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Abi Titmus Tape Article

Asian Men Dating White Women - The Asian Man's Fast Guide To Dating

Here is a shocker: Being Asian is a big advantage in the dating world! Women don't see me coming. While other guys are trying to top each other with acts of machismo, I approach, converse and seduce the women I want. Unfortunately, that's not how most Asian guys feel. They feel the exact opposite actually, that they are being screwed over in the game of dating. I know, it's common to see a Caucasian guy with an Asian girl, but Asian men dating white women? That isn't as common. Should that be a cause of concern? Are Asian men really at a disadvantage?
I have travelled in the most of the world and one thing I discovered is that Asian American men have much more severe hang ups over interracial relationships than they do in Europe, where I met many Asian guys in interracial relationships. I also met some Asian American guys who racked up 99% of the notches for Asian men dating other women. These guys have no problem dating women of other races.
Want to know more: 2268377 asianmendatingwhitewomenAsian Men Dating White Women
As an Asian American man, I know exactly what the problem is: Asian guys are shy, sometimes painfully so. Heck, you might go as far as saying Asian guys are wusses by Western standards. Can you hold a polite conversation with a girl in the grocery store line without stuttering? Then you're ahead of most Asian guys. Women are attracted to confidence and that may be the number one reason why Asian men dating white women isn't common. I've read online somewhere that an internet dating survey showed Asian men to be the least desirable partners on dating sites. So many Asian guys are going to read that and be crushed.
Look, friend and brother, if you - a dorky Asian dude, want to get good, better, with women, then you need to begin changing your mindset. I want to help you, because I've been where you have been, I walked the walk. I know what it's like being frustrated and angry, calling an Asian girl 'traitor' cause she is dating a white guy. I know what it feels like to stare at a hot girl and wish I had the damn courage to say something to her - anything!
I went through all the lame excuses: I want her to like me for me!, I should get her, I am better than him, I have an MBA and a nice car. I think you know the stuff. Challenge is how we grow. Women respond to praise, men respond to challenge, so step up and go on your own personal adventure.
Your 'nice guy' personality has to change. White girls grew up watching Bruce Willis and Cowboys. That's what they want.
Here's how to begin: Start socializing everywhere. Whether you're the hard working student or the Asian gangster with the rice rocket, both of you get nervous around hot white women. I know it. Now that's a major problem. Are you coming up with excuse right now? 'What is this guy on about?', This guy's a joke'.
I told you it was time to lay off the negative talk. A few years from now, you will still be stuck surfing the web or be married to some fat chick your parents introduced you to.
It's your choice.
This isn't about learning some magic pickup lines. It isn't just about how Asian men can date white girls. It's about making you a better man.
2268377 asianmendatingwhitewomenAsian Men Dating White Women will reveal exactly what you need - as an Asian man - to jump start your dating life. Ten more dating secrets from the best Asian seduction coaches are discussed at: 2268377 asianpimpstatus me, if you use these techniques you'll attract more women...period!

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