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Black And White Photography Article

Young White And Horny

Young White and Horny

By - Nov 6, 2007 - From interracial- stories. Interracial stories - Views - 48930 Few women I know tell me they don't remember every detail of their first greatest fuck. And so, this is the story of my first greatest fuck and it was done by an older, mature black man. I went to a finishing school for a few years while my father was over seas and I wasn't living with my Uncle and Aunt. The school was a nice place for the time it was with all the prim and proper things that an all girl school of that time needed. There was also an abundance of horny young women running around trying to grow up to fast and I was one of them at sixteen years of age, but I had a large head start on most of my classmates thanks to my Uncle and Aunt. The big thing for a lot of the older kids was to see how many teachers you could fuck in a year, it didn't matter if it was man or woman as long as you got them in bed by years end, and yes anyone who ever went to a boarding school will tell you that this kind of thing did go on. I had a large head start because I had been fooling around with my Uncle and a few of his friends for a long time before I started school and I was more then ready to play the game when I got there. As I got well into the first semester of school, I hadn't really found any teacher or anyone else I was attracted overly too so I mainly listened to the other girls talk about their fun. Then I overheard some of my girlfriends talking about this older black man that worked in the basement of the school and ran the boilers. A few of the girls had been fucking this black man and loved it, they said he was in his early fifties and they all told me when I asked, that his cock was the blackest and the thickest one any of them had ever seen let alone fucked. It wasn't overly large but I guess it to be around 8" but it was very thick. I asked around and found out that he lived at the school and that he would open his door to any young girl that knocked, so one night soon after that I slipped out of my room witch was in a different part of the school and into the basement where he also lived. When I knocked on his door he opened it but didn't act at all surprised to see a young white girl there. He told me to come in and said he had what I wanted but I had better see it first to be sure if I really wanted it. The sight of him, charcoal black, medium height and build, not ugly or anything. A slight paunch around the middle, gray hairs forming on top of his head but since I was a horny sixteen year old white girl, I looked right through that physical aspect. He didn't waste any time, as soon as the door was shut he turned around and undid his pants and pulled out his old black dick. This is the very first black dick I had seen in all my teenage years. It had to be around 6", black as the night but not yet erect. I guess my eyes told him I was a little scared because he told me not to get excited and to check it out before I ran off. There was something in the way he said it that snapped me out of my trance. I went over to him, dropped to my knees, took that old black thing in both my hands, lifted it to my lips and kissed it. "That's it baby, " I heard him say as I started licking it. It was starting to get hard then, so I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and took the big head inside. I can still remember how nice and warm it felt. By now that old cock was shiny from the saliva as I sucked it like I never sucked anything so sweet in a long time. I really had to open wide to get my lips all the way around it as it started to get harder. Like I said, I was only sixteen at the time. My dainty little white hands couldn't even get a hold of it com completely, you see it was pretty thick and heavy but I manage to feed my red lips around it. I had been giving my Uncle head from the time I was twelve so I had gotten pretty good at sucking cock and loved doing it but this old black guy was a lot bigger and heavier than my uncle and the other guys I had gave head to. It took me a little while to get the hang of sucking that old black dick but after I started to relax I could move my tongue over it and started moving my head from side to side. I took his hand and put it on the back of my head like my Uncle always had his. It sent chills through my body and I felt my pussy getting wet. By now that big old snake was fully grown to its natural length of 8" and I was having a hard time putting that big old black snake com completely into my mouth. As I sucked, gargling sounds were coming from deep in my throat and saliva running down my chin. I sucked his thick, big old black cock till he was ready to explode. He had both his hands around my head and was fucking my mouth hard. It was covered with gooey saliva, that keeps it nice and wet. I looked up at his coal black face and he had his eyes shut and beads of sweat running down his cheeks. He was breathing hard. When he started to cum he tried to pull out of my mouth but I wouldn't let him, I had worked too hard for this to let him waste it. I had never tasted a black man's cum before and I wanted this badly, so I sucked harder. He twisted my light long brown hair in his hand and moaned as he shot his load deep into my hot wet mouth. It was hot a lot thicker than the cum my Uncle filled my tummy with most of the time and there was a lot more of it, I loved the taste and the way it felt on my tongue. I don't know how many times he shot but it was so much I couldn't swallow it all and felt it oozing out the sides of my mouth and down my cheeks. When he went limp I let his cock slide from my mouth, he lifted my chin with his hand and took his cock in the other and pushed what cum hadn't dripped off my cheek back into my mouth where I licked off every drop. "Damn little one you did this before haven't you, " he said as he helped me off my knees, "Never to an old black man" I said. He told me I had better get back to my room then but I told him I didn't want to leave yet, I hadn't got what I came for. He looked at me kind of funny and went over and sat on the bed. "You're not like most of the others little girl, they get a little of my dick and their done, only a few want what you want." "Well, " I said. "I do want it and I want it now, I want you to fuck me with that big black stick." I lifted my skirt and ran my hand between my legs and over my hairy brown pussy. I was wearing no panties and made sure he saw that. He got up from the old bed, dropped his pants and said, come on then we don't have all night. I stripped as fast as I could. My young white pussy was still wet and ready and I wanted to get that old big thing in me as quick as I could. I sat up on his bed and he started running his big black hands all over my young white body, kissing and licking my medium size tits (34D) and sucking my hard nipples. Chills were running all over me as I watched and felt his hands all over my young white smooth skins. I couldn't get over how hot his black skin looked on mine; my pussy was so wet it was dripping like honey. He pushed me back onto the bed and pushed a pillow under my hips to lift them up. Then he got in-between my legs and lifted them onto his wide shoulders, I felt his cock slide over my wet pussy and onto my tummy, he wasn't real hard yet but I knew he would be soon. "You sure you want this little girl?" he asked as he slowly rubbed his cock back and forth over my wet white gash. "Oh yesss, " I moaned. "I want you to fuck me, I want to know for myself if you're as good as the others girls say you are, FUCK ME!" I reached down and pulled my brown hairy pussy lips apart, "Come on fuck me now, " I moaned, "I want that big black dick inside me!" He just smiled and put the head of that big black snake said "now girl, " I'm gonna fuck you good like no other man has fucked you". Just then I felt that big head of that old black cock start to slither into my young brown hairy snatch and with one big push forward, that big black cock split right into my young and tender pussy hole. I was heaven. I felt the heat radiating inside and outside my white loins as the old black man started to hump me harder and harder. I can feel sweat falling into my pearly white breasts as he continued his onslaught back and forth, back and forth. I look down and saw that black stick frothing and slicked with my cum juice as it goes in and out my tender white pussy. The bed was creaking like crazy as he pushed and pushed like there's no end in sight. I can feel my legs pushed apart as he continued pumping into my tender white pussy. My eyes were closed and my hips in unison with his thrusting, on and on then about 10 minutes later I started to feel something was coming on and yelling at the top of my lungs, "HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER! Oh, give it to me! YES! YES! I'M CUMMING! OH I'M CUMMING!!" He moved his large black hands and placed them under my butts cheeks so he could get his big black dick deeper inside me. He started fucking me again with frenzy... in and out... in and out. Again I felt my body tighten I started to shake. I cried out as my emotions hit a wall, sending my body into a wild orgasm and all the hard core feelings that accompany them. I rocked with pleasure breathing in short breaths as I came and came. It felt so, so good... and finally he let out a big groan as he emptied his black seed deep into me... breathing hard and collapsed on top of my sweaty young white flesh. A few minutes later he lightly kissed and licked my dripping hairy pussy while I caught my breath. "Damn!" I said. "I was told black men didn't eat pussy." He just laughed as he got up beside me and said there was a lot about black men that I probably didn't know. He kissed and licked me there for the first time, pushing his tongue deep into my pink pussy. After a while I couldn't take it anymore, my entire white body shook and I felt my tummy tighten once again. I knew I was about to cum. At this sign, the old black man inserted his thick black cock once again and was fucking me again like there's no tomorrow, he was now fucking me so violently and with disregard to what I was feeling. I knew he was getting what he wanted and I wanted him to take it all, I was his little teenage white bitch for the moment and I loved every stroke of it. Then all of a sudden something grabbed me inside, my muscles tightened again and it felt like my insides slammed into my pelvis, I gasped for air, my mind was spinning, I couldn't think. Then the most fantastic feeling I had ever had came over me, and I just let go, I came in waves higher then I ever had before, wave after wave... like I never experienced and he wasn't finished yet. So I lay there with my white pussy being ravaged by this thick big old black cock as my orgasm subsided. I lost time and don't know how much longer he fucked me before he came. I was delirious, never wanting this old black fucking to end. When he pulled me back hard to him and held me there with all 8" of his thick hard black cock I knew he was about to cum. I felt sudden warmth deep inside my pussy walls as he filled me once again with his thick cum; I had never felt anyone cum in my pussy so much and I was awed and surprised to know this old black man can last this long. It was so nice so gentle, a wave of warmth filled my young white pussy and cum dripped onto the bed. I felt his now limp cock slip slowly out of my tender pink pussy and more of his cum starting to trickle out along with it. He rolled over out of breath and said, "Damn baby, that pussy is the best." I just smiled and told him thank you. He fucked me a dozen times more over that year, taking care of my white pussy the same way he did a few of the white girls in that school, I hated to see that school year end but knew I would never forget my first mature black man and looked forward to the next one. It's a good thing that I was able to get some morning after pills, otherwise I would be pushing little brown baby by now. But that was the best and greatest sex I ever had.

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