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Young Offenders Registration

Young Offenders Registration

By Don Brown - Feb 5, 2008 - From spanking- stories. Spanking stories - Views - 37804 It’s nine o’clock Dee you don’t want to be late, not today.
Coming dad.
The letter reads that sentence will be passed at 11.30 and to expect a custodial sentence.
Oh dad.
Come on lets go.
Dee and her dad got in his car and headed for the Young Offenders Court.
They parked and entered the Court House with half and hour to spare.
Dee Wilson, the usher shouted.
Yes sir.
Court 2
Yes sir.
Dee entered the court with her probation officer.
Her dad moved into the public gallery and there were maybe another 4 or 5 people in the court.
The door opened and a lady judge entered.
All stand.
Dee Wilson you have pleaded guilty shoplifting. After considering your case I have decided that you will be sent to a correction centre for one month.
You will be dealt with in a severe manner to try and teach you some understanding of the law.
Take her down.
Dee was removed from the court and taken to a holding cell to await her transport to the Young Offenders Centre about 12 miles away.
It was a harsh place, but not many inmates re offended.
Dee arrived at the centre in handcuffs, normal procedure, and was taken to be registered.
Dee Wilson sir.
The officer remover her handcuffs.
He was dressed in regulation police officer type uniform with the addition of a tawse clipped to his belt. The tawse was of thick flexible leather, 40cm long and 10cm wide. One end it was cut down to form a handle and the other end had a split down the centre of about 8cm.
Its aim was to inflict as much pain as possible for as little effort as possible.
Having over 80 girls at any one time who all needed correcting the welfare of the men was paramount.
Right lets get you stripped off for your search.
What do you mean?
The officer slapped her face, strip, search, simple. Now get all your clothes off or you’ll feel my tawse.
Dee undid her coat and placed it on the chair next to the officer’s desk. His office was like a thoroughfare with people in and out and passing through, mainly all men and all with a tawse on their belts.
She took off her trainers and socks, and then moved to her jumper and blouse. She moved back down to her jeans and took them off and stood in her bra and pants. The officer looked at her and called his colleague, I don’t think she understands.
He moved in front of her and grabbed her tits hard through her bra, she squealed. His colleague pulled down her knickers and gave her 10 hard cuts with his tawse
She could not move and the pain in her tits was almost unbearable.
He released one hand and grabbed her pussy pulling her off her feet onto her toes.
He released his other hand, now loose that bra.
She quickly put her hands behind her back and unclipped her bra and removed it.
He kept her on tiptoe gripping her hairs even tighter. Put your hands on your head girl and do not remove them till you are told.
She responded at once.
He removed his tawse and hit her hits, aiming for and catching the nipples on each tit.
Dee was screaming and she now also had an audience.
You will learn to be compliant won’t you?
Yes sir she blubbered out.
He let go of her bush and she put her feet firmly back on the ground.
You will now be searched.
Dee could not understand how she was going to be searched when she had no clothes on. But it was soon explained.
Right lay on the floor on your back.
Yes sir.
Lift your legs back to your tits and open them wide. Now put your fingers into your cunt lips and open them.
She hesitated just a little too long and he brought his tawse down hard, full on her slit lips. She let out an almighty scream and the crowd applauded him.
Did you hear what I said?
Yes sir.
Then you deliberately disobeyed an order. He pushed her legs right back pushing her bottom further in the air. He started to tawse her bottom, it was soon red and angry as Crack after Crack landed.
He let go and the tawsing of her bottom stopped.
Just to remind you to do as you are told you will receive 2 on each tit and three across your twat.
Do you understand?
Please sir, no sir.
He gave her a hard crack across her stomach, which brought and immediate red mark and her full attention.
Just to remind you to do as you are told you will receive 2 on each tit and three across your twat.
Do you understand? He repeated.
Yes sir she sobbed.
Hands out of the way, he wasted no time. He grabbed both her nipples and squeezed them hard and stiff, he then gave her right tit and nipple and almighty crack, then her left tit and nipple.
He repeated then said legs wide, she spread them straight away. He gave her the three twat cracks in quick order. She was screaming on the floor, the pain was like an electric shock.
Before he could continue her ordeal the phone rang.
He answered and spoke for a few minutes giving Dee a little time to find her composure.
Lift your legs back to your tits and open them wide. Now put your fingers into your cunt lips and open them. He repeated this request and she immediately cooperated.
Dee moved her hands to her red swollen slit and inserted three fingers on each lip and opened up.
More, he barked.
Dee went deeper and pulled harder.
Better, he bent down and inserted 2 of his fingers into her tight hole. His audience had moved in and were relishing his act.
A lady warder said go deeper, lets see if she is a slapper as well as a thief.
Are you a slapper girl, have you been fucked?
No sir she sobbed.
The lady warden hoped that she would be on her wing. It had been a long time since she had a virgin.
He went further in and hit a barrier, she’s right. Today she is a virgin. Everyone laughed but not Dee, she started crying again.
He slapped her face with his hand, are you listening to me?
Yes sir.
This is called showing, if any officer says "show", you take off your knickers lift your skirt, lay on you back and open your cunt, right?
Yes sir.
Failure to do so and you will be spanked by the officer, and then brought to me for more training.
Now stand and bend over.
Dee stood, the blood rushed to her nipples and clit and she shrieked.
As she was bending she saw him putting on a pair of rubber gloves.
Oh my god, please no she hoped.
He got a tube of lube from his desk draw.
Spread your legs wide and bring your hands to your arse cheeks and spread it like you did your cunt.
He was so so crude but she did it at once.
What a cute bum hole he told the gathering staff. Turn round a little girl and let your friends see.
He pushed the lube nozzle onto her hole and released the trigger. The lube penetrated her hole and she instinctively tightened her bottom. 6 swats with the tawse across her hands and bottom soon had her unclenching.
He removed the nozzle and put some on his finger.
Prepare for an arse finger fuck.
He pushed his finger roughly up her virgin bottom causing her to scream and lurch forward.
She hit the lady warden straight in her slit with her head. You little bastard she shrieked at Dee, just you wait till office Bryant has finished with you.
He wriggled and jiggled up her bottom and retracted his finger, she’s clean.
Warden Giles could I ask you to take her through to the examination room?
With pleasure she said, with pleasure.
The annoyed warden grabbed Dee by the hair and stood her up, making her head tilt.
Give me a large nipple to hold girl.
Her tawse stuck her right tit.
Enlarge one of your nipples, all inmates are lead by a nipple, and gave her other tit a swipe with her tawse.
Dee raised a hand to each nipple and started to squeeze soon making them stick out. The crowd of officers began to disperse, as they knew Warden Giles wanted her alone.
The warden roughly took hold of her nipple and led her from the room.

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