as she stood up.
Into the main corridor the arrow pointed straight on for Uniforms.
At the third door, Janitor, the officer stopped and took her inside.
The Janitor happened to be Joe’s brother and he knew he was having the day of.
He stopped and turned to face Dee, his hand went to her slit and he felt her dampness.
You dirty fucking whore just look at my hand and he pushed it into Dee’s face. Open wide, she opened and sucked his cigarette tasting fingers.
You need to learn some manners girl.
Yes sir.
How old are you?
Just gone 19 sir.
Were you disciplined at home?
Yes sir
Spanked and belted sir and if really naughty caned.
Who did it?
Mum and dad sir.
When was the last time?
Last Friday sir.
Tell me the details, as he finished his last word he took Dee’s hand and pushed it down his trousers.
She knew she was in trouble, she would probably be beaten, fucked and would she have to suck. She decided whatever she might as well give him as much pleasure as possible both with her body and her words. She realized that corporal punishment was his scene so she hatched a story.
I was a little late getting up and mom was cross and said it was the second time she had called me. She said I was to receive a spanking and wanted me in the kitchen in 10 minutes. It was a normal procedure for a spanking. No matter what time of day I had to come to my room, undress and take a shower. Then put on my silk dressing gown and report to wherever my spanking would take place.
I got up and showered quickly, put on my gown and got to the kitchen.
Mrs. Heaps was their with her son Brian, she had called for her normal Friday coffee. Brian was at my school but 2 or 3 years below.
I waited till they finished talking then went up to mum.
Sorry I was late getting up mum, please will you to spank me fore my laziness.
The warden’s cock hardened even more and he undid his belt and dropped his trousers. I lifted his cock out of its home.
He was a lot smaller than the other two, maybe only 5 inch long and as thick as large hose pipe, it kept slipping from my hand. He had his hands on my tits and worked them to attention.
Mum pulled out one of the kitchen chairs and sat down. Remove your dressing gown Dee.
I slowly took it off and placed it on the back of her chair. What a sight it must have been for Brian and the best was still to come. I lowered over mums knee, just excuse me a minute Iris whilst I spank this naughty girls bottom.
No problem, take your time, we have all morning.
I made sure I went further over than normal and opened my legs so Brian could see my entire slit. I closed slightly and then opened again to have it opening and closing.
Mum gave me the first swat; she never spanked long but always spanked hard.
Spank, by the second I was crying, spank, spank, spank and by the last really sobbing.
The warden’s cock was twitching and I concentrated near the base and pumped him hard. With my 5 hours sexual experience I reckoned that if I wanked him and he cum, he may leave me alone for a while.
Thank you for the spanking mummy, sorry I had to bother you.
Now stand in that corner until I say move. I faced Brian and made sure my tits moved up and down as much as possible as I sobbed so he could see my large rock hard nipples.
I moved to the corner and put my hands on my head.
Mum took Mrs. Heaps upstairs to see the new bathroom they just had fit, shout me if she moved Brian and she will feel the strap.
Brian wasted no time before he had his hand on my sore bottom.
He turned me round and felt my nipples, stop that I said.
Ok I’ll just tell your mum you took your hands off your head and sat on the chair till you heard them coming down.
Oh please don’t or she will beat me with the strap.
Will you cooperate then?
He nipped my tits then pushed a finger up my tight virgin pussy. I did not know what to do.
He then took his little cock, nowhere near as big as yours and said suck till I come or I will tell.
I got on my knees and……
Before she could finish her sentence the warden pushed her to her knees, kneel down and suck the warden instructed. She took him straight into her mouth it did not take him long and he spurted his cum straight down her throat. She let him go a little slack the pulled out his cock and licked him clean.
She put it back into his boxers, which side do you dress sir? She asked, oh he said surprised to the left.
She hung him on his left hand side and passed him his trousers.
He fastened them and said, prepare to move, she tweaked her nipples and he once again grabbed her left one and headed for the door. By the way, did you let Brian fuck you?
No sir, so I am still a virgin. The warder stopped and looked at his watch, look we are a little early, no point in you sitting in a cold corridor waiting you turn, we may as well stay in here.
Yes sir she said disappointed, she was desperate for some clothes.
So carry on telling me about last Friday.
Not sure where I got to sir.
Your mum had just had you over her knee and spanked you and then that Brian started interfering with your tits and cunt.
Ah yes, he said if I did not suck his cock he would shout mum. I kneeled down and he pushed his little cock in me mouth, keep you hands on your fucking head I`m going to fuck your face.
I did as I was told and he grabbed my pigtails and used them as handles, he was only a little boy and came straight away in my mouth.
How much did he shoot asked the warden? Not much sir, just a trickle I suppose.
Carry on.
His cock went slack straight away and fell out of my mouth. He grabbed my nipples and made me pulled me up by them. He then knelt down and sucked my cunt, how I hated that word.
Did he know what to do?
No sir not really but I did come over his face and left him all sticky as we heard my mum coming down. He lifted his jumper and wiped his face with it.
Then what?
He told mum I had removed my hands from my head and have called him a pervert.
What did she do?
Put me back over the table and whipped me with the belt she got from my dad to keep me in check. She keeps it in her larder cupboard.
She said I would receive 10 and had to count each one or she would start again.
I got 8 hard cuts and she then said to Brian as I had been abusive to him he could give the last 2. He was so brutal, he was so strong. I cried for ages.
He should have spanked you instead for doing that to him, come here, I`ll do it now.
Dee went to his side and noticed his hard on, please sir can I relieve you again, she thought it better than a spanking but her plan backfired.
Sure you can after I have tanned your hide.
Get my cock out, she undid his pants and he kicked them off, then helped lower his unders and he kicked them off too. Right over you go.
She leant right over his knee and opened her legs.
He reached down pushed 2 fingers in, she let him play a bit then said Owww and jumped.
What’s up?
Sorry sir it is my virginity, I am still whole down there.
He withdrew his fingers and began to spank her, he was not very good and made more sound than pain, Dee started struggling and pretended to start crying, he stopped.
He pushed her off his knee and pulled her between his legs, suck me hard, today’s the day you loose your maidenhood.
Please sir nooooooo and he grabbed the back of her head and pushed it onto his cock before she could finish.
He then stood her up and bent her right over, no foreplay, he pushed straight home to the hilt, she let out another pretend scream and then sob.
He banged for a few minutes then withdrew and went to her head and lifted it up, pushed it into her mouth, we don’t want you pregnant on your first time do we?
He again rammed home and used her tits as handles. He shot again into her mouth.
She again waited for it to go slack, took it out and licked it clean.
Thanks for taking my virginity sir, but please can we keep it as always our secret?
Of course he said as he dressed, he was a married man.
Now prepare move.
I tweaked my sore nipples and he again grabbed my left one and led me to the door.

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