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Sex stories for females - These erotic stories listed below are of a more sensual nature for our female readers who may not be interested in the more hardcore variety of story in our other categories.2500. Dancing Instructions - He was…incredible. Everything about this morning was remarkable. I mean before I knew it, somehow, our clothes came off, except of course my underwear and bra and his cute tight and I mean tight boxers... mature- relationship. Mature Relationship - “I want you Peter. I really do” and she paused as she looked into his eyes “but I’m not necessarily that kind of woman you should know.” 66554334. Mature Relationship - “I want you Peter. I really do” and she paused as she looked into his eyes “but I’m not necessarily that kind of woman you should know.”2408. Liz Makes Out - A woman endures a terrible loss; then economic hardship, depression and loss of confidence in herself. She sinks low until fate steps in and brings her back from the depths to which she had sunk. "As they crawled in to the bed, Liz felt the dampness in her vulva and her nipples stood at full erection. It’d been a long time since she’d been this close to a man but only a few minutes had passed since a man had tweaked those nipples and suckled them"... 2363. The Tutor - Jamie has just graduated from college and takes a job tutoring a sexy high school senior for some extra cash. However it's more than trigonometry that she teaches him. "Jamie was in her bedroom reading when she heard Robbie’s truck pull in his drive next-door. She quickly changed into some jean shorts and a tank top and walked next-door and rang the bell. A minute passed and no one had answered so she wrung again. “Coming!” she heard as Robbie bounded toward the door in a pair of loose sweats that hung low exposing the top of his boxer briefs"...2336. Our Breathy Sweaty Embrace - For a while I have been fantasising about the boy in the warehouse. Hazy day-dreams full of passionate kisses and secret, guilty embraces. He is young; smooth, tanned skin and long legs, with a cheeky grin and a sparkle in his eyes that makes my heart race. "He presses his crotch against me and I can't help thinking of what it would feel like for his cock to slide inside me. I look up at him helplessly"...2325. A one knighter turned to 2 year affair with my X - I can’t do this. Please stop! Just then a short orgasm hit my insides. Charlie, you SOB, take me some where and fuck me now before I change my mind and go home to my husband! "I heard the sound of every clap, as sweat dripping from Charlie’s forehead on to my lower back. Charlie! I’m Cumming! I screamed. During my orgasm his thumb made it’s way though my puckered sphincter causing a longer climax."2306. Birthday BBW (3) Some - I knew Tammi a few years ago when she was working with Beca in a warehouse., She was a big woman, close too 285 Pounds. Her tits had to be 46fs to 48fs with a large DD cup. When she was braless you could see the her rather large nipples surrounded by light pinkish areola. Tammifs nipples are unlike most fat women, donft normally have large nipps. Tammi also has pretty green bedroom eyes that would say (Come, come Fuck Me)...2250. April Surprise - Myra, sullen, finds emjoyable intimacy after loss of a boyfriend. "She had become wet, horny too, and she wanted him to climb in to bed with her and remove her pajamas. She wanted warm tender hands crawling all over her until she was wet with uncontrolled desire. She didn’t know this man and she didn’t care if she knew him. His voice and his demeanor on the phone were unbelievable and she felt palpitations swirling through her pussy madly"...2154. Wife Wasn't Bi, But She Is Now - She stuck the dong in herself and moaned ah little as she was using her moisture to lube up this rubber dick. She spit on my ass, pushed a finger in, then two. She thrust in a deep as she could. My cock came to life again. She got up on her knees, aiming that rubber dick to my ass. WoW the sensation was tremendous.
2125. The Twilight Club - When I reach his table I realize that there are two women sat with him. One has her hand inside the front of his trousers, stroking his cock underneath his pants, and the other is lolling against the back of the booth, one leg spread out, playing with her pussy.2103. Pool Slut - I love to wear short tight dresses stockings or crotch-less pantyhose. I recently had my first black dick and know I just can't get enough black dicks in my little white shaved pussy. I especially love to watch those big black dicks as they slide in my smooth shaved hole. cheating-husband-fuck. Hire PI to Catch Cheating Husband - I pushed my tits tight around his massive meat as he pumped his dick between my boobs. I licked his dick's head every time it popped his head out of the flesh of my titties. Soon he was ejaculating again, all over my tits, my neck & my chin. shit- happens. Pre Wedding Gitters - She moved over and above facing me. She eased herself down on my ragging dick. “Oh Damn Gurl” Her snatch was so wet I didn’t have any issues of her going all the way down to my balls.2066. Dreams Can Come True - The dreams I had been having about the boy working in the warehouse were about to come true... He takes his hand from my mouth briefly to undo the buttons of my shirt and release my breasts. I arch my back so that my nipples are free for him, and he squeezes them both in turn, teasing me and making me even wetter. I've never felt so out of control. I would let him do anything to me.2022. A Real Work- Out - I started jogging, my breasts softly bouncing rhythmically when I saw him slowly start to walk towards me. Sweat started dripping off my chin and down into my cleavage, still I watched him approach. He reached up and turned off the treadmill and asked me to join him in the stretching room, obediently I followed. Watching his tight buns and calf muscles contract with every pace, my vagina too started to get wet with excitement.2016. Impossible - Chris kissed me again, moving one hand beneath my shirt. It was icy against my skin, and I inhaled sharply. Chris pulled away, worried. “Just say no if you want me to stop, Bea.” 1935. Dinner and a Movie - with one last flick of the tongue she was over the edge. Her back arched and pussy pushed forward. Alison opened her mouth wide eating as much of Sarah’s pussy as she could as she rubbed Sarah’s clit to a fever pitch. 1832. Jane gets Groomed - He plunged his massive, brown cock into her bald cunt and for the first time in her life she understood the benefit of a Brazilian.1753. A Story for you - This is part one of a group of stories I have written for girls I was in relationships with. The works contained herein are pure fantasy that are meant for women to read and enjoy as they are told like a narrative.1727. Oh Lady Shave That Bush - Her breasts, I would guess they are 36’s to 38’s and a large C cup sized titties. She was indeed nipping. Her areola was sliver dollar & dark pink Her nipples sticking out like she had just came out of a cold rain...1707. My carpeting is clean too - As I read your story, I had been feeling much the same. It’s so long since I had a good hard dick also. I guess males loose ah lot as they age. I read the story and started to feel moisture building up from my loins. I never thought I could get horny by reading some story, but I did and I kept reading.1693. My Vacuum Cleaner - Works Great - The carpet in our bedroom is real thick pile shag. I vacuumed bathroom first and then to our room. It’s real hard to push the vacuum over the carpet. I had to push hard and draw it back several times to clean it good. I pulled it back and the handle brushed up against my clitoris. Gawd what ah feeling. My pussy moistened quickly.1688. GAG-A-RIFIC BARRY part 2 - I told Barry that he would be set free just as soon as he sucked off a few cocks for the Sorority girls. Barry, of course, agreed to it. The Sorority girls were excited about it and started making phone calls to see if they could get a few guys to come over for a headjob. As the phone calls were being made, five more girls came in to participate.1689. GAG-A-RIFIC BARRY part 3 - A few days after the extreme humiliation revenge that we put on Barry, both Jenna and I were still thinking about it. The story was spreading wildly and tons of people were asking us all about it. Jenna and I would be riding in her car and one of us would just start giggling and the other would join in. We both knew that we had pulled off the biggest revenge scene in the history of Girl Power. The satisfaction was incredible.1684. Just Another Holiday Romance - Once at the door we found it hard to keep our hands off of each other with the anticipation of what we were about to do. I could already feel my pussy growing moist and begin to throb. Brendon fumbled slightly with the key and let us in. We moved quickly to the bed pulling off our own and each others clothes as we moved.1673. My Most Cum-Filled Night - I had managed to suck off all 17 guys and swallow every delicious drop of cum1658. My Best Friend - Two best friends (girl/guy) get even closer when he takes her behind the couch and has his way. She loves it, and he loves her. Over 5 years they've built up sexual tension, until one cozy night, everything is released and the truth about their friendship emerges. 1634. GAG-A-RIFIC BARRY - Barry learns that cheating may not have been such a great idea after all. The revenge is powerful and erotic. 1611. Male Dominance - The other man next to him joined in and began working his other thigh. This is when hubby noticed their big swollen tools peaking through the slit in their towels. As the pressure point clinic continued one of the men removed my husband’s towel causing his enlarged penis to stand straight up. When the two body builders noticed this, their full-size gear went to full erection. 1570. Ferdinand the Bull - Then I saw this large bull with his huge cock out and was slapping his belly with his cock. It sounded like a 12 gage shotgun when he would flex his dick. I watched him as he came closer to the fence line. 1562. Monday Morning Shower - The lather covered her eyes and he put his arms around her thin waist and firmly pressed her against him, her tender breasts flattened against his manly physique, they faced each other but she was still unable to see, he kissed her lips tenderly, and she recognised the taste, he knew this but softly said ‘Guess who?, ’ in an alluring tone. 1558. Train ticket to nowhere - “Here Marsine” She then took off her shirt and her bra. Her breasts were now in my hands and her large black titties were getting me charged. Her breasts were 36C’s maybe 38’s with large almost purple colored nipples. Susie had the nicest set of nipples. They were straight out 3 / 4” and hardest I’ve ever seen. 1398. Early Spring Morning - I wake my hand between my legs, I’m wet I have been playing with myself in my sleep, as I open my eyes I continue stroking my pussy, I kick the covers off and spread my legs allowing me easier access. One hand between my open legs while the other gently teases my nipples I trace a figure of eight over my breast as I recall a treasured memory.1396. Sex with my Sleeping Husband - That felt so great. Withdrawing his dick until the tip was still inserted in me. He started fucking my hungry pussy fast and furiously; all the while he was working his thumb into my bung. I was at the edge and seconds later he pulled out and aimed his love tool at my butt. 1391. Welcomed Sexual Pleasure - I looked over as he drew alongside, taking my foot off the gas to pace with him. I put my finger in my mouth, all the way to the hilt, withdrawing it slowly as I watched his eyebrows rose over the rim of his sunglasses 1376. Airplanes are Fun - As the plane began to taxi down the runway she leaned over and whispered " baby you will never forget this flight". I thought it odd but blew it off. 1369. My true life experience with Mr. Wobble -

I stood up in the Jacuzzi with my tummy tucked in and asked if he thought I was fat...
1339. Breaking all the Rules - I caught him there, laying next to a mystery girl. I knew now that he was not for me. I rushed to Chris's room knowing that I was not just there for a shoulder to cry on. 1253. One Night - He flipped us over and pulled my pants off, then my underwear. He pushed my legs open, I felt his satin hair rub against my thigh, the I felt his mouth against me.He darted his tongue in, lapped sucked and kissed me, until the friction he was causing was unbearable, and I felt the hot liquid burst like a baloon. internet-affair. Chat Room Cheating - I was on the Internet looking for information on why women lose interest in sex. I came across a chat room where people could chat about anything. Cooking, sports just about anything, even sex. There is self-made profile on these people that you could read. To join in the chat room you had to have a login name. I choose “Neglected One / Golfer” 985. Mrs. Good-Looking - Underneath I wore the sexiest of sexy outfits which included a matching bra and panties accessorized with garters and stockings. Looking at my figure in the mirror after putting it all on, sent shivers through my body. whole-again. Whole Again - Michelle's mind wanders while she is at work and finds herself with James. torn-in-two. Torn In Two - Michelle gets a surprise visit from the man she is in love with, but it isn't her boyfriend - The next few moments seemed like hours as James took his time kissing every inch of her exposed skin as he unfastened her bra. When her supple breasts were finally no longer burdened by her bra, he took a moment to gaze at them before forcing his mouth around the left nipple, while massaging the right one with his hand. verbal-fuck. F is for Female - Over the years I have been asked, occasionally co-erced, to perform various tasks, deeds of valor or otherwise. Some I have elected to fulfil, others not, for reasons ranging from personal preference to circumstantial inability. Never though have I been asked, up until this week at least, to fuck someone verbally. That isn't to say I can't or even necessarily that I don't wish to - it is simply a dynamically unusual request. 707. Warriors Dream - After opening the dress far enough to get a hand inside, he worked his way in to feel the silky softness of her bra. He opened the next button in order to gain better access and discovered that her bra was black lace that closed in the front. He opened the closure hook and unbuttoned the dress down to her waist.625. A Fantasy No More - A sailor falls, hook, line, and sinker for a woman that looks like his mermaid fantasy. I felt sheer delight as I watched her breasts bounce as she walked. Looking down I noticed she was wearing a very short and tight skirt. She moved like a sex machine. She was 100% certified pure woman. 624. I Knew Her For An Eternity - A sailor wakes up naked in a woman's bed after being rescued by her, and soon discovers that he has known her for all eternity. 623. Her Special Place For Innocence - Two lovers fondle naked on a beach in the Hamptons, after a woman takes her lover back to the place of her childhood innocence. 618. The Script About My Ass - A high school football star discovers that the girls could care less about all the touch downs he makes. And its his hot looking ass in those tight football pants that really has the attention of all the girls. sexual- massage. Sexual Massage - I don't know when she moved, but all of a sudden I realized she had moved into the 69 position and there before me was that luscious sexual honey pot awaiting my licking. Of course, I love the taste of sexual secretion and could drink it any time it is available. djstory. The Voice of a Stranger - A DJ is in for the night of his life when a fan decides to look him up at his apartment. fugitive. The Fugitive - A woman of title lands in a fantasy setting takes a fugitive prisoner and decides to make him her own, but instead finds he is her equal. picnicrain. Picnic in the Rain - Jim had to admit that she was the most exquisitely beautiful creature he had ever seen, yet his real attraction to her was her inner, spiritual beauty. She gave off an aura of peace and harmony with Man and Nature. Her every movement, so natural and easy, displayed a deep sensual appreciation of live and love. the-club. The Club - As the drums accelerate and the horns and reeds barrel along, speeding relentlessly through the melody, I start to move. With my ankles and arms clenching around his hard, broad body I pull myself up and down, up and down, impaling myself on him, on his cock, his marvelous, miraculous cock, this monster that is filling my pussy, my belly, my chest. making_love. Making Love - We lay still for a while, holding each other tightly. I lifted myself up, took hold of the condom, and slid out of her before I became limp. I cleaned myself off quickly and returned to bed. We climbed underneath the sheets and held each other in the subdued light of the room. big_tits_story. Big Boobs - Erotic sex story - He took one look at her tits and started cracking jokes about how hard it would be for her to get through the door if her chest got any bigger. She explained why she needed to work that part of her body and that’s when the compliments and flirting started. the-necklace. The Necklace - There was a brief surprised look on his face as I took him into me, but then he smiled at me and leaned back on his hands. It felt good to feel him deep inside my body as I sat there, pressing my clit against his pubic bone. I leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips, and in my already excited state, the stimulation and added pressure pushed me over the edge to an orgasm, a small one, but very good. beach-lust. Beach Lust - I creep up to you and lay the blanket out beside you. I lean down and whisper softly in your ear that you might be more com comfortable if you slid onto it. You duly do so, your hand not straying from your pussy, the fingers squelching as they plunge in and out. I strip quickly, my cock swaying in the warm breeze and I kneel down taking the bottle of oil and flipping off the top. I dribble a little into my hand and go to massage it into your naked tits, your top having been removed, but you tell me to stop and lick your pussy for you instead. Touch_Me. Touch Me - A sexual encounter between a woman and a man, after she asked "Touch me". She noticed my discomfort, and said, “Take it out. It doesn’t look com comfortable for you. Unbutton those pants, and let me see that dick. I think it’s only fair that I get to look at it before you suck me.” the-voice. The voice - Drawing his balls into my mouth, gently caressing and manipulating them while I ran a finger down the crack of his ass, probing the tight anus. Bringing my mouth back up his cock, I choreographed the motions of his cock in-and-out of my mouth while my finger probed in-and-out of his ass. He stopped me as I felt the pulsing of his cock getting ready to explode. summer-camp. Summer Camp Glory Hole - I have even gone so far as jerk him off into a container, to get an idea of how much he shoots. When he has not fucked his wife for about 4 or 5 days, he can provide 3 ounces of sperm. (I used liquor shot glasses as a measure). I had never in my life had two guys at once, and it was pure heaven to be sucking one while fucking another. Jill helped by coming up and joining in at licking Eddy's shaft and licking his balls. She began to verbalize, which drove me to a frenzy! country- girl. Just A Little Country Girl - Duane and I didn't want just anybody living in our house, so we were fortunate enough to have a church member recommend her nephew to us. My story really begins last August, when our college student, Joe, moved in. As part of the rental agreement, I made his bed everyday and cleaned his room. A couple of weeks after he moved in, I found a whole stack of adult magazines under his bed. There were Playboys and Penthouses, but there were also magazines with only pictures called things like Stockings and Lace, Bush Basher, Anal Honeys, and Big Tit Fuckers. armchair-sex. Sex stories for women - Armchair sex - Sex stories for women - Almost giggling to herself with guilty pleasure, Emily slipped her skirt and blouse off, letting them fall to the floor nonchalantly. Her underwear followed, and she lay back into the squirming armchair with exquisite joy. Now the velvet was tickling her buttocks and fondling her back, and a new movement began underneath her thighs. Curious, she opened her legs and let the chair massage the inside of her thighs. Aroused by her own daring, she could feel wetness forming between her slightly parted pussy lips. She glanced around carefully; the room was still deserted. With small movements, she eased her hand down to her clit and gently began to tease herself, dipping her finger into her vagina and carefully smoothing the wetness around her cunt. naughty-note. Sex stories for women - Naughty Note - Sex stories for women - The combination of my tight jeans, your words and my imagination had kept me at a pretty high level of arousal the entire day. My panties were decidedly... damp, when I finally peeled them off and went to the washroom to clean up a little.Even the brush of the soapy washcloth between my thighs was arousing. I could feel it rubbing against my clit and I had to bite my lip. I almost decided to rub it, then and there, to rid myself of the terrible ache... but I'd waited this long, and I was really looking forward to a more leisurely cum. helping- hand. Helping hand - Sexy story for women - It was warm, one of the first really warm days of the summer. The heat made the breeze warm and silky against my skin, brushing over me like a lover's hand. It made for a lazy Saturday afternoon, the kind that makes you want to lay naked against crisp cool sheets while the sun filters gently through the blinds. memory. Memory - Sex story for women - Your fingers sliding over my shoulders; it always started the same. Your heat, reassuring at my back as I reclined against you. My eyes slipping from the television to the ceiling as I let your touch wash over me. I always knew when your touch had intent.My breasts, rising to meet your touch. Your palms always light, always teasing over the lace-covered nipples. You would pause there for a time, knowing what even the most delicate touch would do to me. More, knowing that the most delicate touch you could give was the very same that would send me writhing against you. slave-girl. Dream Come True - STRONG>Sexy stories for women - We took the highway early in the morning to our weekend's destination. My slave girl and I in a nice rental car. Our costumes were in the trunk, the fresh coffee was aromatic in the car, and we shared a muffin while Mina drove. My private property... jenny. Jenny - Sexy stories for women - Jenny was apprehensive but excited as the plane touched down at Savannah airport. I had arranged a weekend at Hilton Head promising, "three days you'll NEVER forget", at a fantasy beach club for the adventurous. The South in August can seem like the hottest and most humid place on Earth. I felt a little sorry for my friend Jenny. Jenny's parents were planning to spend the month touring the Orient and didn't want to leave her alone at their home in upstate New York.40. Sherry Proves Herself Worthy - My name is Jim. I just turned 35 a couple of months ago. I married my wife Sherry nine years ago. We have two children, a son eight years old and a little girl three years old. We have a good life but there have been some rough spots. My story is about the end of one of those rough times. Sex stories making you horny? Videos and pictures of naked girls and guys not doing it for you anymore? Then try chatting with the sexy cam girls, guys and trannies at livejasmin allonline ? psid=sexinnz&pstour=t1&psprogram=REVS LiveJasmin cams. Or visit the new amateur cams at our free live webcam sex site. Feeling horny and looking for a fuck tonight? Meet local women in your area who are looking for a good time just like you! 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Australia Day billboards with girls in hijabs to appear nationwide after camp...

18 Jan 2017 at 9:25pm 

The Sydney Morning Herald

Australia Day billboards with girls in hijabs to appear nationwide after campaign raises $130000
The Guardian
A crowdfunding campaign has raised more than $130,000 to get a photograph of two young girls wearing hijabs at an Australia Day event on billboards across the country, and surplus funds will now go to Indigenous organisations. Last week the photograph ...
More than $100000 raised to reinstate Australia Day billboard with Muslim girls, but not all are happyThe Sydney Morning Herald
Billboards featuring girls in hijabs to be installed nationwide after crowdfunding campaign reaches targetABC Online

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Bryan girls end state record losing streak - Lincoln Journal Star (blog)

18 Jan 2017 at 8:32pm 

Lincoln Journal Star (blog)

Bryan girls end state record losing streak
Lincoln Journal Star (blog)
The Omaha Bryan girls basketball celebrates their 69-59 win over Omaha Central on Wednesday. The Bears ended a state record 91-game losing streak with the win. prev. next. The streak is finally over for the Omaha Bryan girls basketball team. The Bears ...
Omaha Bryan girls basketball team snaps state-record streak with win over Omaha CentralOmaha World-Herald

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Girl Scouts Defend Their Involvement in Donald Trump Inauguration -

18 Jan 2017 at 1:15pm

Girl Scouts Defend Their Involvement in Donald Trump Inauguration
The Girl Scouts of the USA, the popular, over 100-year-old youth organization, defended their participation in the inauguration ceremonies for President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday in the wake of some criticism for their involvement. It was ...
The Girl Scout in me would never stand for Donald TrumpThe Guardian
Girl Scouts of America to March in Trump's Inaugural Parade, Inspiring Very Mixed FeelingsThe Mary Sue
Why The Girl Scouts Should End Their 100-Year Tradition & Not March At The InaugurationBustle
Jezebel -BuzzFeed News -Twitter
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GIRLS IN UNIFORM: Israeli Army beauties make phwoar not war in stunning snaps...

18 Jan 2017 at 12:57pm

GIRLS IN UNIFORM: Israeli Army beauties make phwoar not war in stunning snaps
The Israeli military is more a case of PHWOAR than war if the Hot Israeli Army Girls Instagram account is anything to go by. The account, which should send temperatures to nuclear levels, has 116,000 followers and more than 2,000 stunners have uploaded ...


GCHQ targets teenage girls to find cyber spies of the future - The Guardian

18 Jan 2017 at 12:44pm 

The Sun

GCHQ targets teenage girls to find cyber spies of the future
The Guardian
Teenage girls are being invited to put their technology skills to the test in a competition that could unearth the cyber spies of the future. The contest has been set up by GCHQ's new National Cyber Security Centre as part of efforts to inspire more ...
GCHQ seeks teenage girls to join cyber security fightBBC News
GCHQ to recruit social media-mad teenage girls as spies of tomorrowThe Sun
GCHQ launches cyber security competition for tech-savvy teen girlsInquirer
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HS notebook: Summer Creek girls soccer has playoff spot on mind -

18 Jan 2017 at 12:18pm

HS notebook: Summer Creek girls soccer has playoff spot on mind
The Summer Creek girls soccer players are searching for their first postseason appearance in Class 6A. They made their first and only playoff trip in 2014 before moving up in class. But after going winless in district last season, they were 4-2 through ...


1 of 2 missing Alpharetta girls found safe - Atlanta Journal Constitution

18 Jan 2017 at 6:46am 

Atlanta Journal Constitution

1 of 2 missing Alpharetta girls found safe
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Authorities early Wednesday found one of two missing Alpharetta girls, both the subject of a statewide Levi's Call. RELATED: 2 missing girls believed to be with father, defying court order, cops say. Alpharetta police did not say where they located 16 ...
1 missing girl found, another still subject of Levi's CallWSB Atlanta

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