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By Don - Jan 18, 2007 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 21527 I always spent my summer holidays with my Uncle and Aunt who lived on the coast. Then one year my Uncle was killed in an auto accident, my Aunt nevertheless insisted that I holiday with her as usual. My Uncle's accident had occurred the previous October and it was now August the following year.
I caught a train to the nearest town, my Aunt had arranged to pick me up. She had an old two-door car, the doors were hinged at the back. When I arrived and walked out of the station I saw my Aunt waving to me I went over and as I approached she opened the door and put one foot out. I suddenly realised that I could see up her skirt and then my heart thumped as I saw that she had no knickers on and I could see her cunt.
I couldn't help staring, I had never seen a woman's cunt before. Aunt Barbara then got out and stood in front of me, as I neared her, she put out her arms, grabbed me and kissed me. By then I had a hard-on as a result of seeing her cunt, she said, "Oh, Donny, I'm so pleased to see you!" She held me tightly and couldn't have failed to feel my erect cock. "Come on, jump in and we'll get off home, " she said. I dumped my bag on the back seat and got in, then she drove off. As we drove she talked all the time, at one point she apologised saying, "I'm sorry, I'm talking too much, I've been so lonely since your Uncle died." Then she really shocked me, "I can tell how excited you were, I know I was naughty showing you what I did, but you're a big boy now and you can help Auntie to be happy." I didn't know what to say, I was astounded, she'd shown me her fanny purposely.
When we got to the big bungalow with it's wonderful view of the coastline we got out and I carried my bag into the house. Auntie turned to me again, putting her arms round me and kissed me again. her breasts pressed my chest and she pushed her pelvis at my cock, I started getting hard again. Auntie said, "I don't expect you've seen a girl's thing? Nor felt one or anything like that so I thought it was time you learned what it's all about." She kissed me passionately again and my cock started rising, "That's right, " she murmured in my ear, "let it get nice and big!" She moved her hand down and felt my cock through my clothing, "Mmmm, it really is getting big, isn't it?" She took my hand and put it on her breasts, she was not wearing a bra and her nipples rose as I touched them. "Do you like them, darling?" she asked. I gulped and stuttered, "Y..Ye..Yes Auntie." "That's a good boy, you have a good feel, it's nice for me too!"
Somehow she gradually walked me into a nearby bedroom, in no time she had my cock out and told me to take her clothes off. With shaking hands I undid her blouse and took it off, she had lovely breasts, "Now the rest, darling!" she breathed. I undid her skirt, it dropped to the floor and she stood naked. "Now yours, " she said. I fumbled to take my things off, shirt, trousers, sandals and then briefs, I had a job to get them over my burgeoning erection. She pulled me on the bed, "I haven't had sex since your Uncle died and we used to do it so often, this is what I need!" She took my cock in her hand and started working it up and down, we were kissing and I was feeling her breasts. "Down here, Donny darling, " she murmured in my ear as she took my hand and put it on her cunt. Her legs were apart and she guided my hand, "These are my inner lips, this is where your cock goes and this is what excites a woman more than anything else, it's called my clitoris." I touched the little hard nub and she jumped, "Careful darling, it's very, very sensitive."
Everything was suddenly very wet and slippery and after a few minutes playing with each other she said, "Come on now, it's time you learned how to fuck." I was astounded by her language although I realised that she was very worked up. She made me move over between her open legs, which meant I got a good look at her open cunt, then she made me lower myself and aim my cock into the open lips. Once she felt it there she took hold of it and rubbed herself inside the mouth of her cunt then placed it against herself and told me to push. My cock slid up her hot, wet and slippery tunnel, "That's it! Now, in and out, fuck me darling!" I did, it felt incredible, I think the heat of her impressed me most but her softness seemed to grip me as well and I suddenly came, I shot my hot spunk right up inside her. She cried out and hugged me tightly. Then she kissed me, "Oh! Darling Donny, I've waited so long for you to do that!" she panted, "Oh, my cunt feels wonderful, you clever boy!" I lay on top of her as she stroked my hair and kissed me.
When we'd recovered she asked if I had enjoyed it, I told her that it was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to me. I had often, during my holidays there, had fantasies about my Aunt, now they had come true and I could hardly believe it.
What a holiday that was, we fucked all the time and my aunt taught me loads of stuff about pleasing women, including how to seduce girls I liked. It worked too, I've never been without cunt sunce.

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