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Tattoo For Women Designs - Questions to Ask By Reese Lanter

Tattoo for women designs are great works of art. Many women would certainly consider getting inked because of the great many designs available. As with every decision though, there are common questions that you might wan to ask first before you do get a tattoo. Here are the top three questions to ask.
What are the best, sexiest or cutest designs?
This is probably the most common question. Go to any girl tattoo forum and you will surely encounter girls who want to know the answer to this. The truth is that there is no single answer for it. Everything depends on what you personally like and what fits you. There are however a couple of enduring design categories that women favor. You might want to consider some of them.
Flowers - Floral designs have always been on top of the list. Flowers, vines and leaves simply convey femininity. Strategic placements can also send out the message of sexiness. Be careful with your choice of flower though. Not all kinds of flowers have positive symbolic meanings.
Tribal - Tribal designs were once only for men. Women however, can actually look just as good. This is especially when the design is placed in appropriate places. You can have one on your wrist, hip, lower back or arm. Make sure to research on the particular tribal meaning of your design.
Winged Designs - Winged creatures are also popular tattoo for women designs. You would look feminine but strong with a butterfly or an angel. Winged fantasy creatures are also an option. You can go for fairies or winged unicorns.
What are the best places to place a tattoo on?
This is also quite a popular question. A lot of people would actually counsel you to pick a spot that you like. Nobody should have to dictate where you want your tattoo. On second thought, there are some practical considerations for tattoo placement.
Personality - Your personality and work can determine tattoo placement. If you are reserved or if you have a job with strict dress code rules, then you should think twice about placing a tattoo in a prominent spot. You might want to consider a spot that can be partially hidden.
Bad Spots - Some spots are not good areas to place tattoos on. A well-done tattoo on your foot for example may seem great. The ink on foot tattoos however can easily smear. Foot tattooing and after care can also be painful and inconvenient. Areas in a woman's body that are prone to flabbiness and sagging are also not good spots.
Best Spots - There are a couple of popular tattoo areas. One of the most popular is the lower back. This area is obviously a sexy spot to have a tattoo on. Many people however now view this spot as unoriginal.
What do men or people think of women with tattoos?
Yes, some women still worry about what others think. This shouldn't matter to you if you it is your personal decision to get a tattoo. You should know though that there are still a couple of people and men who think tattoos are tramp stamps. If you aren't a tramp at all, then there is no reason for you to get overly affected by such labels.
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