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By Haiku Master - Mar 31, 2008 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 58560 Billy kit" was wrong. But, at the same time "it" felt so horny, so exciting, and never failed to give him the best orgasms he’d ever experienced. He started spying on his mom around aged sixteen. Now a year later, Billy had turned the times his mom spent soaking and amusing herself in the bathroom into intense unmissable rituals…He used to plan his afternoons around the times he knew his mom would be bathing and get himself back from school to coincide with it. One Friday Billy got back home at about 4.30 p.m. and shouted up the stairs, ‘Are you in the bath, mom?’ A soft female voice called back, ‘Yeah, Billy, I am. There’s soda in the fridge if you want one.’ Billy said he was going to do his assignments for college and went to his room. It was next door to the bathroom. As usual Billy locked his door and put on some soft ambient music and sat by the little hole he’d made in the wall, right by the side of an air vent. He'd drilled it there so his mom wouldn’t notice the hole as it blended in with the metal surround of the vent and merely looked like a screw was missing. Billy had a little spy-lens he’d bought on the Internet and he pushed its tiny metal tube into the hole. He stripped off his clothes and his cock throbbed with desire as he gazed through the spy-lens at his mom. He loved to see her in the nude, doing intimate things. It turned him on much more than girls his own age ever did. He stroked his erection slowly, timing the strokes to go faster when his mom did something that turned him on. As Billy was practically in love with his good looking forty five year-old mother, anything she did, especially when she was naked, excited him. He focused the little spy-lens and his mother’s pale pink body came into view, her slim shoulders and hanging breasts com completely observable to his voyeur eye. He smiled and jerked his dick faster as he noticed his mother was playing with her cunt. He could see her right hand circling around her midriff, and her other fingers pinching and pulling on her very long nipples. Those nipples fascinated and excited Billy especially. He imagined his own fingers teasing and tugging on them as his mom sucked his cock. He felt a twinge in his cock and looked down. Gluey pre-cum gushed out of its eye and hung there in a six inch long silvery pendant. Billy wiped it away with his fingers and ate it, relishing the sweet taste, wishing it was his mom doing it for him. looking up at him, holding his cock and balls in her hands and saying, 'Mm, Billy, how nice your sexy boy-glue tastes.' He smiled to himself and returned to being a voyeur again......His mom was groaning softly, murmuring sexy little noises that Billy found very horny. Her fingers went faster between her legs and she soon climaxed in a welter of splashing and groaning, stuffing a face cloth in her pretty kissable mouth to stifle her screams of ecstasy. After a while she calmed down and stood up, exposing her cunt to a mirror by the bath, examining its folds, stroking it gently as her belly and tits heaved above it. Billy got a full-on view of it all, the way his mom’s fingers gently pulled apart the swollen love lips and exposed the inner maze of enfolded pink skin there. She stroked her index finger over her slit a few times and closed her eyes and threw her head back as the pleasure took her over.Billy tensed with arousal as his mom did something unexpected: she urinated......Her hairless pussy sprayed a powerful amber-coloured stream into the bathwater below her. Billy's whole body shivered with excitement as he watched his mom pee. He loved seeing women piss, and had got several of his young girlfriends to pee in front of him. He jacked his cock slowly, as his mom rubbed her clit, savouring all the action, while she continued pissing into the bathwater. Billy’s hand blurred up and down his dick as he watched every tiny movement, the way her face changed as she looked down at her piss stream, the way she sexily bit her bottom lip now and then and the way her other hand touched and pulled on her deliciously hard nipples. Billy’s pulse raced as his mom reached down, after she’d finished peeing, and gathered some amber droplets from her dripping cunt. She brought her wet fingers up to her nose, sniffed them first and then licked and sucked them clean. Billy gasped and came violently. His creamy load hosed over the wall in front of him. He stifled his desire to yell by putting his other hand over his mouth and carried on pumping his cum against the wall as his mom stepped out of the bath. She dried herself off with a big white towel, rubbing the soft cotton over the contours of her heavy 34 D-cup breasts, afterwards easing a finger shape of the towel into her pussy and then into her ass crack, bending and crouching in that elegant cat-like manner that Billy loved so much. Billy continued watching, his cock dripping slime onto the floor below him. He wiped his dick on some tissues and cleaned the beads of semen oozing down his blue painted wall. Billy peered again through the lens... ...and saw that his mom was fastening the belt of a long white bathrobe. She stopped in front of a mirror and had a clasp between her teeth. She took it out and pinned up her sleek blond hair into a neat little ponytail then sat down on a wicker chair by the bath. In full view of Billy’s spy hole she started to shave her pussy. She dipped a plastic ladies razor into the bathwater and splashed a little of moisture over her soaped up labia then shaved upwards around both sides of her vulva. She went all the way under her love lips and around her furrowed brown anal opening removing all the old re-growth stubble. She shaved away and Billy could hear she was humming, “Riders on the Storm, ” by the Doors, a favourite tune of hers. In no time his mom’s genitals were like those of a ten year old girl’s. She examined her bald cunt lips with satisfaction in a hand mirror then powdered them with talc and smoothed her fingertips over them afterwards; smiling in that sexy self-satisfied way that, Billy noticed, she often did during and after intimacy.Billy continued to watch as his mom got something out of a shoulder bag she’d brought into the bathroom with her. She set it up on a rattan cane towel rack and sat on the wicker chair about two feet from it. She carefully opened the front of her dressing gown, exposing her beautiful older woman's body to Billy’s riveted gaze. Billy could see what the object she’d got out of the bag was now: it was a portable DVD player, the one she normally kept in her bedroom closet. She put the headphones over her ears, switched the DVD player on and sat back. From his angled view Billy could just see his mom was watching a hardcore sex movie, the flickering images on the screen showed female hands fingering cunts, big pink lips gorging on massive erections and lots of fucking going on, throughout. Billy’s mom rubbed her hairless cunt in a V-shape, her fingers pointing downwards around her acorn-sized clit. Billy smiled at the intensity in her eyes as she took in all the filthy sex action on the little LCD screen in front of her. Her fingers went faster over her clit when a heavy bout of anal sex, and then a violent face-slapping, DP, appeared on screen. His mother's mouth opened a little and Billy could hear a distinct, ‘Oh, Oh, Mm, Mm, ’ coming from her trembling lips. She froze the DVD and quickly reached down into the bag beside her and took out a blue vibrator and turned it on full-speed, spreading her legs wide and teasing the tip of it into her cunt. Once it was inside, she stroked it in and out of herself in a frenzied way, her eyes half-closed in ecstasy. She played the DVD again and stared at the porno images on screen. Billy could see spots of vaginal slime spurting from his mom’s cunt as she masturbated. His cock was hard again and he pressed it up against the wall and rubbed it between his body and the plaster as he watched the action unfold next door, wishing his dick was embedded, like that lucky vibrator, in his mom's delicious cunt. Billy didn’t think his mom could surprise him anymore.......but she did. She slowed her stabbing rhythm down and removed the vibro, sucking her slime from it first then drooling on it, coating its tip with frothy saliva. Billy gasped, ‘Fuckin’ hell, you dirty slut!’ as his mom first fingered her anus and then inserted the tip of the vibro into it. He gasped again as he watched her poke it all the way in, until just the base of it was sticking out from the swollen little anal hole. 'Mm...You dirty whore, mom!' Billy said to himself, in admiration. As more orgy scenes appeared on the DVD player, Billy’s mom stroked her clit and pinched and pulled her hard pink nipples as she worked herself up to a second climax. Billy could see two big cocks on-screen being unplugged from two cute girl’s assholes. The studs jerked off rapidly and soon their thick creamy loads were being shot over the two kissing beauty's faces, leaving them dripping and messed-up. That scene caused Billy's mom to cum a second time, bucking her hips against the anal vibro, whilst also smoothing the palm of her manicured right hand over her labia and clit. She silenced herself by stuffing underwear in her mouth and biting down hard. Billy pressed himself against the wall and came a second time as he watched his mom’s intense climax. He crashed back down on the bed and looked at the dripping slime stain on his wall where his second load had sprayed out over it. There was an unexpected tap on the door after a few minutes. ‘You okay in there Billy? Want anything, sweetie?’ his mom said. Billy hurriedly wiped away the spunk on his wall with a pair of his underpants and he threw them under the bed. After pulling on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt he opened the door to his mom. Her beautiful face was flushed and a little drained. ‘Nice bath...was it good, mom?’ Billy asked with a sly grin. ‘Oh yeah, I love my baths, but obviously you know that.' Billy's mom said, then asked: 'D’you want a bath too, hon. I’ll wash your back, if you like?’ Billy nodded and said 'Sure, ' and would she run one for him. His mom smiled and said, ‘Of course I will, sweetie, ’ and went off. Billy heard the water running and he paraded in naked, loving exhibiting himself in front of his mother. He stood by the bath and made no attempt to conceal his large cock and heavy balls from his mom. She looked him over and patted his fit bare bottom, ‘Get in, you sexy young beast, ’ she said, with a beautiful smile, arousing Billy a lot. He sat down and felt the warm water cover his semi-hard dick. His mom added some bubbles to the bathwater and stirred them around, leaning over him. He felt her breasts dangle against his bare shoulder and his cock went com completely erect, about as hard as it could get. As his mom soaped his back, Billy let his reddened swollen cock emerge from the water and, of course, she noticed. ‘Something on your mind… Some girl I should know about, Billy?’ his mom asked. Billy looked up at her and didn’t know why he said it, but he did: ‘Yeah, not a girl, mom. You! You excite the hell outta me.’ She appeared not to hear and carried on soaping his back. Her hands came down lower, around his waist and soaped his chest, exciting his nipples. He felt her breath on his shoulder and she said: ‘Really? An old woman like me excites a young guy like you? I’m your mom, for Christ’s sake!’ She said with a wry laugh. ‘Well you do make me horny, mom, just look at my prick, ’ Billy said, proudly showing her his hard-on. ‘That’s not from nothing is it? I'm that way because I find you so hot.’'It's wrong Billy, you mustn't think that way about me, ' she said, in a not so convincing tone, looking down at him. 'I know it is mom, but that turns me on, knowing how wrong it is, ' he said.‘It’s perverted, ’ she said. ’I know it is, ’ Billy said, staring at her, his eyes pleading with her. 'What do you want me to do?' she asked.'Touch me. C'mon, you know you wanna. I can tell!' Billy said, gripping her shoulders. She smiled and said, 'Fuck it! I can't resist you and you know it, Billy, you good-looking young stud.' She reached down and gripped Billy’s cock, almost causing him to cum. ‘Mm, ’ she said, without any condemnation in her voice. ‘That’s a BIG cock, even bigger than your dad’s!’ Billy squeezed her hand. ‘Get in the bath with me, mom, please.’ She smiled and disrobed without saying a word, and got in, facing Billy. ‘This is so wrong, ’ she told him, holding his face in her hands, 'but I can't resist you. For a long time, I’ve had fantasies about us doing this, being incestuous lovers. I've a confession to make. I used to watch you masturbate in your room through a little hole in your ceiling that I made. You didn’t know that, did you?’ Billy looked amazed. ‘No mom I didn’t, ’ he said, ‘but I hope it turned you on.’ His mom smiled and told him, ‘I had so many orgasms watching you jerk off that big dick of yours and the way you squirted those enormous teenage loads all over the bed. I used to go in your room when you were at school and sniff your cum-stained duvet, lie in your bed and masturbate, thinking about us fucking, passionately. I hated myself for thinking those thoughts for a long time, full of guilt and shame, but they always made me cum real fast. I just wished I'd had the nerve to do this sooner.’ His mother’s revelations excited Billy beyond anything he’d experienced before. This was so taboo, so dark. 'Ancient Egyptian women initiated their sons in sex, did you know that?' his mom told him. 'No, I didn't, why was that?' Billy asked. 'They thought that a young man's first sexual experiences should come from his mother, the woman who bore him and was connected most closely to him.' 'Sounds like a good idea, ' Billy said. 'They should bring back that custom, as far as I'm concerned.' Billy's mom laughed and said, 'You beautiful dirty boy!' and threw her arms around his young neck and kissed him, his erection nestling between her hanging boobs as their tongues flicked and licked together. She pulled away after the kiss and smiled and pushed her breasts together around his hard stalk, tit- fucking him. He handled them and felt the rubbery hardness of her nipples and his pupils dilated as he thumbed her big pink teats. His mom noticed that look, she knew the signs. ‘You wanna cum now, don't you?’ she asked, as she rocked up and down on his dick. 'Yes, I do, ' Billy said. 'Okay, stand up, and jack-off, over my face, ' she said. 'Shoot whenever you like.' Billy got up, dripping water, and did as she asked. He groaned and felt his rising sap about to burst out. He looked down at his mom with her tongue right out, lapping and sucking on his cum-brimming young balls and he gasped, ‘Oh fuck, mom, yeah, yeah!’ and let his load go. Through misty eyes he looked at his mom's cute face being splashed with his creamy cum, the spurting, spitting, slime, dripping off her tongue and lips, icing over her forehead and nose, over one eye. She groaned in appreciation and said, 'Mm, oh, oh, oh, ' as he iced her some more, holding her beautiful face up to him, bathing in her son's copious ejaculation. Her mouth descended onto his sperm-oozing cock and gulped it in, swallowing it and everything he pumped out of his throbbing teenage balls. She gulped greedily on her son's cock, groaning sexily and worshipping it, draining it entirely. 'Mm, that was so tasty, ' she said after washing her face clean in the bathwater. 'I'd forgotten how sweet a young guy's cum tastes.' Billy lay back in the bath panting, his cock still twitching. 'That was unbelievable, mom, totally unreal!' 'Mm, I agree, ' his mom said, putting on her white robe again. 'It didn't feel very wrong did it?' 'No, ' Billy said, 'Please let's do it again. Let's be cool lovers.' 'That sounds like a good idea, ' she said. 'Just one thing though.' 'What's that?' Billy asked.‘Don’t spy on me anymore, sweetie.' 'How did you know I did that?' Billy asked. 'Billy, I'm a mature woman. Of course I knew about that little spy-hole of yours.''You didn't mind?''Kinda excited me, giving you all those little sex exhibitions. I bet you came, when I pissed for you today.' 'When you sucked your fingers, ' Billy confessed. ‘That was so dirty!’ 'Mm, nice choice of orgasm- moment, ' she said. 'We have the same kinda fantasies. I'd cum if you pissed in my mouth.' 'Fuck!' Billy said, slightly shocked at his mom's crudeness.'That's a great idea, ' his mom said, 'I'm sure that young dick of yours has a few more rounds in it yet, doesn't it? Wanna go to your bedroom and find out?' Billy nodded, knowing his life had just been turned upside down and would never be the same again.© Haiku Master, 2008

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