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3 Orgasm Secrets She's Not Telling You - My Top Tips to Give Her an Orgasm She Won't Forget By Megan Zoile

In this article we are going to talk about a few orgasm secrets most women are NOT telling their lovers. The simple but unfortunate truth is that most women are very unhappy sexually, mostly because their man does NOT perform as well as he thinks he does! Have you read any of the recent sex surveys that thousands of women around the world have answered? If you have...sources as varied as day time TV show hosts to internationally acclaimed Women's fashion magazines have ALL arrived at the very same conclusions: Women are NOT having orgasms regularly, we FAKE them at least as often as we have them, and often would prefer to be out SHOPPING with our friends rather than being intimate with a boyfriend or lover. If that doesn't hurt....I DON'T know what does! Reads on as I shed a bright and unflinching light on not ONLY the bad news, but my simple and surefire ways to fix it fast..:-) Read on.
Liar, Liar PANTS not on Fire!
Ok she's faking it. Don't sweat it - and don't take it TOO personally....lots of women obviously do. Want to FIX it and turn her on to boot? Talk to her about it. Tell her you THINK that she's NOT keeping it real between the sheets and you CARE deeply about her pleasure. Let her know that it's VERY important to YOU that she feels good during intimate moments and you are willing (and able!) to work to make sure she is able to have an orgasm as well. Not ONLY will this appeal to her will ALSO turn her on to boot....this much I know for sure!
Life is Short - but SEX shouldn't be!
Slow down guys...:-) If there is ONE thing that turns a woman off faster than a man who is rushing through sex, and simply going through the mechanical motions of satiating his OWN lustful needs, I don't know what it is. Take your time with your girl - her body is different than yours when it comes to PASSION...and the time it takes to get there. Step back and slow down - I PROMISE she'll be VERY happy when you do. (and so will you..:-)
Conversation is Key
Women LOVE a man who is willing and able to keep the dialogue flowing during those intimate moments. Women admit, OVER and over again, that spicy conversation is a huge turn on to getting them (and keeping us) in the mood. If you are the strong and silent type outside of the bedroom...try a little role reversal when you're WILL be a conversation you'll both remember for a while, I guarantee it!
And do NOT want to be one of the MILLIONS of men whose woman is secretly sexually dissatisfied with her lover. Research has proven repeatedly that with so many girlfriends, wives and lovers fantasizing about being with a MAN who DOES know how to satisfy her, divorce and relationship dissatisfaction continues to rise at unprecedented levels.
Master the magical art of justformenmagazine making her quiver with delight...and you will NEVER have to worry about her even THINKING about another man...that much I know for sure..:-)
Click Here --> to Learn to Give Your Girl an justformenmagazine Orgasm SO strong She'll scream your name in her Sleep!
Megan_Zoile Megan_Zoile

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