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Teen Sexting, Texting, and Suicide II

Teen Sexting, Texting, and Suicide II

Please see _Teen Sexting, Texting, and Suicide, _ published here on March 11, 2009: genelalor blog1/?p=906 genelalor blog1/?p=906. The primary subject of that article was 18 year old Cincinnati area girl, Jessica Logan, who had made a grievous mistake, a mistake being made by millions of other teenagers, predominantly by teen girls: She had texted, _sexted_ is the popular term, compromising pictures of herself to a boyfriend and, after their breakup, he and/or five of her _friends_ forwarded the pictures to hundreds of other girls. The result for Jessica was a living hell. She was shunned, expelled from parties, taunted and bullied on Facebook and MySpace, and received endless, random phone calls accusing her of being a slut. She ended that hell by resorting to what she felt was her only recourse. Jessie hanged herself in her bedroom last July 3rd. To her parent_s great credit, only months after that horrific event, they are now speaking out in hopes of forestalling _copycat_ suicides by other teens as a consequence of such sexting. Following their daughter_s lead_Jessica had gone public on Cincinnatti television in May, _to make sure no one else will have to go through this again__Cynthia and Albert Logan have launched a nationwide effort to help curb sexting by children: news.cincinnati article/20090322/NEWS01/903220312/-1/TODAYnews.cincinnati article/20090322/NEWS01/903220312/-1/TODAY. Jessie, an only child, was a typical Ohio teenage girl, vivacious, compassionate, artistic, outgoing, all of which traits were thrown into reverse when she learned that what she had thought were her private pictures had been widely disseminated. She was subjected to relentless harassment, called a _slut, porn queen, whore, _ quite possibly by many peers who had engaged in similar acts of sexting indiscreet pictures. There is no definitive study on precisely how many teens actually do engage in the dangerous practice. One national estimate says 22%, although some high schools report that up to 50% have _inappropriate_ pictures on cell phones. Still other stats suggest that 39% of teens have sexted and 48% admit to receiving such messages: momlogic 2009/03/when_sexting_leads_to_suicide momlogic 2009/03/when_sexting_leads_to_suicide . _Inappropriate_ was not defined but many of those pictures evidently go beyond the merely inappropriate and whatever the actual numbers, they are significant and too many. What is definite is that teens are photographing themselves, posting the shots on their cells, then sending the nude or semi-nude pictures on to friends, some of whom post them on the internet. Knowingly or not, those girls are advertising themselves and their sexually-explicit photos for all the world to see which can have long-term and disastrous effects on the girls involved, as it did with Jessie. Why they get involved in such self-destructive behavior is a complex topic only partially explained by their immaturity. There is also our highly-sexualized culture, the movies teens see, the music they listen to, the resultant moral decline, parental laxity and, perhaps the most dominating influence, peer pressure. Officials at Jessica_s school, not unexpectedly, were not only ineffectual but virtually ignored Jessica_s plight. Fully aware of the harassment she was forced to endure, _The Logans said Sycamore High School and the school resource officer didn_t do enough to help Jessie. Sycamore sent truancy notices... but no calls or letters about what was happening to [their] daughter in school and no notices to other parents about explicit cell-phone photos. And no charges were filed by the resource officer._ Schools are apt to take the path of least resistance, to ignore serious problems in hopes they will go away on their own, and involving law enforcement would mean negative publicity which is as anathema to school administrators as it is to politicians. America_s youth, especially its young girls, is in crisis and sexting is but one more spoke in their crisis wheel. Add texting to the many other critical challenges they face and that wheel may very soon destroy more kids.
genelalor genelalor

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