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Do Woman Watch Porn?

Do Woman Watch Porn?

I watched my first porn film when I was 16. I'll never forget that first 5 minutes when the film began. A guy enters the room, the girl is in distress on the couch, he knows just the way to comfort her and then the kissing, undressing, and cries for "more!" and of "yes!" Begin. Does this scene sound familiar? This experience was catalogued being one of many firsts of sexual investigations. Except I could not help but wonder if this is what porn was about... few words exchanged by actors who seemed their greatest talents were sticking anything and anyone into any crevasses of their bodies. After watching a few more films with my giggling girlfriends, and talking to some of my gay XXX video watching friends, I have pretty much concluded that this is the jest of straight and gay pornography. As my friends and I would plan our next girl's night in, we tried to get a little more explorative with our pornography video rentals. We read independent reviews and gossip columns on line, and even took gay porn film suggestions from my gay pals. I'll never forget those nights! We'd all be in charge of bringing some sort of junk food item, we'd attempt to smuggle in cigarettes and of course to make it more interesting, we'd invite one boy to join us. We would start watching a movie at around 9:00 pm, huddled around the TV with the volume down so our parents could not hear we were really not watching 16 Candles again. We'd tell the boy to show at 10:00pm. The girls and I would document our favorite parts and parts we'd have questions for our young twink guest. Let me tell you, we never had a problem finding the male guest of honor for the evening! Whether straight or gay DVD porn lover, we'd have a boy there. My initial reaction when watching porn was shock. Shocked at how quickly clothes came off. Shocked at how the few words spoken between women resembled high school gossip (this helped me relate actually). Shocked at the images before me having sex because I was still a virgin at that time. In hind sight, I think the only persons at our girl's night in gatherings who weren't virgins were the young male twinks! This was helpful to all of us though. The best and most mature sexual advice my eager to learn friends and I received was from our gay male friends. When the clock would strike 10:00pm and our male guest of honor would show, we would have a list of spots to review and many questions to ask. We wanted to know, do men really like to be stroked like that? Do men want to put an array of items in not just our vaginas, but our asses too?!!! How important is it to men that women play hard to get in bed? And the questions went on. Watching pornography in those early days was the spring board to some amazing nights in the bedroom... and in the kitchen... and in the park... and at the office... well, you get the "porn picture." Spanky is an avid writer for men and woman relationship advice. Spanky recommends for radvideo Gay Porn to help with any relationship to visit Radvideo.

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