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Abi Titmus Tape Article

Young Offenders Medical

Young Offenders Medical

By Don Brown - Feb 5, 2008 - From spanking- stories. Spanking stories - Views - 42200 Warden Jones led Dee to the medical center and stood her in a corner.
Doctor Brown, a detainee in your waiting room.
Bring her in please Brian.
He moved towards her and slapped her bottom, she turned and he got hold of her tit again and led her into the surgery.
Doctor Brown looked at Dee and the state of her body, what happened to her Brian?
Rude discourteous and she attacked Jill.
Dee Wilson sir.
Are you on any medication?
No sir.
Are you monthly regular?
Yes sir.
Next cycle?
21st sir
Are you sexually active?
No sir
Get onto the bed.
Yes sir
Dee climbed on the bed and lay gently down.
Put your feet into the stirrups.
She lifted her legs up into the stirrups and Doctor Wilson fastened a strap over them to keep them in place.
Arms over the side, he laid her arms down by her side and Doctor Wilson fastened those down too.
Ok thanks Brian leave her with me now.
The Doctor put his stethoscope into his ears and place it on Dee’s left tit then he moved it about, her right tit, breastbone and tummy. He took it off his ears and wrote onto sheet.
He moved up to her eyes and shone a light in, and wrote on his sheet.
Same with her ears and finally looked in her mouth. Looks a bit sore in there, I`ll get you something to suck when I have finished.
Oh thank you sir.
He moved between her legs and inserted his fingers up her slit, you were right, still a virgin.
Yes sir
Good girl.
He examined every crease of her slit and she relaxed. He gently brought her clit to full size by touching and fondling.
Well done you were a good girl now for something to suck.
He went to her head and lowered the headrest down so her head was now hanging over the table.
She lifted her head to see what the kind Doctor was doing but did not like what she saw.
He had locked the surgery door and had taken his trousers of and was playing with his cock.
He went back to her head and pushed it back over the bed, Dee whimpered, and he let his loose cock dangle into her mouth.
It looked twice the size of the last cock she had in her mouth and she was not wrong, she only just managed to get it into her mouth it was that thick.
Suck the doctor said as he gently slapped her tits. He kept it up slapping from side to side then up and down. He nipped her nipples as hard as they had ever been hurt and his cock was growing deeper into her throat.
As you are a virgin you may not have heard of deep throating, it is letting my cock grow into your mouth and down your throat. You may seem to think you are choking but do not worry, I am a doctor.
He carried on his treatment of her tits and she was struggling not to be sick.
He started pushing it in and out of her throat cracking his huge balls into her eyes and against her nose. He held it in a few seconds and covered her nose, she thought she would die but he withdrew.
He place his balls over her mouth and pushed them through her lips, suck, she sucked as he wanked himself waiting to re enter her mouth.
He took his balls out of his mouth and walked to the sink and grabbed a couple of paper towels. He wet them very slightly and came back to her head and told her to open her mouth, she dare not refuse and he pushed in the towels.
Why would he do that she thought, he couldn’t get his cock in my mouth now.
He moved between her legs.
I am going to give you a wank now and he began massaging and working her slit and clit. It began to feel very nice then he stopped. She looked up just as he moved his cock to her slit lips and broke into the wetness he mad made.
He pushed a little further and she tried to scream.
He pushed gently further till he met her barrier.
He pressed against it and she whimpered.
He had about 3 inch to play with or he could break her and go all the way with his 8-inch cock.
He just played a little backwards and forwards then pushed hard and she was broken. Although she could not scream she began to cry.
The more he kept going the more she was loosening up, she began moving in rhythm with him. Surely she was not going to come after this, yes she was and it hit her really hard, the ecstasy and the pain were the best she had ever felt.
He withdrew and moved back to her head. He removed the paper and replaced it with his rock hard cock. His hands went back to her slit and he worked her again as he rammed her mouth she came and he followed, he pulled back a bit as his manly spunk filled her mouth and throat, stream after stream, she did well to swallow as much as she did.
He took his cock out and she had to allow some to escape out of her mouth.
The Doctor spoke. That was something I wanted to do for you. In here I am afraid you will find some rough people. People who will want to cause you pain, it is what they get paid for, to teach you how to behave.
There are also lots who will want to, and will, fuck you. Had I not done it gently they would have hurt you.
It would be better if we kept it as a secret, it will do you no harm to keep up the pretence.
It would also keep him from being struck off or divorced too.
Well done my dear, would you like a shower?
Yes please sir.
If you step out of line I’ll whip the hide off you, do you understand? I am not supposed to let you wander around free without having a warden here, which is why you wee strapped down.
Yes sir, I will not give you any problems.
He undid her arms and then her legs and helped her up.
She was unsteady on her feet so he helped her to the shower room.
The shower was warm and welcoming and in a huge cubicle. The shower gel reminded her of home. It made her sob a little.
How could only such a short period of time have elapsed, only around 5 hours ago she was still at her home.
In that time se tried to recall all that had happened to her.
She was stripped, tawsed, finger fucked, tawsed, bum fucked, tawsed, cunt sucking, tawsed, cock sucking, tawsed, whipped, cock sucking and fucked. If she’d missed something out it was probably another tawsing.
The shower room door opened and Doctor Brown entered.
He began to undress. When he was naked he opened the cubicle door, that’s why it was so big.
Dee cowered in the corner. Don’t be afraid Dee, we will help each other out.
His cock was slack and hanging down between his legs but still around 5 inches long. It looked so thick and powerful.
He was an athletic looking man of around 30; she never was any good at guessing ages.
Wash me Dee.
Yes sir
She got the shower gel and rubbed some on his back, then chest his bottom and legs then she looked into his eyed for permission to touch his cock, he nodded.
She lathered her hands and rubbed up and down his meaty shaft, she cupped his balls one at a time spreading the soap.
He reached out to her enlarged nipples and gently nipped, bringing a moan from her lips.
When he had his fill of her young tits he moved down to his first prize. He played in her pubes then touched her clit in passing to her slit, she reacted like a coiled spring and pushed against his hand.
He wanked her and she returned the compliment.
His cock was different to the wardens, no loose skin at the end just a proud pink dome.
He pushed on her shoulders and she went down onto her knees.
She played with his cock, just breaking past her lips and out again, then a bit further.
She sucked and bit and licked as though she had done it all her life.
He pulled out, time for your spanking child.
What spanking sir.
You are a naughty girl interfering with a Doctor.
Oh yes sir.
So what should happen to naughty girls?
Please sir would you spank my naughty bottom?
Of course.
He opened the shower cubicle and she stood up and he led her to a chair.
Her fantastic clinging tits glistened with the water under the fluorescent light. The size of a firm grapefruit with perfectly shaped dark nipples.
Her flat belly leading to a dark forest at the top of a secret valley. Her slit lips were slightly extended not just the uniform shape.
She was scared from the tawse and the whip, which turned the Doctor on even more.
He cupped her slit with his fingers and dragged her to his side. She took no asking and lowered herself over his knee. His stiff cock rubbed against her soft belly and his hand worked her clit.
His first few spanks were that of a caring man, but she would like them harder, and as if by mind reading he obliged. His hand got higher and his blows harder and his fingers followed the passion between her legs. She arched and clenched and came on his hand but he kept spanking and working her.
She started again with a fire in her getting warmer and warmer. Her bottom glowed as if at the centre of her fire.
The Doctor stopped and stood her up, she knew her job and knelt to take him in her mouth.
He was rock hard and she felt his cock veins as she sucked as though to save her life.
His cock slipped out and she looked up as she put her hand to her slit, May I sir?
May you what?
May I wank too sir.
Yes my dear
She gobbled his cock back into her mouth and worked herself with her free hand. She was almost ready to come when he arched and she felt his love hit the back of her throat, she moaned and writhed on her hand as they came as one.
She waited till he went slack and looked up at him. He removed his cock and went back into the shower; she followed behind him still glowing at her back and front.
When both washed they got out of the cubicle together. She passed her master a towel and with her towel began to dry him.
His back and bottom his chest and legs and lastly his cock, the cock, which had taken her innocence. It was dangling down between his legs like a symbol of his authority over her, power that she had enjoyed.
He returned the favor and dried her back and gently her bottom. He moved the towel and rubbed his hand over it. He turned her round and wiped her face and neck. He patted her breasts and tugged her proud hard nipples. Down her belly to her slit. She spread her legs to give him access.
Doctor Brown unlocked his door and gave Dee a form to sign. It had all her details on from the medical, which she glanced.
Just one question stood out, Sexual State – Virgin, she smiled and signed it.
Almost time you left.
What will happen next sir?
From here you go for your prison uniform.
Don’t worry Dee, your first day is almost over and he playfully slapped her bottom.
Thank you sir.

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