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Teenagers and Sex - How to Approach It Properly By Ken Brower

There's no denying it, teenagers spend most of their time thinking about sex than any other subject. There should be no shame associated with it, because hormones play a large part in this matter and sexual development is an important part in a person's physical and mental growth.
What most teenagers can do, however, is control the circumstances associated with sexual awareness. As you begin to realize that there are acts that feel pleasurable when done with the opposite sex, you should also keep in mind that with awareness comes a good chunk of responsibility.
You can start by determining whether you really want to have sex or not. Do not allow yourself to be pressured into doing something you might not want to. Though it's good to share experiences with your close friends, do not allow them to dictate you. Have a good sense to think for your self. Keep in mind that abstinence is also a good thing. Wouldn't it be much wiser to wait for a little while than go rushing headlong into something you barely have an understanding on?
And just because you have decided to delay the sexual act doesn't mean you have to be ignorant about it. Learn all you can about sex and familiarize yourself with the concept of safe sex. Surf the internet, read pamphlets and pay attention to sex education courses available in your school. Know all you can about contraceptives, especially on using a condom. This is because the condom is probably the only contraceptive conveniently available to people your age. Be wary of hearsays and information passed by friends, as most are proven to inaccurate, if not com completely unfounded.
Know that there are a lot of options available for you in preventing unwanted pregnancies and getting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), the most convenient and affordable of which is the condom. Though these contraceptive devices cannot com completely assure 100% efficacy, it would certainly reduce the risks and help in AIDS prevention, especially if the condom is put on properly and is adequately lubricated.
If you feel a little hesitant in purchasing a condom in public, there's the option of obtaining it online and having it shipped right to your house.
When you are in a romantic relationship, chances are things will take a sexual turn sooner or later. If you are a boy, practice putting on a condom and using it properly. Do not rely on demonstrations made in your sex education classes where they show students how to put on a condom the right way. Chances are, you might commit mistakes when doing the real thing, especially among the uninitiated. You want to feel relaxed and prepared
If you are a girl, know that you can do something to further decrease the chances of getting pregnant, like being on pill or using spermicides. Seek guidance from your counselor or your parents, whomever you might feel com comfortable talking your concerns with. And always insist on your boyfriend putting on a condom, not just for vaginal sex, but for all forms of sex, which includes oral and anal sex.
And when you are at an age when experimentation and 'living dangerously' are considered cool, emphasis should still be placed on taking good care of yourself and practicing safe sex. As much as possible, avoid sex when you are drunk or high on drugs, as these can lower your inhibitions and make you reckless enough to throw caution to the wind. In times like these, you might forget to put on a condom. STDs and HIV can strike just about anyone, anywhere. Once you have started having an active sexual life, have a regular medical check up and seek a doctor at the first sign if anything seems out of the ordinary.
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