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You So Hot Amishi

You're So Hot Amishi

By - Oct 27, 2009 - From longstories. Longer erotic stories - Views - 18069 The back of Amishi’s neck tingled, and she knew right away that she was being watched. She felt the burning gaze of whoever watched her, and it left a peculiar impression deep in the pit of her stoKuntalh. Every bone in her body pressed for her to run inside her home and shut the door, and yet at the same time she wondered who was studying her so closely. If it was someone intending on hurting her, there were enough lights in the gated community where she lived that it wouldn't go unnoticed. And with that reasoning, her curious side won out. She couldn't help the stiffening of her spine as she inserted the key into her apartment lock, paused, and turned to look. The sun had set about an hour ago, but there were lampposts lit inside of her complex. Her gaze moved from a woman and man with their children, to a couple lingering outside an apartment door, and then to four teenagers lounging on the chairs by the pool. Nothing strange there from what she could tell, and no one appeared to be fixated on her either. She turned to her left, surprised when her gaze collided with a 100 percent prime male specimen.
On the same floor she lived on, just two doors down from her own residence, she found the source of her distraction. There was no shock factor in the way he watched her, nor was she frightened. Not even a tiny bit afraid. In fact, if she had to give a name to what she was feeling, she would say she was utmost pleased to be the sole focus of this particular man's attention. And what an excellent man he was, her outrageously sexy, motorcycle-riding, muscled neighbor Mr Kuntal Patel. Funny she should think of him as hers, but she couldn't help the thought. She sure as hell wasn't going to fantasize about him and think of him as another woman's. She didn't know much of him, just that he lived close to her, and the few times he had greeted her briefly, she'd caught glances of his badge. Other than small talk they'd shared, there had never been a perfect opportunity for them to get together and really delve into the spark of connection she had felt with him. And she could almost bet one year's worth of her salary that he felt the same way about her. The way he was watching her now, as if he wouldn't mind backing her up into her apartment and fucking her, made her want to go up to him and say something inviting. But what if he turned her down? There was still a small chance of that, and truly, she would be crushed that he, a dark Greek god in the flesh, didn't see her in the sexy “I want to fuck you” way she thought he did. His dark, straight hair reached his shoulders, and his eyes were gray, the color a com complete contrast to his tanned skin.
His bottom lip was slightly larger than the upper, and he sported a goatee, which she happened to love. He wore a black sleeveless tee that showed off his lean muscles, and the denim jeans enhanced his bad-boy appeal. “Good evening, Amishi. Hope the day has treated you well.” The rest of the day, not to mention the two weeks she took off as vacation, would be perfect if she just dared to invite him in. Sweat moistened her brow, and she fought the urge to wipe her hand over it. The summer heat was dreadful today, thick and muggy. She had a vision of relieving the heat with a cold shower, and more importantly, Kuntal fucking her against the wall as the water cooled their skin. The problem would be how to make that vision come true. “It's been good. Tomorrow is the first day of my vacation, and I'm looking forward to it. How was your day?” “Fine. A day with no arrests on my end, or else I would still be at the precinct filling out paperwork.” “Well, I'm glad you're not stuck at work on a night like this.
” Please, please, please let him make the first move. “Actually, I'm on my way to pick up some files at the precinct so I can at least get some work done at home. You have a great night.” Why did it feel that her heart was breaking in half at those words? The logical part of her brain knew he could have brought his files home when he had left the precinct, and that meant he used it as an excuse to get away from her. It was as if he dismissed her because he had something better to do. It was truly silly feeling such a thing, when she didn't know him in a personal way that should cause such heartbreak. “Thank you.” She mumbled the words and turned away from him, not wanting him to see the tiny hurt that was probably visible in her gaze. She swallowed against a ball of emotion lodged in her throat. She opened the door and entered her home, miserable at the thought of spending another night alone without satisfying any of her cravings. Add the fact that her twoweek summer vacation began officially two hours ago with no plans because she was trying to cut back on spending, and she was doubly depressed. What the hell was she going to do for fourteen days? Go nuts, probably. “I'm on my way to pick up some files at the precinct.” Damn! He could've done way better than that. And why the hell didn't he tell her he was on his way out to grab a bite to eat? Or even invite her to the precinct's annual Independence Day fireworks party, even though he didn't have plans to attend? That would've been ten times better than the dumb-ass excuse he had made up and a perfect opportunity to invite her out and get to know her better.
Kuntal felt like banging his head against the concrete in frustration. He could've at least asked her to his place for drinks, so they could talk. Any reason to spend time with her would've been better than fantasizing about how much he wanted to be with her. Instead, he'd taken the easy way out, fearing that even if he did ask her on a date, she would turn him down. Why would a sexy woman like that be interested in a handsome, rugged man like him? Shit! He preferred his sex hard and a little rough. He wasn't too sure Amishi would like the feel of his hands on what appeared to be very enticing, smooth flesh. Lame. That's exactly what he was, and being in his late thirties, you'd think he wouldn't get tongue-tied at the sight of a gorgeous woman. He hungered for her, and she made him harden instantly. Her brown hair reached her waist, and he had wondered one too many times how the strands would feel against his skin. Her lips were full, and her eyes a beautiful shade of brown. Her body enticed him, and he imagined often what she would look like naked. He would've done better if he had followed her inside, backed against her apartment door, and rubbed his body against hers, arousing her before he tasted her sweet lips. That was his number one fantasy, starring her. He felt like an idiot for not making a move. His cock had lengthened as their gazes had collided. Perhaps she had felt him watching her and had become curious, or she even felt the same about him. That would be hoping for too much, but it would be heaven if it turned out that way. He had also detected a hint of vulnerability in her tone of voice as she responded to him. Kuntal swore silently, his gaze on the door she had just closed. His muscles tightened in anticipation. She was on vacation, which made it the perfect time to go ahead with his plan.
Soon, he'd make his move, and he hoped to hell Amishi would accept him. Two days later, and it was just as she had initially thought. Amishi did feel miserable and lonely. Her air-conditioning had managed to cool her skin, but there was a fire raging deep within her. She hadn't been able to get Kuntal out of her mind. Could he be the answer to all her dreams? She had never believed in love at first sight. And maybe this was lust at first sight. But that didn't deter her from wanting to fuck him, plain and simple. She could only blame herself. It sucked that it could've been easily remedied if she'd just been brave enough to invite Kuntal in. If she were only more vivacious and secure about what she wanted, she could have gone after him, and that decision could have led to the best night of her life, and who knew, maybe even something more. Instead, here she sat on her leather love seat, a full pint of Ben & Jerry's chocolatechip cookie dough ice cream in her stoKuntalh, still feeling dejected. She hated that emotion with a passion because it only opened the doors to more sadness, but as much as she tried not to think about him, she couldn't. She had dialed Aashita’s number wanting to be cheered up, but she should've known that as flamboyant as her best friend was, she would recommend that Amishi jump on Kuntal and take what she needed from him. Still, she was the only person who understood Amishi and what she needed from a man. “I've had a horrid day, Aashita.
I just passed up the chance to invite my neighbor in for some drinks, all because I was too scared. He claimed he was headed to work to pick up some files, but I caught him staring at me. It was weird and the perfect opportunity at the same time, and I blew it by not asking him into my apartment flat out.” “I'm sure there will be another opportunity. You'll be ready for it the next time it happens.” “Not likely. I don't believe he feels the same way about me as I do about him.” “You'll never know unless you try, Amishi.” “Maybe. But I can't even concentrate on making a move, even though he's all I think about lately. Well, that and the fact that Amishi had misplaced her RED JOURNAL, the one where she used to jot down all her affairs, like the one with her boss in Baroda, her Housekeeper Suresh’s Sex Lust, and many more. “ I've searched everywhere for it, and nothing.” It had been a huge mistake to toss it into her purse, figuring she could write in it during her lunch hour from work. In the spring and summer seasons, she tended to eat across the street at a park and feed the birds. The moment she had realized it was gone, she had searched everywhere in a fit of panic, including the park, her workplace, and every block in between her home and job. But nothing had surfaced. “The book thing is scary. Isn't that the same book you write in every day? The same hot fantasies and sex experiences you have had with all those young guys, you've told me about?” Amishi felt like crying.
Besides Aashita, her journal had been the one outlet into which she could pour her emotions and the desires she had held within her for years. It seemed like she'd lost her best friend, and feeling that way for a book was silly, even stupid, but that's how she felt. “It is. Would it be silly to go to the cops about it?” She closed her eyes in frustration. That was probably the most idiotic thing she had ever asked anyone. She could just picture what the police would think of her if she showed up at their precinct to report a missing diary. “I don't think it would be top on their list of things to look for, honey. Cheer up. It could still show up. Your vacation has already started, and you should have come over tonight. We could have gone out and celebrated. Better yet, do you know what you need?” Aashita asked. Hearing her friend's voice reminded Amishi that she wasn't alone. Amishi knew exactly what she needed but still asked the dreadful question anyway in hopes of pacifying Aashita, even though there was no appeasing her when she got an idea in her head. “What?” “To get laid. Your neighbor probably won't be gone all night. Why don't you just walk over to that hot man's apartment and invite him back to your place? Wait! I have an even better idea. As soon as he opens the door, you step inside and proceed to show him how much you want him.
If he doesn't know what to do from that point on, then he's hopeless.” Amishi laughed. “That's all I need right now: more rejection. You know perfectly well I'm not going through with that plan. But let's just say I did. What if he slammed the door in my face? What if he thought I was nuts?” “You're insane. You naked is any man's dream. I wish I were blessed with the body you have, instead of a fat body like mine. You just need some courage to go after what you want. I still can't believe you don't see what's in plain sight.” Aashita was right, but her words still didn't give Amishi the confidence she needed. “You're nowhere near fat. I don't ever want to hear you talk that way again.” “Yeah, yeah. Getting back to you. Think about it. It's the perfect way to get his attention.” “I'll think about it, Aashita. Revealing to a man what I truly want in bed is frightening. I don't want to be let down. I could just picture Kuntal running from me, instead of to me.” “Stop being so scared. Go for it. There's still an equal chance he can run to you. Amishi, you can't live your life alone forever. You have to go after what you want.” It was so simple to hear the words, but to act on them was another matter entirely. “I'll think about it.” Amishi sighed. “I'm heading to bed. Tomorrow will be the start of a new day, and hopefully I can put everything into perspective then.” “Give me a call sometime tomorrow. Take care.” “I will. Bye.” Amishi's alarm rung loud, disturbing her from sleep. She stretched her arm to stop the sound but found she couldn't move. Panic threatened to overwhelm her, but she squashed it down.
She tried to open her eyes, but something held them closed. Someone was in the room with her. She felt their presence—their body heat. She struggled against the bonds, pulling at the ties that bound her. Her muscles tightened, and she gave the ties a hard yank, but still nothing. The alarm stopped its annoying ringing, and she realized that she had to remain calm. She wasn't going to free herself on her own, so she was at her captor's total mercy. Her throat closed in terror, and she had to force herself to breathe to calm her rattled nerves. Freaking out wasn't in her character. Thinking with a level head was, and it was important she remembered that. “It would be easier on you if you remained still.” His tone was strong and deep. She was sure she'd heard his voice before. And did that mean he knew her? Still, what if his intention was to kill her? Was he going to torture her first? Was that why she was tied up? Her heart felt like it was pounding two hundred beats per minute, and she couldn't stop shaking.
Amishi inhaled deeply, trying to calm the questions running rampant through her brain and the nervousness threatening to take over all rational thoughts. “Who are you? What do you want? You can have anything you want. Please…just don't hurt me.” “I'm not here to harm you, ” the man replied. “Think about it. If I were, you would probably be dead by now. As odd as this may sound, you can trust me. I want to make all of your dreams come true, Amishi.” How in the hell does he know my name? Was he delusional? Trust a com complete stranger? Was the concept even possible? She supposed anything was, but trusting him would make her absolutely insane. “You're asking me to trust you? You break into my home, tie me to my bed, and you're asking me to trust you?” Even her words were coming out shaky now. She took a deep breath. “How do you know my name?” “Because we aren't strangers. I must admit to reading your diary. I have read all of your thoughts and secret fantasies. And I can only hope your words were true. But if they weren't, I will untie you now and walk out of your life for good.” So now the pieces were beginning to fit. She was now 100 percent sure where her lost journal had ended up. In the hands of this man, a stranger for the most part, at least for now. She silently acknowledged that deep in the pit of her stoKuntalh she felt uneasy, vulnerable at the fact that he knew her most private secrets, yet she didn't even know who he was. That posed a huge problem.
She didn't trust easily, and to trust a stranger would be a crazy thing to do. She had started writing in her private book a year ago, and it had been filled with dreams, hopes for her future, and carnal cravings. Through her words, she had tried to find acceptance within herself, and she was crushed that the journal she held sacred had been lost. And now she knew that this man had picked it up and read every secret seduction she craved. He had broken into her apartment and been able to catch her unaware, binding her and depriving her of sight, two things that she had fantasized about. Was she upset that he had delved into her fantasies? She probably should be. Some would even say that being angry would be the logical thing to feel—well, that and fear. But what was done was done. No one could change the past. She could only hope a sane man had read it and that she wasn't dealing with a madman. He hadn't killed her yet. That alone was a huge plus in her favor. What if she asked him to untie her? Did she really believe that he would, or was it a ploy so he could get her to trust him? “Who are you?” “I'm still thinking about whether or not I should tell you who I am, ” the smooth voice murmured. “I don't know if introductions would be wise as of yet. But rest assured, you are safe with me.” It was pretty easy detecting the yearning she heard in his voice. She had to admit it excited her to be in this position, adrenaline pumping through her veins, lust heating her body, anticipation heightening her need. Perhaps Aashita was right.
Maybe she needed to seize the moment and just follow her cravings instead of allowing her fear and doubts to rule her. But she still needed to be careful and levelheaded about this. “How do you expect me to trust you, then, if you won't even tell me your name?” She had no intentions of making his plan easy. Even though there was more than one emotion surging through her, to simply lie back and allow this man to do whatever it is he intended went against her basic nature. She tugged the bonds once more with all her strength, and though they weren't tied tight, she still wasn't able to release herself. She had never submitted or surrendered to anyone in her life. She was used to being in control of every aspect in her life. Though she wrote about how much she hungered for fantasies just like this, it was com completely new to her, and she couldn't help the ball of nervousness that caused her body to tremble slightly. Just how far was would she go with this man? “Amishi, as hard as it is, try and think this through rationally. I know I'm asking for a lot. But I would never harm you in any way.” She was terrified, nervous, and turned on all at once. Getting control of her emotions was hard. But was she truly insane for considering this? Did that make her a freak? Or did that make her as crazy as her captor? It didn't really matter what anyone else thought. What mattered was now, the present, and what was happening in her bedroom—and how far it would go. According to him, it was her choice.
But could she trust that? Could she trust him? She struggled against the rope bonds that held her immobile, and to her surprise, the thrashing movement instantly made her wet. Or was it the fact that he had bound her, made her feel helpless, and she found that idea desirable? She had imagined this exact scenario over and over again, to be forcefully taken, bound and helpless, forced to accept the pleasure from a man strong enough to take the dominating lead. And she had written exactly that and more in her private book. Either way, she suspected he would soon find out she was aroused, her pussy soft and slick, her clit pounding with hunger, and her nipples tight, pressed against the fabric of her short silk nightgown. If he was looking for detailed signs on what aroused her, looking at her pussy and breasts would be the first two places to watch and touch. And secretly, she hoped to hell he would touch soon. Even though she knew her efforts would be futile, she gave the bonds one more hard pull. The ties didn't budge, not even one inch. Her arms were tied to the headboard, and her legs were spread apart, attached to the footboard of her bed with a little slack on each end. She now had to trust her other senses because of the covering over her eyes, and that in itself was a hard thing to do, since she preferred to be a hands-on, seeing kind of gal.
“It would be easier on you, if you released me now.” She made sure her words were steady, and that no hint of arousal was in her voice, but she wouldn't fool herself into thinking that this man would back off and release her. She had written a similar scenario in her journal. In her words, she had been bound just like this, and her captor had been a stranger. But she still never imagined that her naughty visions would ever come true. Considering his proposition probably made her a candidate for an asylum. But still, deep down, she was a bit excited. He seemed to be a man worthy of her attention and strong enough to know what she needed sexually. By the sound of his voice and the way he spoke, he was strong and sure of himself, which was a good thing. Because it would take a strong man to lead her. She was also pretty sure that if he had been a psychopath, the rape and torture would have begun already. She was going to go through with this planned seduction of his. To hell with anyone else's preconceived notion of what was acceptable; she wanted this. She was thirty years old and at a healthy age to confront her cravings. She accepted her fantasies, knew they were a part of her, even though she had yet to find the courage to act them out. Not that she had any hand in orchestrating this one, but she was still intrigued. Who was it who knew she wanted this? And should she put her trust and well-being in a stranger's hands? One thing was certain. She would be rational about this. Because this opportunity wouldn't come again, and letting it slip between her fingers would be a mistake. Still, she wasn't just going to lie back and take it.
She certainly wanted to throw this man off-kilter and see, or in this case, hear, how he would struggle to remain on course with his seduction. And that's the way she saw it: a kinky, skillful, planned seduction. His fingers traced the inside of her leg. She hitched a breath, savoring the feel of his hand. His skin felt rough, like he was used to working in the outdoors, a trait she loved in a man. It showed that he was a hard worker and didn't mind getting down and dirty. His hand crept closer to her pussy, stopping when he was a mere few inches away. “This is exactly what you wanted? To be tied down and taken? Have you ever found a man strong enough to lead you?” No! But I might just have hit the jackpot with you. His last question aroused her, but she wouldn't answer it yet. He may know what she physically needed, but she couldn't allow her heart to become involved. Admitting that he could be the man of her dreams would be dangerous. It was way too early for that. She swallowed tightly. Her nipples beaded, her arousal sending waves of desire through her. “I've wanted this for a long time. But I would need to know who you are before we can even proceed.” She weighed the pluses and negatives. He obviously knew who she was. So he needed to give her his name so she would be able to put her trust in his hands. As electrifying as this was, she needed to be logical about it. “Smart girl.” She smiled. So he appreciated a woman with brains. “Your voice sounds familiar to me, but I can't quite pinpoint where I've heard it before. Are you going to make me wait any longer? Tell me your name, and then we can proceed from there.” Chapter Two Breaking into her home, not knowing if she was alone, was probably at the top of his “Stupidest Thing He'd Ever Done” list, but he couldn't wait any longer.
He hated to admit that desperation brought him to this point. But the simple, truthful fact was that he wanted her. If he didn't tell her who he was, she wouldn't be able to trust him. And he wanted to reassure her that he wouldn't harm her in anyway, physically or emotionally. He also recognized her need to know, so she could in some part have control over what was going to happen. Contrary to what he read about her abandoning all power, he believed she still needed a portion of it. “Once I do tell you who I am, you would then have to be absolutely sure this is what you want. Do not decide quickly. Take as long as you need to think this through, and you are allowed to ask me any questions. I will answer truthfully. I don't want there to be any regrets between us, now or later.” “Okay.” She whispered the word and moistened her lips with her tongue. He didn't realize how nervous he was until this moment. The decision was com completely in her hands. But he had already decided that even if she did tell him to back down, he would pursue her another way. “Mr Kuntal Patel, at your service.” She gasped, her lips parting open. “My sexy neighbor?” He smiled at the surprise he heard in her voice, and that she knew exactly who he was and that it meant something. “The one and only. So you think I'm sexy?” She remained silent, and that scared the shit out of him. Was she having second thoughts now that she knew who he was? He had never felt this anxious before. “I must admit to a few things first.” “What is it?” “At the risk of sounding like a stalker, I've been watching you for a while now.” He had even gone as far as to watch her from afar a few nights to make sure she had no one serious in her life.
He took joy in watching that no one had picked her up to escort her on any dates, observing just a few female friends visiting her home. His actions might have bordered on stalking, but he needed to be absolutely sure that she had no man in her life. “I wanted to make sure that you weren't involved with anyone.” “What would have happened if there had been someone in my life?” Even if she did have a lover, it probably wouldn't have stopped him from going after her. He would have just gone a different route, wooing her at a leisurely pace, until she realized he was the one for her. “I would have simply showed you that I was the better man.” “You sound absolutely confident that you are.” “I can back it up anytime, Amishi.” God, but she was a sexy woman. She had definitely caught more than his eye, with her dark, long hair, the strands reaching down her back. Her smooth skin always appeared radiant, and he would find himself ensnared in her honey-colored eyes whenever she caught a glimpse of him, murmuring her greeting. Her trim body, which she covered in fitted dresses and suits, stimulated him, and he just wanted to fall to his knees, taking time to explore her slowly. She was a treasure, one he imagined he couldn't rush or wouldn't get enough of. Kuntal removed his shirt, unbuttoned the top of his jeans, and readjusted his hard cock.
He didn't want to take his pants off yet, because they served as a barrier, a protection from himself and from ravishing her on the spot. And he could use help in that area. Because he was tempted to start sucking on her toes and work his way up slowly till he brought her to ecstasy with his mouth alone. He climbed on the bed and positioned himself between her legs. She wore a short black silk nightgown to bed, and it was a very delectable choice on her part. Her legs were spread wide, so he caught a perfect view of her black panties. He licked his lips, inhaling deeply; her scent filled the room. He just couldn't wait to get to her cunt, lift her hips to his mouth, and eat at her soft pussy. By a stroke of luck, he had found her journal on the steps leading out of the gated community where they both resided. But there had been no outward information as to who the book belong to, and he had been forced to open it, to see if there had been any information about the owner inside. He needed her to know him better and to realize that though he was giving life to her fantasies, there would still be more to them after this. So, the first step would be getting to know each other. “So you have no questions to ask me? Nothing you want to know or are curious of?” “Are you single?” In the position she was in, it was more than a fair question. “Yes, I am. I wouldn't be doing this if I was involved with anyone.” And he hoped that in time, she could absolutely trust that he was the type of man who would honor the woman he was with. “Where did you find my journal? I've been looking everywhere for it.” “On the steps by the entry gate.
I do have to say that you've accomplished what no woman ever has. You left me tongue-tied.” He laughed. “Nervous like a schoolboy, and I found myself studying you visually but never able to get the guts to ask you on a date.” “You? Tongue-tied? I don't believe it.” “It's all true. I was afraid of rejection. Not that it would've stopped me, if I ever did get the balls to ask. Wait. Not if, but when. If you had said no, I'm sure I would've worn you down eventually with my pleading.” She snorted. “Spoken like a true gentleman. So Kuntal, what's your next step in all of this?” This time her voice gave away nothing, but he bet if he touched her, her body would. The idea held more than a sensual appeal, and he couldn't stop himself from reaching out to her. “Isn't that obvious, Amishi?” He pushed his finger against the silk that covered her cunt. She was hot, her heat seeping through the fabric. She arched her hips toward the digit, and he rubbed her panties against her slick, steamy clit. A moan erupted from her throat. Her underwear was soaked with her cream, and he had to fight back the strong need to fall to his knees and drink her in. The thought of tasting her caused his balls to tighten, his cock to lengthen even farther. “I'm going to bring life to your dreams. There's one particular naughty fantasy I want to act out with you. This is what you want, without a doubt?” “Yes.” She hissed the word through her teeth, her breath coming out in a soft pant.
“This is exactly what I want. And if you have intentions of stopping, I'll kill you.” He laughed. She was a pure vision, her body shifting along with his hand, dancing to the pleasure his finger provided. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her. His cock jerked in his pants, the thick vein along the underside throbbing heavily. “No regrets.” She whispered the two words. And with the release of his breath, Kuntal hadn't realized how desperate he'd been to hear her acceptance. “Then let us proceed.” He pulled his hand back. “Please.” She pleaded so prettily, her full bottom lip forming a sexy pout. His hand flew to the opening of his jeans. With a will made out of steel, he forced himself to stop. Christ! He almost gave in to her, and as soon as he released his dick, he wouldn't have been able to stop. He would've had his cock in her in seconds. No woman had ever made him lose his control like she did, and he couldn't decide if that was a good thing or a dangerous one. “No need to beg, Amishi. I'll soon be doing exactly that. Pleasing you.” But first, he wanted to able to look into her eyes while he pleasured her. Though he'd read in her journal that she wanted to be deprived of sight, he couldn't permit himself to proceed with that step. If he wanted her to fully trust him, then allowing her to see every step would move them toward that direction. Plus, he wanted to see it all in her gaze, the desire she felt, the bliss he was giving her as he thrust his cock into her deep. He climbed down from the bed, took a few steps forward, and gently removed the scarf that was tied around her head. She opened her eyes, blinked twice, then smiled. “Let's get this started.” Chapter Three Amishi couldn't help but stare at Kuntal, eating every detail up with her eyes.
He reminded her of a panther, an animal with sleek, powerful strength, assessing her before it made its move. His muscles were tight as if waiting to pounce. Comparing this man to a beautiful creature was no hardship. But she found Kuntal to be even more handsome than any other living thing. In the past, she had caught him watching her a few times. It didn't disturb her that he appeared so engrossed. Instead, she found herself wondering what was running through his mind, what he was thinking at that exact moment. She had been more than turned on by the sure way he carried himself and the power he seemed to possess. She wanted to explore that and so much more. In the past, they had shared minimal conversation, and she had never been brave enough to confront him. But now that he made the first move, she wouldn't give in to any doubts, fears, or worries swirling in her head. She pushed the thoughts down and forced herself to concentrate on him. He had to be the sexiest man alive. In her eyes, he would always get that number one distinction. He wore his black hair loose, and she couldn't wait to feel the strands against her skin. His gray eyes were fixed on her as she took in his nose, slightly crooked and a bit too long, but somehow a perfect fit for his face. His lips were faultless: not too thin, not too full. She dropped her gaze to his exposed chest. His flesh was smooth, and the muscles defining his strength were clearly visible. She dropped her eyes lower to his rippled stoKuntalh, and then the unbuttoned part of his jeans, where a hint of the top of his cock showed through. God, he was sexy. She wanted to lick him everywhere.
He was the man she wanted to experience everything with. How odd that the realization would fully hit her now, when he was almost naked. But she wouldn't question how fate worked. Her gaze remained glued to his penis, her mouth watering at the sight that heated her blood. If she weren't tied, she would've probably gone to her knees and slowly paid homage to his large cock with her mouth and tongue. And by the impression his shaft left on his jeans, Amishi would have no complaints in the size department. Kuntal removed his pants, and she swallowed hard. The head of his cock was dark, smooth, and she caught a glimpse of the side of his penis, where a vein ran along the top and ended right before the tip. It was simply beautiful, and she was satisfied in some sense by just watching him. He climbed onto the bed and straddled her, his knees on either side of her breasts, and she gasped. He placed his cock inches from her mouth, the head barely kissing her lips as he reached for the two pillows that were tossed to the side. He tucked his hand underneath her, wrapped it around her neck, and gently lifted, placing the pillows behind her head. The movement shifted his dick to the side, and now it brushed her cheek. It definitely gave her a better angle for what he obviously had planned.
“Suck my cock, Amishi. And make sure you do it well, or you'll suffer in your lust all night long.” Her desire went up another notch at his order, and she definitely wanted to please him. She was already to the near point of begging him to take her, and she had no plans to endure her arousal with no pleasure in sight. She opened her mouth as he reached for her hair and plunged his fingers within the strands. He tightened his grip but remained still, watching her. She couldn't break her gaze from his, and it made the act more intimate, which was fine by her. She already knew she wouldn't be able to have just one night of him. She just hoped he felt the same way. And if he didn't, she'd deal with that heartbreak later. She flicked her tongue around his cockhead, capturing a pearly drop of precum that had seeped through the slit. He tasted deliciously masculine, his scent rich and musky, reaching within her and surrounding her body with heat. She lifted her head and pushed more of him into her mouth, then ran her tongue on the vein. He tightened his hand in her hair, causing tingles along her scalp. His cock pulsed, and he pressed more of his shaft into her. That's what she wanted, for him to take control because his lust overpowered his senses. She would reap gratification from the act. She relaxed her throat and took the rest of his cock in. The head reached the back of her mouth, causing her to gag, but she counteracted with swallowing, and it was a bit easier to take him. Giving head had always been a reciprocal service for her; if her lover had done it to her, then he'd receive it back, but it was more out of duty than anything else. It didn't feel that way with Kuntal. Nothing about him could even compare to what she had felt with her previous lovers. She wanted to share everything with him, explore every sexual fantasy, spending days in bed.
The fact that it was a bit soon to be thinking about the future with him unnerved her. And even as she tried again and again to push it away from her mind, it would reappear. But as the saying went, it was what it was. And she couldn't argue with how she felt. “Fuck, Amishi.” He growled the words, sounding more beast than man. She loved it, took immense joy in knowing that she could make him this way. And he was now losing what little control he possessed, handing her a small amount of power, which she would remember and cherish. Perfect. She had always dreamed it would be this way. She moaned as he fucked her mouth with his cock in true abandonment. The tip of his shaft reached the opening of her throat before he withdrew and started all over again. She continued to tighten her mouth around him, alternating between licks and sucking. She lost herself in the scent and taste of him, his male aroma reaching her womb, spiking her arousal high.
His focus on the way she sucked him thrilled her as he continued to thrust deeply into her mouth, and she still couldn't bear to shift her gaze from his. “Amishi!” She saw his body tighten, felt his cock flex once more, and then a burst of his seed shot into the back of her throat. Amishi swallowed his cum, the taste of his essence rich and slightly sweet. She could easily picture herself on her knees—while he was sitting down at his desk, even—bringing him to ecstasy with just her mouth, every day. In her opinion, it would be no hardship. She continued to lick him even as his cock softened. He shifted his body, moving up, and her attention was on to his sac. She ran her tongue along his balls, enveloping one between her lips. He pulled her head back and released her hair. She moved her head, taking the tip of his shaft into her mouth. She felt hot, her arousal high and strong, heating her body from the inside out. “Enough.” Kuntal swung his leg over her and climbed off the bed. Chapter Four He was in trouble. Trouble in the sense that he was hooked on her, and he knew with every fiber of his being that no one except her would be able to satisfy him ever again. The thought was a cliKuntaltic moment for him, and he wished he had the time to let it really sink in. But all he could do was concentrate on how lovely she looked. There was an innocence about her in the way she lost herself while bringing him to the most astounding pleasure he'd ever experienced. She was more than good, and just like that, he was addicted to her. The future without her would be a bleak one. He reached down and rubbed at the corner of her lip where she missed a drop of semen. The sight of her brought a fierce primitive need within him, leaving a desire to shout that she was his to the world. The knowledge that he would never find anyone like her raced through his brain. And the intense attraction scared him because he suspected that he was experiencing what love at first sight truly meant.
But he'd never been one to back down or run from anything. And he wouldn't start now. Controlling the lust heating his body was probably the hardest thing he ever had to do. Managing it, harnessing it, was a huge problem, but he wouldn't be deterred. Acting like a wild beast in front of her wasn't an option. Kuntal intended to make this the best morning of Amishi's life. And from there, he silently hoped they would continue, in the days to come, their exploration of each other—not only physically but mentally too. His feelings unnerved him, but he wasn't letting her go. “And now for the next step.” He reached for the black bag that held the sex toys he had purchased. He unzipped it, delving inside for lube, an anal plug, nipple clamps, and a pair of scissors. “There are steps you're following?” Her voice was husky, filled with desire. He lifted his gaze as he placed the bag on the corner of the bed and retrieved the items. “There are actually, and your journal is my guide. I've paid very close attention to your details.” A snort erupted from her lips. “Well, the first step was more than enjoyable.” He laughed. “Isn't that supposed to be my line?” “The giver can find as much enjoyment in the act as the receiver. If you touch between my legs, you would know I'm correct. I almost came from enjoying you. But I'm very interested to see what you have planned next. I'm sure your steps will astound me. You have my full attention and my permission to proceed.” This time he held his laughter back. She was truly a delight, a mixture of smart sassiness one second and haughtiness in another. And that was another thing he found endearing about her.
Kuntal placed the sex toys on the bed by her feet and climbed back onto the mattress. He grabbed the scissors and began to cut her nightgown from the hem up. He pulled the fabric from her skin so the blade was far enough from her enticing flesh. “What are you doing?” She breathed the words out, and he noticed how she held her breath. He hoped it was in anticipation or lust. Though fear sometimes heightened the sex, it was the last thing he wanted her to feel. “Making sure there is nothing in our way.” He grinned. He couldn't wait to taste her. The fabric fell away, revealing a remarkably seductive body. He cut her panties next, and as he pulled the underwear away, tossing it to the floor, he found he couldn't remove his gaze from her hairless pussy. He'd never seen a more beautiful sight, slick and rosy from desire, the folds glistening with her cream. To lick and suck her for the next hour would be heaven. He put the scissors on the nightstand beside the bed. He wanted nothing in his way when he imprinted her perfect body in his memory forever. He sat back on his calves, and his gaze fell on her breasts. They were round, her nipples a light shade of brown, the tips tight with desire. He reached out, helpless to stop the yearning to touch her. He traced his finger around the tip of her breast. If he bent and brought his mouth close to taste her, he'd go all the way and sink his cock deep inside of her. Kuntal pulled his hand back, then dropped his gaze to her stoKuntalh and flared hips. She was perfect as she was, all velvety-smooth skin that any man would love to explore. Not just any man. Him—only him. His desire for her was intense, and he was coming more to terms with it each minute that passed. “What are you waiting for?” She squirmed, tightening the muscles in her abdomen. He hoped it wasn't in nervousness. “Patience has its rewards.” He lifted his gaze to hers and smiled. He'd never been this aroused before, this totally focused on one woman. He placed his palm on the inside of her thigh. He felt her heat inches from his fingers, and he couldn't help it when he began to crawl closer to her pussy. The tips of his fingers grazed her pussy, and he groaned as he touched her slick, hot wetness. “You're ready for me.” “Of course I am.”
She moaned as she lifted her hips in an attempt to get closer to him. “It seems like I've been dreaming about this exact scenario for always.” And the reality was proving to be a hundred times better than the fantasies he had, since he'd found her journal. He pulled his hand back from her. “Lift your hips.” She did so without question, and he hoped it was because of the desire he'd seen in her gaze, felt in her trembling body. Taking a pillow from the side, Kuntal slid it under hips. She lowered herself down, and the new position raised her higher and closer to him. He reached for the lube, uncapping it and coating his index and middle finger thickly. She licked her lips. “What is your next step?” “Making sure your ass is stretched as wide as possible for my cock.” She gasped. He stilled his hand, unsure if the sound that erupted from her lips was of consent or hesitation. “Are you opposed to the idea? If you'd like me to stop or take it a little slower, I will. Is this a first for you?” Damn! Perhaps, he should've asked her those questions before he made his move. Even so, he sure as hell hoped she wouldn't say no. He wanted to give her all the fantasies she had written out and then some. “Yes… I mean—” She took a deep breath, then released it slowly. “What I meant to say was, yes, it is my first time, and no, I'm not against the idea.” A hot wave of lust ran through him at her words, and he withheld himself from rutting with her like a ravaging beast, even though that's exactly how he felt at this moment. He pushed his index finger into her ass, thrusting the lubed digit in and out. Her hips arched from the bed, and she moaned. “It's cold.” “You'll be warm soon enough.” He continued to move his finger in a slow pace, stretching her. It slipped in, and she clenched her muscles around him. He almost came on the spot at the thought of his cock pushing into her tightness. Minutes passed before he felt her relax and her hips begin to move. “How does it feel?” “Too good.” He pressed his middle finger in, inch by inch, and waited a few moments until she became accustomed to the new size. She gasped, and he began to move. She was aroused, her breath coming out in pants, her nipples tight, and her cream flowing from her pussy down to his fingers. Hell, he could come from watching her alone, and it made him even hotter.
“You're so hot, Amishi. It's taking all of my strength not to sink my cock into you right now. The way your ass grips my finger so tightly, I could just come from that alone.” She whimpered, “Do it. Sink your cock deep into me.” He wanted to, more than anything. But there was one important question he needed an answer to, and it couldn't wait. “I'm hanging on by a thread here. But there's one more thing I need to know. Are you protected, Amishi?” “Protected?” She whispered the word. “Yes. On any type of birth control?” He hoped to hell she was, and at the same time found it unnerving that he would even consider fucking her without protection. “Yes. On the Pill. I trust you, Kuntal.” And he was glad she did. It meant so much to him. He closed his eyes momentarily, silently hoping his self-control would win over the raging lust running deep within him. He'd never gone in without a condom before. He was careful with his partners, always insisting that protection be used. His balls drew up tight against the base of his throbbing dick at the thought of entering her pussy bare. A gush of her sweet, hot juices spilled to his hand, and he groaned, fighting back the need to take her. What would it feel like to be enveloped by her slick, hot pussy, flesh against flesh? He reached for the plug, which was less thick, and about three inches shorter than his own length, and circled the tip into the opening of her ass. He noticed when the muscles in her thighs tightened. “Don't fight it, Amishi. It will be so much better if you give in and savor the pleasure.” He pushed the plug in as her anal muscles instinctively pressed against the plastic cock seeking entrance. But he was relentless and he continued forward slowly, until the top passed the sphincter, and not stopping until it was all the way in her snug, hot ass. “Kuntal!” She screamed out his name as more of her hot juices spilled on his hand. The sweet scent of her filled the room, and he inhaled, taking her aroma deep within him. He wanted to put his mouth on her pussy and suck all her cream up so the taste of her would be with him always. And she deserved a reward for being so obedient, so trustworthy.
He crawled between her spread legs and lay down. He brought his mouth to her hairless mound, staring in awe at the glistening folds of her sweet pussy. The color of her clitoris was a tempting dark shade of red. “You've been so good, Amishi…so trusting.” He pursed his lips and blew a puff of air on her rosy clit. “Please, Kuntal.” He wasn't going to wait any longer. He held out long enough for the both of them. “Pleasing you, honey, is my number one priority.” And with those words, he placed his lips on her. Chapter Five She moaned his name as she lifted her hips, trying to get closer to his seductive mouth. The pillows under her head lifted her high enough for a perfect view, and she couldn't remove her gaze from his. He was perfect and determined to see to her gratification. There were no flaws in his technique, nothing that could make her believe he wasn't her physical match. She tried to remember a time when she had felt such a strong desire before with her exes, and none came to mind. Her past sexual experiences couldn't compare to the pleasure she was feeling now. He ran his tongue over her wet labia, then pushed it into her pussy. He fucked her with his mouth, taking his time with her, until the pleasure boiled to the point where she thought she'd explode from it. Not being able to touch him was the hard part, because she was forced to focus on him com completely. She was afraid he would become an obsession to her, and that was a dangerous thought because she still didn't know what would happen after tonight. She was achy, needy, and she didn't know how long she could survive his heavenly torture. He pressed his mouth tighter to her, then ran his tongue over her clit, flicking it back and forth. She clenched her stoKuntalh as the heat in her womb began to spread. She could feel her orgasm just inches away. She whimpered, and it was as if he knew what she was asking for when he pressed his tongue even harder against her clit. Her whole body tightened.
“Kuntal!” Stars burst behind her closed eyes as the pleasure momentarily stole her breath. She exploded as her leg muscles flexed, and she arched closer to him, her orgasm leaving her breathless and shaking. She should be embarrassed that she had come within minutes, something no man in her past had ever achieved. But now that she had a taste of what Kuntal could offer her, she wanted more of him. She felt him move away from her as she heaved in a few breaths, and she opened her eyes. “That was incredible.” It was more than incredible, and as corny as it sounded in her mind, it was as if their souls had bonded at the precious moment when she reached her pinnacle. But she wasn't ready to tell him that yet. The color of his eyes was a shade darker than earlier. “I could eat you for days, Amishi. You taste sweet, like candy.” And the thought of Kuntal bringing her ecstasy with just his mouth, over and over again, sent a shiver of desire throughout her body. Her womb fluttered, and she craved him…all of him. She needed to feel his cock inside of her. “Fuck me, Kuntal. Give me all of it.” He covered her with his body, and she felt the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy. She found herself tilting her hips upward, hoping he'd thrust into her deep and hard, on the verge of begging him to do so. “Amishi.” Her name came out like a growl as he pushed into her, not stopping till it felt like the top of his dick had hit her womb. She held her breath, briefly closing her eyes, cherishing the way he fit her so perfectly, and savored the moment. She wrapped her hands around the bonds that held her, needing something to hold on to. It wasn't just her body and the physical feelings she needed to get a grasp on. It was the emotions that pounded through her with every beat of her heart. Kuntal was different than any other man she had attempted sex with in a bid to feed her evergrowing hunger. He paid attention to what she had written down in her journal, and had not only acted out part of what she wanted, but he gave her so much more than just bodily contact. He gave her hope that happiness wasn't impossible like she had previously believed. She tightened her pussy around his cock.
He growled, plunging into her deeper, withdrawing slowly before repeating it over again. The sexual act was supersensitized with the plug still inserted in her, and she never felt so deliciously full in her life. She lost herself in the scent of him, and the way he mastered her body as if he had known her longer than tonight. The air conditioner didn't help to cool her ardor, nor the glistening sheen that coated her body. Nothing could quench the fire within her. There was only one person who could do that, and she counted herself lucky that he was right where she needed him. Kuntal bent his head and brushed his lips against hers. She opened her mouth, slipping her tongue between his lips as she writhed in pleasure beneath him. Too many sensations assaulted her at once; the hard, slick muscles of his body pressed against her own, the way he pushed his cock into her drenched pussy, and the fact that he sucked on her tongue like he couldn't get enough of her were just a few. He broke the kiss, and they both were panting hard. “You're so tight, Amishi, so hot.” He bent his head and took her beaded nipple between his teeth, biting down lightly as he flicked his tongue back and forth. It sent tingles of delight throughout her body, causing her clit to throb. No one had ever made her this hot and aroused before. She was trying her best to savor the way he loved her, to prolong the pleasure as long as possible. But the way he licked at her breast as he continued to thrust in and out brought her to the very edge of bliss. The heat was explosive, coming from deep within her. He thrust, faster, harder, his thick shaft pushing her to the brink of ecstasy. She arched her hips, meeting his every move, wanting to get even closer. She wished that her hands were free, so she could hold him. She exploded, her pussy clamping down, holding his rigid cock inside of her as she screamed his name. “Kuntal!” She closed her eyes as the air left her lungs. He pushed his dick deep within as his fingers dug into her hips. His cock throbbed once, and he growled what sounded like her name before spilling his seed inside of her.
Chapter Six Kuntal scooted to the bottom of the bed and untied the bonds at her ankles. He moved back up and reached for the ties at her wrists. He removed them, then rubbed the skin, taking time to make sure he hadn't harmed her by binding her. He moved farther down and lay beside her, placing his hand on her stoKuntalh. “Are you okay?” She looked like a goddess, her hair spread on the pillow, tempting him beyond reason. She laid her hand on top of his. “I feel excellent. That was incredible.” “You're incredible, Amishi. I've never felt that way with anyone before.” She blushed, the heat deepening the color in her cheeks. “I understand what you mean. So, what's next?” He moved his hand and laid it between her breasts, feeling her heart beating steadily. Her skin was soft and smooth, and he found it extra hard to stay still. But he would not be rushed. He'd take his time, even in the conversations he had with her. He wanted to learn everything from her and had every intention of doing so. “In a hurry already to get to the next step? Do you have anywhere else to be?” “Technically, this is my summer vacation. It began three days ago, and I've still yet to plan what I'll be doing for the next two weeks. So the answer to your question would be no, I'm not in any hurry. The question was more out of curiosity as to what you've planned for us.” “Curiosity keeps the suspense heightened, but I'm nowhere near finished with what's going on between us. Do you need to use the bathroom?” “Yes. What about the plug?” “I'll ease it out. Then we can shower and grab a bite to eat. Let's go.” They both rose from the bed at the same time, and he followed her. Her bathroom appeared to be the same size as the one in his apartment, and that meant it had plenty of space for the both of them. The room smelled of her, the scent of lilacs mixed with spring. It aroused him further, anticipation and hunger causing a heat to spread within him. He stepped to the side, and after pulling back the shower curtain, he turned the water on to a warm level.
“Lift your leg on the toilet.” She did as he requested, and he aligned his body with hers, his front to her back. He wrapped his arm around her waist, spreading his fingers against her abdomen. With his other hand, he reached for the plug. “Take a deep breath, Amishi, and then release it slowly.” “Okay.” She inhaled, and he began to pull the plug out as she exhaled. He stepped away from her, taking it to the sink to wash it quickly, and then placed it on a shelf above the toilet to dry. He grabbed her by the waist, guiding her into the tub. He followed and watched as she closed her eyes and stepped under the spray. He reached for the liquid soap. He squeezed the bottle, putting an excessive amount in his hands as she poked her head out from the water. “You are beautiful.” She truly was, inside and out. It seemed surreal to him, and he couldn't believe how lucky he was to have found her and her diary. She was a treasure, one he wanted to cherish. She smiled, displaying two even rows of white teeth. “I'm happy you think so.” He began to wash her from the neck down, slowly passing her breasts, her stoKuntalh, until he reached her pussy. She automatically widened her legs, and he began to clean her softly. “Are you tender down here?” She gasped as he dipped a finger into her opening. He pulled out, then began a light rub against her clit, using his thumb to massage her outer creamy folds. His balls were tight, his cock painfully hard. His reaction to her amazed him and, at the same time, humbled him. But he wouldn't analyze that now because in the next second he was going to be inside her. His skin felt tight, his blood hot, his heart pounding fast and hard, and he realized he was on the verge of coming, just by touching her alone. “No, I'm fine.” “Good.” And that was all he could say at the moment, because he dipped his arms in the water, washing the soap off, and wrapped his hands around her waist. “Wrap your legs around me.” She did, squeezing him with her inner thighs, brushing her lips against his neck as she waited for his next command.
* * * * * She was breathless and exhilarated at the same time. He made her feel so many things, and she found it was hard to keep her emotions in check. But she managed, just barely. The desperation for what only he could give her overwhelmed her, but not to the point where she wanted him to stop. She shivered in anticipation, tightening her legs around him even harder. She circled her arms around his neck as he aligned his cock against her pussy. She lifted her gaze to his and licked her lips. “Fuck me.” He had told her he wanted time to explore, but at this moment, that wasn't what she needed. She wanted it hard, fast, wanted his cock to assuage the hunger within her. Her heated lust consumed her inside and out, and she found herself once again on the verge of begging him. “Don't worry about hurting me. I can take whatever you dish out.” She wasn't breakable, and she trusted him. She needed him, pounding his cock inside of her until she came. “You are fucking hot.” He whispered the words into her ear, his voice low and harsh. She heard the need in his voice, and she hoped he heard it as well in hers. But she couldn't reply, too caught up in the sexual ecstasy. He growled as she dug her nails into the flesh at his shoulders. He plunged, thrusting his rigid dick deep inside, dominating her with that first push. He didn't allow her body any time to adjust to him, and that was fine with her. Her wet pussy spasmed and clutched his shaft tightly. He was heaven and hell at the same time, and she loved it. He flexed his hips, pounding into her. The bathroom wall behind her was as hard and unyielding as he was. She grabbed his hair, tugging on the strands as she sucked at his neck. His scent reached deep within her, and she wanted to mark him so that others would know he was taken. She recognized it as an animalistic response, but it was exactly how she felt. She released his skin and writhed beneath him as drops of water ran down their bodies. She reached up and cupped her breast, offering it to him. He caught on quickly, bending his head and capturing a tight nipple between his lips. He licked and sucked, until she was tossing her head, aroused at the heated pleasure his mouth caused. He moved his hands to her ass, never slowing down on his thrusts as he spread her cheeks and the tip of his finger circled her opening. He pushed the digit in, and she bit at his shoulder as electricity spread from the pit of her stoKuntalh to her pussy. She closed her eyes, focused com completely on the bliss they shared. He would have marks tomorrow from the biting, but she couldn't care less.
* * * * * His cock drove into her mercilessly, and he couldn't seem to make himself slow down even if he'd wanted to. She brought him to the brink of ecstasy, and he stayed hard for her simply because he couldn't get enough of her. He had almost come when she'd sucked his neck, probably marking him. She clung to him, the muscles of her legs tight, enveloping him as he continued to fuck her. His cock throbbed in warning, an arrow of heat shooting down his back just as she shouted his name. “Kuntal!” The juices of her pussy coated his cock as she spasmed around him, and he continued to thrust through her orgasm, her whimpers and moans urging him on. His balls were tight, ready to explode as he pounded his cock into her. This was what he craved, the powerful dominant to his submissive, his body in tune with hers in a way that left them both hungry for more, reaching for the ecstasy they could give to one another. He felt every wave of her spasms around his shaft, her body soft, submitting to him. Fire traveled down his spine, and it seemed to momentarily curl inside his balls, waiting to erupt. For a brief moment, white spots appeared before his gaze, but he shook his head and blinked his eyes, the action clearing his vision. He gritted his teeth as he pushed his dick inside as deep as he could go. When it felt like the head of his cock had reached her womb, he groaned her name out loud, his cum shooting from him in a powerful, hot stream. She was his, now and forever. All he had to do was tell her. Chapter Seven After the sex in the shower, Kuntal had washed her tenderly, rinsing and drying her in the same manner. Amishi had put on a pair of shorts and a tank, and he had taken it upon himself to brush her hair. She had to admit feeling vulnerable at that precise moment as she found him staring at her in her bedroom mirror. She had forced herself to look elsewhere, hoping that he didn't see any of the obvious feelings she had for him, neither in her gaze nor her face. But she didn't think she would have a problem telling him what she wanted sexually. He had more than proved himself that he cared about her in that department. If she were rating her past orgasms, this had to be the best as of yet. He truly did know her body and what pleased her. Her muscles felt deliciously languid as she now sat and watched him prepare sandwiches from the cold cuts that were in her fridge. He was shirtless, barefoot, clad only in jeans, and she found pleasure in watching him move. She was com comfortable in his presence, and it was no hardship imagining them together like this on a day-to-day basis. She pushed her plate away and drank half her lemonade before setting the cup down.
She raised her gaze and found him watching her. “Why are you staring?” She cringed inwardly. The way he stared at her made her feel exposed, but she hadn't meant to ask the question out loud. It sounded somewhat rude. “I'm trying to figure you out. You seem hesitant of what you want.” “Hesitant? I would think that the journal you've read wouldn't describe me as such. It's pretty straightforward.” She watched as he popped the last bit of sandwich into his mouth. He picked up his glass, and drank the liquid quickly. “I'm not talking about the words you've put on paper regarding your fantasies.” He shoved his plate to the side. “I hope I don't offend you in any way, and if I may be so forward to say, you sound unsure when it comes to men, or at least me.” He was right. “What makes you say that?” “There are a few times that I've caught you watching me, and it seemed as if you were on the verge of telling me something important, but you've held back. Why?” Oh God! It was as if he could read the emotions on her face. She couldn't speak, fearful of what she would say. She tried to gather her thoughts. “I could say the same about you.” “That isn't an answer.” “It's one you'll get for now.” He rose to his feet, moved his chair next to hers, and sat down, turning his body toward her. She could feel the heat of his flesh as if it were reaching out to her, and arousal whipped through her insides. “What do you look for in a man?” That was a question she could answer. “Many things. A man filled with kindness but strong at the same time. A man who wouldn't be afraid of the things I would need. A man who would push me when I needed the push, and who would comfort me when my emotions get the best of me. And that's just a few of the things I would need. Satisfied?” “Not by a long shot, Amishi. Why write your fantasies in a book?” She narrowed her eyes and debated answering. It wasn't because she didn't trust him. But was it too soon to open up to him? Still, they needed to get to know each other, and she supposed this would be the perfect time to start. “From an analytical point of view, I guess I used it as an outlet to pour my feelings into. My dating experience has been okay. But when the men I've dated find out exactly how far I want to go in the sex department, they politely offer a ridiculous excuse to break up.” His eyes seemed to blaze at her response. The muscles in his arms tightened as he fisted his hands. “They're com complete and utter fools.” His voice was hard, without emotion. Was it jealousy she heard in his tone? She wouldn't mind if it was, because it meant that he wanted more than just one night.
“Nevertheless, Kuntal, that is why my fantasies have been written in my journal. I have given up hope of finding a man who could satisfy me, not just in bed but in every aspect.” She threw the last line at him, making sure there was no emotion in her voice. Or at least she hoped there wasn't. She was curious as to how he would handle her opening. She hoped it would lead him to state some sort of commitment or promise of a future. “Well, you found one.” That's it? That's all he was going to say? “For now.” She realized she was pushing a little and forced herself to hold back. He reached over and pushed up the strap of her tank top, which had fallen over her shoulder. “There is one more thing I would need clarification on.” He passed his hand over her breast, causing her nipple to tighten, before pulling back. She clenched her stoKuntalh, and she smiled as a warm tingling sensation spread throughout her womb. There was no question that he could turn her on with just a simple touch. “Just one?” “For now.” He laughed, repeating her words. “I read the passage in your diary about a threesome. Was that something you would ever consider, truly?” “If you didn't know it yet, every fantasy written I would at least try once.” And she honestly would. She may have slight problems in conveying her feelings, but when it came to sex with him, that would be the least of her worries. “How am I supposed to find out what I like if I don't allow myself to personally discover what I've written?” He shoved the chair back and rose. “That's all I needed to know.”
* * * * ** He hadn't meant to press her. But he desperately wanted her to open up. He could feel that there was more than a heated attraction between them, and he wasn't going to give up on finding out exactly what it was. Hell! Even he could admit he was halfway to falling in love with her com completely. And though he wanted to tell her that, he feared it was way too soon. The last thing he wanted was her running from him. He wrapped an arm around her waist and the other under her knees, then lifted her from the chair. She wrapped her arms around his neck. “What are you doing?” His cock throbbed at the sound of her voice. Her tone was breathless, her gaze filled with arousal. He walked to her bedroom and placed her on her feet. “Continuing what I started. I'm going to fuck you, nice and slow. But first, I want a taste of something forbidden.” He went to his knees and dragged her shorts down. She stepped out of them. “Want to take a guess what I'm talking about, Amishi?” She licked her lips. “You're going to fuck my ass.” He placed a hand on her waist, steadying her, and lifted her leg, placing it on his shoulder. “Sweetness, that's exactly what I'm going to do.” But first he had to taste her. He dropped his gaze and stared at her pussy, slick and hot with her essence. He put his lips on her, lapping at her juices. She tasted wonderful, like sweet honey, and he inhaled, taking her scent deep within. He was hungry for her, and he wanted to possess her in every which way. She was perfect for him, com completely soft and submissive to what they both desired. She put one hand in his hair, and one on his shoulder, her nails digging into both, causing his cock to jerk against his jeans as the muscles on her thighs tightened. “Kuntal!” He loved the way she said his name just when she was about to come. He licked at her clit, then sucked it between his lips. He ran his tongue against the folds, drinking the cream that spilled from her. He took his time, licking every crevice before returning his attention to her hard, throbbing clit. Her breaths came out in pants, and he could feel her muscles tightening in readiness. She tugged on his hair as he thrust his tongue into her pussy, then ran it over her clitoris, and she clamped her thighs around his head. Her juices spilled, and he drank every drop up, running his tongue over her labia and clitoris again and again. He wanted to spend an eternity bringing her to pleasure, but until she decided that he was what she wanted, they only had a few hours left to be together. He hoped to hell this wasn't his last time with her, because he'd use everything in his power to not lose her.
He plunged his tongue into her snug pussy, his dick jerking at the contact as her body began to shiver. He continued to love her with his mouth, and her legs began to shake. “Stop.” She dropped her leg and took a step back. He rose to his feet. “Stop?” He would if she asked, but he didn't think that's what she meant. “It's too much.” “What's too much, Amishi?” “The pleasure.” He walked over to her nightstand and reached for the lubricant he had bought for this occasion. He was going to fill her with his seed in all her openings, so she would always remember that he possessed her, not only physically but emotionally as well. “You'll learn soon enough that the pleasure can never be too much.”
* * * * * The orgasm only left her hungry for more. He put her on the bed, and she sank back into the mattress, yearning for more of him. Was it possible that someone could die from an overload of desire? And it was a carnal desire that shook her to the very core. She felt decadent, well loved, and she was becoming attached to him in the most elemental way. As crazy as it sounded, in just few hours, he had found his way into her heart and had become irreplaceable. She wasn't as fearful of the idea as she was hours ago. In fact, she was becoming more accustomed to it, and she sure as hell hoped he felt the same way when she was ready to reveal her feelings to him. He stripped off his jeans, kicking them somewhere behind him. His shaft was viciously hard, the head dark with arousal. He reached for a pillow. “Raise your ass.” She did, and he placed the pillow under her hips. “Spread your legs open, Amishi.” She watched as he applied lubricant on his cock and then his finger as his gaze remained riveted to her hairless mound. He reached out and stroked her clit with his thumb, circling it, before trailing his index finger to her ass. He pushed the digit in, surging in and out, spreading the lube. Her body shook in lust, and she had to bite her lip to keep from shouting and pleading for him to fuck her. “Kuntal!” Her hips shot off the bed, but he continued to push the digit in and out, adding a second one. She couldn't help but move, loving the burn that spread through her body. She was on the verge of coming, just seconds away as she rode his hand. He withdrew, and she moaned. But she felt when his broad cock was at her opening. Her gaze remained on him as he began to push in slowly. “Relax, Amishi. It'll be easier on you.” She did as he asked, and he worked his shaft in by inches. Each time he pushed, she breathed in deeply, then released.
The pain/pleasure wound her insides tight. She kept taking shallow breaths, praying at the same time that her body could take all of him. “You're so fucking tight. I'm all the way in.” She felt full as pulses of pleasure ran through her body. The throbbing pain was dismal compared to the sexual rapture she was feeling. He gave her one moment to get a hold on the tumultuous emotions pounding through her, and then he began to move in steady, deep strokes. He dominated her with his sexual movements; her body could do nothing but be pliant and ready for him. He pushed his cock in and out. Electricity raced through her, causing her body to quiver. He reached below and brushed her clit with his thumb. He began to rub it in a circular motion, and her insides felt like they were melting in pleasure. She lost her breath, felt hot inside and out, and struggled to hold her orgasm back, her body bucking at the way he thrust into her. She arched her hips and wrapped her legs around his waist, seeking a deeper connection. “You're so fucking hot, Amishi. It's taking all I have to hold back.” She knew exactly how he felt. He was in tune with her body, knowing how shallow and fast he should go, but she wanted him to lose control. “Don't, Kuntal. Give me all of it.” “Amishi.” He groaned and plunged his cock faster. Sweat coated their skin, the muscles in his arms and chest were bunched tight, and her nipples were tight buds of arousal. And it seemed he knew exactly what to do to set her off. He stroked her clitoris faster, and she burst, screaming his name. A streak of fire ran from her ass to her pussy, the force of it swallowing her alive, sending her into a place where she could only feel him, inside and out. Nothing existed, and for this special moment, there were no worries or doubts on whether they would continue seeing each other. Only their connection was what mattered the most, in this instant, and all she could do was surrender to the ecstasy. Chapter Eight Amishi opened her eyes and then blinked at the bright sunlight spilling from the curtains.
She automatically reached over to her left, surprised to feel the bed still warm but empty. She didn't hear any movement or water running in her bathroom. Was he in the kitchen? Or did he leave without so much as a good-bye? Where could he have gone? Her heart felt like it was breaking into pieces as worries flooded her mind. She turned her head, her gaze settling on the folded piece of paper on top of the pillow, and surprisingly, her journal. She supposed the sensible thing was for him to return it, but she was still in shock to find it on her bed. She honestly hadn't given any real thought to the return of her diary since he appeared in her bedroom. Her fingers brushed the book, but she grabbed the letter instead. She clutched it to her heart, afraid for a few seconds to read the note, and even more scared that reading it would mean the end. Where could he be? And would the letter contain some sort of awful explanation, breaking off their relationship even before it started? Did they even have a chance? Were they just a one-night stand? She never had one, and the idea made her even more nervous. The questions running through her mind sickened her. But they wouldn't stop her from opening it up. She shook her head, sat up, and opened the letter. She was through living her life in fear. She didn't regret what happened last night. But what if he did, and where would that leave her? Her gaze dropped to the scripted words. Amishi, Today's a new day, and with that comes great expectations on my behalf. Though our time together has been short, I do want to continue seeing you. It's more than that. I want to wake up with you next to me every day. I want to be able to give you a foot massage when you come home from work. I want to be able to cook meals for you and fill the bathtub with soap and rose petals, so you can relax while I make sure you have everything you need. Your pleasure would always come before my own, and even then seeing your enjoyment would bring me contentment. But the last thing I want to do is push myself on you. I do want you to know where I stand, though.
Yesterday was a fantasy—a delicious one, but nevertheless a dream we explored. I would like to continue traveling this road with you, and I would love to explore the feelings I have for you and watch them grow. But it's important that you know I don't want to force you into anything more. Not once did we exactly speak about the future. And now I'm laying it all on the line. You need to be absolutely sure that I'm what you want in your life. Anything else, we can handle. Take as long as you need. Kuntal Stupid man! Now he states what he explicitly wants, and on damn paper too. Amishi squashed down the silly urge to cry. Why hadn't he confronted her with his feelings and doubts? It would have been simpler if he had opened up to her, instead of leaving a letter that would probably force him to think about his insecurities all day. If he had revealed what he wanted, she would have shown him with words and her body that it was exactly what she too was looking for. Last night turned out to be more than she had been expecting, more than she could have ever hoped for. But it proved he was the one for her. And now that she found a man who could satisfy the wild urges in her, she wasn't going to give him up—not for anything in the world. This time she would try her best not to give in to her doubts. She was going to go after what she wanted—what she needed. And that was him. Amishi slid off the bed and walked to her dresser. Opening the drawer, she pulled out a white thong and matching bra before heading to the shower. With a seductive outfit and equally sexy underwear, she was going to go hunting for her man.
* * * * * An hour later, and she was at his precinct, nerves twisting her insides into knots. She probably should have waited until Kuntal arrived home tonight, and then met him at his apartment. Instead, she had impulsively traveled to his workplace, and now thoughts of not entering filled her head. You've trusted him this far, Amishi. Don't ruin it now by running. She repeated the words and over in her head. She found herself on the verge of running. But she was stronger than that, and this time she would keep the promise she made to herself. It hadn't been too hard to find where he worked. She had first tried his apartment, but no answer. After a few phone calls to local precincts, she had finally hit pay dirt on the third one. Would his workplace be secure enough to confront their feelings? What if he wasn't alone? What the hell was she going to do then? She mentally shoved her own insecurities away and opened the door to the station. Entering, she headed straight for the middle-aged lady in uniform behind the information desk. “Hi, I'm wondering if you could help me. I'm looking for Mr Kuntal Patel.” “I'll see if he's in his office. And you are?” “Tell him Amishi's here to see him.” She watched as the woman picked up the phone and repeated the words she had just told her. “He'll see you. He's in room three-oh-four. When you get to the corner, take a right, and his office is the last one.” Her palms were sweaty, so she just nodded her head. “Thank you.” She made her way through the officers walking about, some with a sense of urgency, others slowly making their own way through. She stopped in front of 304, and thankfully the door was closed. It gave her a couple of much- needed seconds to compose herself, though she didn't think it would help. Her heart was pounding, and there was no way she could make it slow down. She needed to stop acting like she was facing a death sentence and instead start acting like she was going after what she truly wanted. She knocked. “Come in.” His voice came through loud and sinfully sexy. She turned the knob and opened the door. She saw him immediately, sitting behind his desk, which was in the center of the room. She stepped in and kicked the door closed with the heel of her shoe as she noticed another man in the room. He was sitting on one of the chairs that were opposite the desk, so she couldn't make out any of his features. Kuntal rose to his feet and walked toward her. “Amishi.” She licked her suddenly dry lips and turned away from the other man. “Kuntal.” “This is a delightful surprise. Are you okay?” He spoke the words softly as his gaze traveled from her face down to the fitted black dress she wore. She forced herself to relax and concentrate on his handsome face. His brows were creased in worry, and his lips were pressed into a thin line.
But it seemed to add to his harsh Kuntalho look, and it reminded her that it was one of the reasons why she had found him so attractive in the first place. “I'm fine. I'm actually here about the note. If you have a few minutes, there are some things we need to discuss.” “I'll always make time for you.” She was suddenly distracted as the second man in the room rose. “Let me introduce you to my partner, Harshal Gandhi. Harshal, this is Amishi.” Amishi watched as Harshal walked over to her, then stood beside Kuntal and extended his hand. She shook it, and it was much larger than her own. His strength was evident in the sure way he held her and in the roughness of his flesh. He was a handsome man, tall and lean, his facial features strong, his straight blond hair to his shoulders, and black eyes that felt like he was looking into her very soul. “It's nice to meet you, Harshal.” His penetrating gaze swept from her toes to the top of her head, and for a second she felt vulnerable, almost as if he wanted to ravish her on the spot. She withdrew her hand as she felt the red heat of a blush spread from her neck to her face. She turned to Kuntal. “I'll only take a few seconds of your time.” “And that'll be my cue to leave, ” Harshal said. “Pleasure meeting you, Amishi. I'm sure the next time we meet it will be under a different kind of urgency. I'll call you later, Kuntal, and you can let me know if we're still on.” Next time they met it would be under a different kind of urgency? What did that mean? He gave her no chance to reply as he opened the door and walked out, closing the door behind him. “Your partner is a tad odd.” Kuntal laughed. “You'll get to know him better and realize he's harmless.” She shook her head, forcing all thoughts of Harshal away. “I wanted to speak to you about the note.” “I—” She reached up and pressed her fingers against his lips, cutting his words off. “I want to get this out before I lose my nerve. We didn't actually have a chance to speak yesterday. Not that I'm complaining, but I want to make it clear to you that I more than want what we have to continue, Kuntal. It's more than a physical attachment to you. As cheesy as it may sound, I feel a deeper connection, as if we're soul mates. I want us to be together, and I sincerely believe that what I found with you in just a few short hours, I wouldn't find with anyone else. I'm willing to try to make us work, Kuntal.”
She removed her fingers from his lips. Kuntal wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her against him. “I meant every word I said in the letter, Amishi. And it isn't because I read your journal. I've desired you ever since I first laid eyes on you, but I honestly hadn't expected to feel so much for you so soon. But I'm not running from it. I'm here for as long as you need me.” He took her mouth in a heated kiss and slid his tongue against hers. Her stoKuntalh did a flip as she felt his hard cock pressed against her abdomen. She was hot and aroused and could easily picture herself taking his cock into her mouth. He was the first to pull back. “Why don't I come over tonight, and we can do dinner, talk, maybe watch a movie together? I'll be off around five, and I'll pick up some Chinese food along the way.” She smiled, her stoKuntalh now filled with nervous butterflies at the thought of being alone again with him. “That sounds great.” Chapter Nine Kuntal took a swallow of his Corona and watched as Amishi made her way to the ladies' restroom along with Aashita. He couldn't remove his gaze from her enticing, luscious body as she walked, her hips swaying from side to side. Whether she did it consciously or not, it still turned him on. This was the fourth month into their relationship, and Kuntal could honestly say he couldn't be happier. They'd spent the past several weeks getting to know each other. He'd taken her out on dinner and movie dates, walks in the park, motorcycle rides away from the city, or they'd enjoy each other at his or her apartment. It didn't matter where he slept as long as he was with her. She wasn't wearing a bra, and his cock throbbed happily at the reminder. She was dressed in a white sundress, and he had wondered what she wore underneath since he picked her up at her place an hour ago. She'd caught him staring at her a few times in the restaurant, and she'd blushed, her delicious rosy nipples growing hard, pressing against the fabric of her dress. And that was when she had leaned over and whispered into his ear that she only wore a thong underneath. He was tempted to pull the straps of her dress down and suck her breasts until she came from that alone. “Are you sure about tonight, bro?” Harshal asked, reaching for his beer. “You seem possessive of Amishi.
Not that I can blame you. I can tell she means a lot to you, and I'll understand if you want to back down. I can't say I wouldn't be disappointed, since she is one beautiful woman, but the decision is all up to you.” Kuntal turned, focusing on Harshal. “It's what she wants. I can admit I'm overprotective of her, but seeing her happy is my number one priority. I'm more than confident in our relationship, and as you know, there is nothing more erotic than seeing a woman pleasured by two men.” Kuntal and Amishi had continued trying out some of the scenes in her journal. Each journey with her had been amazing, from sex on a bench at night, to doing it on the roof of their apartment building, to having her soft, pouty lips wrapped around his cock at work while she sucked him from underneath his desk as he sat on his chair. The office door had been locked, but that hadn't lessened the excitement factor. Yet the times they had stayed at home, loving each other until the early hours of morning, had also been an adventure. It seemed that the sexual side of their relationship became hotter and hotter with each day that passed. But he was emotionally attached to her as well. He couldn't imagine life without her. She made him realize that he hadn't been a whole man until she had arrived. She had captured his heart, and he wanted to spend the rest of his life making her happy. “We're on, then, ” Harshal replied. “I'll leave here an hour after you do. That should give you enough time to drop Aashita off at home and get everything ready.” Kuntal nodded. Tonight was the perfect time to let Amishi know exactly how he felt about her.
* * * * * Amishi entered her apartment and headed straight for the shower. Kuntal was back at his place and had requested that she get ready for tonight. It was still early, only nine, and out of curiosity she had asked what his plan was. He sent her off with a kiss to her lips, but he wouldn't give her any details, just an order to slip into something more com comfortable, and that he would arrive at her apartment in about fifteen minutes. She decided on a quick shower, though, because of the smell of cigarettes at the restaurant that had seeped into her skin. Amishi took off the dress, shoes, and made her way to her bedroom. She opened her drawer and snatched a short red, satin nightgown, before reaching for a clip, and tying her hair up. She entered her bathroom and turned the water on. She hung the nightgown on the hook, then stepped into the shower and reached for the scented soap. What did he have planned for her now? She was more curious now that he hadn't told her anything. She'd seen desire in his gaze, felt his cock pressing against her as he kissed her. Whatever it was, he was turned on. Amishi reached for the towel, stepped out, and turned the shower off. She dried herself and slipped into the gown before unclipping her hair and brushing it. She heard the front door to her apartment close. “Kuntal?” “In the living room.” She stepped into her living area and froze as her gaze went from a shirtless Kuntal to an equally shirtless Harshal. This was what he meant about a surprise. Wow. She had already known that he wanted to try most of the fantasies she had written down, but a threesome wasn't something she thought they would ever do. Though they had tried most of her fantasies out, this was probably the naughtiest, and she never would've guessed that Kuntal would be willing to go ahead with it. They never even discussed the possibility. “Kuntal?” She couldn't help but repeat his name. For a few seconds, all he did was watch her, and then he walked over to her. He grabbed her hand in his. “Amishi, ever since reading your journal, I've wanted to give you the experience you craved with each fantasy you wrote. A threesome would be about giving you pleasure.” It would truly be a decadent experience being loved by both men. But she still couldn't be sure that this wouldn't put a wedge in their relationship. “I don't know, Kuntal.
I don't want this to change us.” “I'll be in the kitchen, ” Harshal said. “Let me know what you decide.” Amishi couldn't help but be grateful that he gave them a few minutes of privacy. “I would never risk what I have with you for a few hours of sex if I didn't think we were secure with our relationship, ” Kuntal said. “But by the same token, this is one hundred percent your decision. I don't want to make you feel uncom comfortable in any way. Are you okay with this? Are you okay with Harshal being here? If not, just say the word, and he's gone. I would be more than fine with anything you decide.” Men tended to be possessive, and she could understand that allowing another man into their bed would be asking a lot. And she couldn't help but be shocked that he was asking what she honestly thought. “I'm fine with it, Kuntal. Truthfully, it's a sexual act I've always wanted to try with someone I trust com completely. And I have faith in you. But are you sure this is what you want?” She couldn't help but ask Kuntal the question. She had to admit she would never be com comfortable allowing another woman into their bedroom. “Please be sure, because I'm not willing to sacrifice what we have for just a few hours of pleasure. You're more important than that.” He smiled and walked closer to her. He reached out, grabbed her hand, and placed a kiss on it. “Shouldn't that be my line, sweet?” “I'm serious, Kuntal. I don't want to lose you.” It was getting easier and easier accepting the fact that they were a couple who had a future together. “I have no problem with it. It would be absolute bliss watching you come apart as Harshal and I pleasured you. I want to watch you tremble in ecstasy and explode in our arms. I want to feel your ass wrapped around my cock while Harshal fucks your tight pussy.” Talk about turning her on. His words and the visions they evoked already had her hot and bothered. She winked, her lips curving into a smile. “Then let's get this party started.” Chapter Ten They entered her bedroom, and Amishi couldn't rip her gaze from both men as they stripped their pants off. Harshal was shorter than Kuntal by a few inches, but his body was lean and packed with muscles. Kuntal was bulkier, his chest lightly sprinkled with hair that went all the way to his cock. She watched as Kuntal tossed Harshal the tube of lube. Kuntal walked over to her and slid the straps of her nightgown down her shoulders. “You're beautiful.”
She felt beautiful with him. He pushed the gown off her body and pressed a kiss against the pulse at her neck. “Are you nervous?” She was. “I'm just not sure what I'm supposed to be doing right now.” “You don't have to do anything. Just allow us to make you feel good.” Harshal moved behind her as she reached up and touched Kuntal's chest, running her hands against his flesh. Both men were the epitome of how a man should look when desire took control of his body. They were naked, their cocks as hard as steel, with Kuntal's being just inches within her reach while Harshal's dick was pressed against her backside. She was tempted to go to her knees and wrap her mouth around Kuntal's shaft. But before she could follow up with the enticement, Kuntal put his arm around her waist and pulled her to him. Kuntal's tongue slipped between her lips just as Harshal inserted one lubed finger deep into her ass. She gasped, the penetration shocking her. She hadn't expected him to move so quickly. The bite of pain clashing with her desire was heaven. The heat of their bodies enveloped her and made her yearn for more of them. Harshal's other hand gripped her hip and then moved to her front. She was hanging on by a slim thread and was going to be driven insane by these men. Electric pulses whipped through her body, firing her lust higher. She didn't know how long she could withstand the pleasure without coming, and both men seemed to have just begun their torment. She whimpered as Harshal moved from her clit and pushed a finger into her pussy. White-hot bliss ran through her blood as he fucked her with his hands. Kuntal's tongue was voracious, sweeping through the recesses of her mouth and then tangling with her own. There was nothing finer in life than a man who knew how to kiss. And Kuntal sure did, heightening her arousal with his mouth.
She arched closer to him, seeking the warmth of his body. Kuntal broke the kiss, and she took a much-needed breath. He bent his head and took her nipple into his mouth, tugging at the tip softly with his teeth. A pulse of heat entered her, melting her insides. Her pussy was wet, swollen, and throbbing in demand. She was shaking between both men, her pleasure stealing every ounce of common sense she had. Harshal pushed another finger in her ass, stretching her and preparing her as Kuntal whispered to her, “How does it feel, sweetness?” She moaned, her nerve endings on fire, burning her body with desire. “Delicious, Kuntal. It feels too good.” Oh God. How would she survive having both of their lips on her? Still, she'd be willing to die from the pleasure. She was burning up for them both, and never in her wildest dreams did she envision a threesome feeling this good. Her pussy spasmed, her cream flowing, and she needed to feel Kuntal's cock plunging in hard and deep. Harshal removed his hand from her pussy and gave her clit one last rub. She whimpered and almost came on the spot. Her body was one sensitive mass of bliss, waiting to erupt. He pulled his fingers out of her ass, and she moaned at the loss of them. Kuntal placed a soft kiss against her lips before pulling away. “Climb on the bed.” She hurried, her hunger overpowering all her senses. Kuntal moved behind her, while Harshal was now on his knees beside her. Kuntal tossed him a condom, and Amishi watched as Harshal ripped the package open and covered his cock with the latex. She turned her head and watched as Kuntal coated his shaft with a thick layer of lube. Harshal pressed his lips against hers in a soft kiss before maneuvering his body to the center of the bed, lying flat and spreading his legs wide apart. His cock was just as long as Kuntal's but thinner. The head was a dark shade of red, and his dick pointed toward his abdomen. She straddled Harshal and wrapped her hand around his shaft. His cock throbbed as she stroked it. Harshal groaned, and her pussy spasmed as he moved his hips. She aligned his dick to her pussy, taking a few seconds to rub the tip against her clit before sinking down, almost coming when the fire in the pit of her stoKuntalh began to race to her pussy. But she held back. She didn't want to come until they were both inside of her. Harshal lifted his hands to her waist, holding her as she continued to descend. “Damn, Kuntal, she's fucking tight and so hot.
She'll burn me up. You're one lucky bastard.” “Yes I am, ” Kuntal replied from behind her. With his hand at her back, he pushed her forward slightly. Harshal tugged at her nipples before capturing one between his lips, sucking the tip hard. She fought to remain still, her body one big jumbled mass of nerves. Kuntal pushed the broad head of his cock into her ass, and it stretched her to the point of a slight pain, but then pleasure overtook her, pushing her closer to the edge. She whimpered and gasped, the burning bliss almost becoming too much. She struggled to take Kuntal's length and width. He paused, giving her a few seconds to become accustomed to him. “Take a deep breath, ” Kuntal said. And just as she inhaled, he dug his fingers into her hips and held her as he thrust his cock. It seemed to last forever, but finally Kuntal's shaft was entirely in her. “Move, Harshal. Now!” Kuntal ordered. She shouted Kuntal's name as fire streaked from her womb to her pussy. Her clit throbbed as she spilled more of her juices, coating their cocks. They both thrust in and out, moving in unison, pushing her body closer and closer to the edge. She moved her hips, seeking deeper strokes from them both. They caught on quickly, plunging their cocks as deep as they could go. She tightened on their shafts as fire reached through her. She lost the ability to speak and could only close her eyes and give herself to the sensations they caused. The dual penetration felt glorious, and it was better than anything she could have imagined. Their flesh was slick with sweat, and the scent of sex was heavy in the air. Four hands stroked her, and they took turns caressing her breasts, pinching her nipples. “I'm not going to last long, Kuntal, ” Harshal said. She had to agree she also wasn't going to last much longer. Her fingers dug into Harshal's chest as she yelled out. She was gloriously sandwiched between two hard bodies and stretched to her limits. Kuntal's teeth scraped her neck, and she moaned as Harshal's fingers found her clit. He stroked her softly, while Kuntal groaned into her ear. She forced her eyes to stay open as the pleasure swept through her body. Both men held her, and she jerked in their grips as they thrust inside, harder and faster. The warmth in her body spread, forcing her pussy to spasm.
She could feel every ripple of their dicks and every throbbing pulse they made. She arched as Kuntal slid his cock in furious strokes. Her heart raced, her blood boiled hot as he embedded himself to the hilt and held himself there for a second before he started moving again. Harshal followed the same pattern, shoving his cock into her pussy, holding himself within her for a few seconds, before withdrawing and repeating his actions. She lost herself in both of them and in the ecstasy that swept through her body. Never before had she felt this cherished, this loved, by anyone. Kuntal filled her, marked her, and claimed her with every thrust, every whispered word of endearment that came from his lips. The heat within her body was intense, and it seemed to ball up in her womb. She gasped, her nails scraping Harshal's chest, flexing her ass and pussy tightly, caressing the cocks inside of her. “Kuntal.” She couldn't breathe, couldn't hold on to reality. She was lost in a world where only pleasure mattered. “Shit!” Harshal growled before he gave one more thrust, shoving his cock into her heated flesh before coming hard. “Come now, Amishi, ” Kuntal roared. Every nerve in her body was sensitized, every body part she possessed heightened in arousal for him. In that instant, he'd become the center of her universe, the ultimate reason for her gratification. The fire in the pit of her stoKuntalh raced through her like electricity before blowing up, stealing her breath, sending her into an atmosphere filled with bliss. She was floating on clouds of ecstasy, and in the back of her mind she became aware of Kuntal shouting her name. His cock, deeply embedded in her ass, gave two harsh jerks, then streams of hot cum poured into her, as if he were branding her for eternity. Minutes later, they both pulled out of her, and she sank to the mattress, her body fully sated. Kuntal moved to the bathroom and returned with a washcloth. Harshal rose from the bed, tossed the condom in the trash, collected his clothes, and headed to the bathroom. “Spread your legs, ” Kuntal said. She did, and a heated blush crept to her face as he cleaned her. Kuntal threw the cloth on the floor and slipped back into bed. Harshal slipped out of the bathroom and walked over to her. He reached for her hand and kissed it. “It's been a pleasure.” She smiled. “Same here.” He turned to Kuntal. “Talk to you later.” Harshal walked out and closed the door. Kuntal reached for her.
“Amishi, as the man who loves you, I want to give you the world.” She opened her mouth, her jaw going slack as every other muscle in her body tightened. Though she had made up her mind about declaring her love to him, she hadn't expected the words to come from his lips. “You love me?” He wrapped his arms around her waist and hauled her against his body. “Many people would think that it would be way too soon to express such an emotion. I couldn't care less what others think or have to say. You are the one who makes me happy. I love you, Amishi. I couldn't help but fall in love with you. And you're pretty much stuck with me from here on out.” She closed her mouth, forced herself to get ahold of her emotions, and fought back the tears that threatened to spill. “Oh, Kuntal. I never expected to find anyone who accepted me so com completely like you do. I love you too.” He brushed his lips against hers and then whispered, “Spend the rest of your life with me.” She smiled. She didn't need to think this one through. “Yes.” Epilogue Amishi was amazed at how much her life had changed in just a year. “You look beautiful tonight, ” Kuntal whispered into her ear. She looked up at her husband as they danced to Luther Vandross's “Here and Now.” The day had been filled with emotions, both she and Kuntal declaring their love for each other in a small, intimate wedding with only fifty relatives and close friends in attendance. It was wonderful being surrounded by such love, and she counted herself lucky for it. She had never thought she'd find the man who was compatible to her in every way. She was truly happy having him by her side always, and she couldn't imagine life without him. The song ended, and they held on to each other a second longer. She pressed her lips against his and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Kissing him always left her breathless and aroused. She pushed her breasts against his chest, and she wanted nothing more than to rub her body against his. She broke the kiss. “I love you.” He pulled her closer to him, and she immediately felt his arousal. “Same here, gorgeous.”
They pulled apart, and she smiled as Kuntal buttoned his tuxedo jacket to make sure his hard cock was hidden from view. They made their way to their table just as Aashita rose. Amishi noticed her lips turned down to a frown, her shoulders tense as she briskly made her way to the ladies' room. She turned to Kuntal. “Can you give us a few minutes? I just want to make sure Aashita's okay.” “Sure. I'll wait for you over here.” Amishi made her way to the restroom and pushed the door open. “What's going on?” Aashita jumped, startled. “I didn't know you would follow me in here. I don't want to bother you with this now, especially on your wedding day.” “Never mind about that. Come on, Aashita. You seem upset. What happened?” “The arrogant asshole Harshal is what happened.” She fisted her hands. “What the hell did he do to you that has you so upset?” Aashita began to pace. “Are you ready for this?” Amishi hoped Harshal didn't do anything to hurt her friend. “What?” She stopped pacing and whirled around to face her. “He offered me a threesome.” Amishi hadn't realized she was holding her breath. “A threesome? That's it?” “What do you mean, that's it? Not only did that egotistical son of a bitch think he could sleep with me, he offered his brother up as a third. As if I would ever fall for that 'you're so beautiful' line.” “Aashita, calm down. Harshal thought you were an attractive woman, and he hit on you. Why are you so bothered by it?” “He slept with you, Amishi. That alone makes it weird.” “It was a onetime fantasy act. If you like him, you need to stop focusing on that and concentrate on the attraction.” Aashita raised a brow. “It wouldn't bother you if I had sex with him?” “I'm in love with Kuntal, not Harshal. Kuntal and I have discussed this at length, and we will never invite another to our bed. Are you okay? I have to get back.” “Go ahead. I'll just hide in here for the rest of my life.” “Aashita…I—” “I was just messing around. Go, already. I'll be fine.” Amishi gave her a quick hug. “We'll talk about this more later.” She nodded. Amishi opened the door and walked right into Harshal. “Is she okay?” “She's fine. She'll be out in a moment. But whatever it is you have planned, Harshal, I don't want to see her hurt.” “Hurting her is the last thing I want to do.” Amishi stared at Harshal, but his face gave away no clue as to what he was feeling. “Just make sure you remember that.” She stepped to the side and watched as Harshal slipped into the ladies' room. She sure as hell hoped he knew what he was doing. She made her way to her husband. Kuntal rose to his feet. “It's time to cut the cake, and then we can escape to our honeymoon.” She smiled. She couldn't wait to spend an entire week with no interruptions. Just her and Kuntal in bed. “I love you.” He dropped a quick kiss on her lips. “I'll love you forever.”
DISCLAIMER: Road to Sex with your neighbour is Paved with Good Intentions is a work of fiction. Reference made to names, characters, places and incidents are fictious and any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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